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  1. ¡Quée tiempos aquéllos en los que sólo éramos tres jugadores españoles jugando! Afortunadamente, están más que superados. ¡ENHORABUENA Y GRACIAS A TODOS!
  2. I see, hahahaha. Who knows who will be the next starring guy in the newspaper?
  3. News from battlefront!!! Germany hold it´s defensive line in El Agheila!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  4. Best: Playing with Axis and Allied. It´s ever a plaasure to share good moments with all of you! Worst: Some behaviours from certain players... Tsk, tsk... That´s not the way... Funniest: I Placed one RP in Outpost while playing with @RayderPSG´s squad. After some minutes, he asked: "Where is our rally? I cannot see it!" (and he was close to it). My answer: "For sure you don´t see it! I placed it!" Most hated player: Myself, as usual. Most loved/liked player: All Axis and Allied players who showed up! Best Battle Photo - Other: Come on Allies, this campaign is not decided yet!
  5. Wualy

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @Ombustman and @ganapol!!
  6. News from battlefront!!! Germany defeated the British in Gazala!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, then click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  7. Wualy

    Happy Birthday

    I told you yesterday on server but, again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Hawk!!
  8. Best: Numbers. Even despite several guys missed battle, both teams had good numbers. I hope Allies will have more guys next battles! Best 2: Heavy battles around Capuzzo against @RayderPSGand his squad. He got me several times, but I made my way to flank them, destroying their RP and allow my mates to recap the flag. Well played! Best 3: I didn´t finished all rounds as the worst player in Allied division. I´m proud of myself for that Worst: Probably too many planes for my taste. Funniest: @Papillonflying and crashing everywhere. The only very first time he was able to kill one enemy with plane, he teamkilled me Most hated player:  Most loved/liked player: @Spindrifter49 squad for the warm welcome when playing with them. Thanks! Best Battle Photo See @Fumacaand @Blander? @Darkpotatoand me can do same! But there is a difference: I had no sniper rifle!!! Other: Let´s keep the fun! and welcome to all new players!
  9. Finally, we found the way to bring all of you news from battlefront!!! This week, paper to print our newspaper was transported by a merchant ship from U.S.A. Sadly, she was sunk in the Atlantic by a German submarine, so this caused an unexpected delay. We are really, really sorry, but you know you can count on us: news can arrive late, but will arrive for sure!!! Read our Newspaper today (finally) thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, the click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  10. Best: Good numbers on both sides, specially Axis. Great job, people! Worst: As other said, the person who must to have a miserable live, to having fun in disturbing the fun of others. Funniest 1: After some rounds playing with Axis, I switched to Allied and almost started to kill my own teammates by mistake! (but didn´t happen) Funniest 2: Being in Fountain in defense, Geo asked "where is the enemy? I want enemies around to kill them", I replied: "I prefer having them so far and being safe, so I can save some tickets from the team" Most hated player: Myself, as usual. Most loved/liked player: Everyone that showed up and had fun with all of us, despite the hacker. Best Battle Photo - Other: I don´t like this map because, as @Belzebuthsays, is too chaotic. Other 2: Same as past battles, thanks to AXis and Allies for the warm welcome when I joined your team! (I hope had been useful somehow, hahaha)
  11. News from battlefront!!! Germany conquered Crete!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, the click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  12. Best: Good numbers on both sides, but will be even better next battles! Worst: A mistake made me took a wrong action... . Won´t happen again. Worst 2: Server crashes. Funniest: @RayderPSG was very susprised when he saw that I killed Matsku. honestly, I was even more surprised than him!! Most hated player: Myself, myself, and... myself Most loved/liked player: everyone who showed to play battle and @kummitus to realize what was server issue to avoid it. Best Battle Photo - Other: Thanks to Axis and Allied for the warm welcome when playing with you!! (even despite someone thinks that I count as "-1" when, the fact is, that I counts as "-10" )
  13. Yes, it is, measurements were taken and everything is sorted now. Keep walking, nothing to see here!
  14. News from battlefront!!! Germans attacked Crete!!! Read our Newspaper today thanks to our War journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, the click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  15. Best: Playing again half of the battle and having a lot of fun with @RayderPSG@Heia Safari! and @Anguita36, defending this or that flag. Best2: Numbers Worst: Not being able to play entirely round four, due some people breaking rules. Come on gent, READ RULES!! Funniest: Defending Harbour and seeing one Allied player inside flagzone. Just when I was to fire him, I saw another guy, inside a building firing to me also: I aimed and, surprisingly, killed him only to see that was @Anguita36trying to help, then the guy in the flagzone killed me and was @RayderPSGwho saved the situation. This is not the best way to defend a flag for sure!! Funniest 2: In last round, @Quicksilver was in our channel and, some time, we talked between us in Spanish (sorry @Heia Safari!for that!). We said to @Quicksilverif he as leraning some Spanish and he said: "I´m hearing you with attention and I can understand some of the words you are saying, specially when you say name of flags!". HILARIOUS!!! Most hated player: Myself for being able to kill myself twice running over my own s-mines Most loved/liked player: Everyone who play battle, and did fairly. Love players who didn´t made me work! Battle Photos - Other: See all of you next battle!!
  16. De nuevo, se ha añadido una nueva actualización a las reglas que consiste en lo siguiente: - La modificación de mapas y visualizaciones originales del juego NO está permitida (como añadir los emplazamientos de armas estáticas, cajas de munición, etc.) Sobre todo afecta a creadores de mapas, aquellos que trabajan con el editor y demás personas con conocimientos técnicos para hacerlo. Se trata de evitar que tengan ventajas injustas frente a quellos que no sabemos hacer estas cosas
  17. More news from battlefront just arrived to London!! Information given by our journalists @Wualy and @Quicksilver (click on the newspaper, the click on the magnifying glass to read a larger version)
  18. If you think it's silly writing a post aboit having Zero tolerance with racism, etc, probably you have a problem. Anyway, your comment it's absolutely offtopic so, if you have anything to say, contact site Admins. Thanks
  19. @Mekong As I told you in private, there was a reason to write the newspaper in this way and I explained you why in private. Honestly, I don´t see any reason for your complaint, except, probably, not to be Italian soldiers in this map. Nobody here have anything against Italians, or Italian Army so it´s not needed a rule about it. Imho, you are a bit exagerated with this. Simply, there was some issues that made that Italians were removed from Keren even if they, historically, were there and defeated in Eritrea. As you can understand, and if you likes History you can check it, there wasn´t any unit from the 7th Armoured Division in Eritrea and, nowadays, we included them in the Newspaper because it´s the unit choosen as Allied this campaign. Same will happen in further battles, because the 90 Afrika Division had no intervention in Creta, so according to your opinion, we should remove every comment about it in the future... It´s true that FH2 it´s a game, but we are trying to be, most of times, historically correct: but not in every situation it´s possible to do so: if games mechanics allows it, we will be close to the reality but if not, game and fun of every player it´s prioritary. With this publication, @Quicksilverand me tried to make something for fun, mixing Historical events with some aspects of the game battle, to increase the atmosphere of the Campaign and, honestly, we think that it´s funny enough to everyone (except you, which I respect so much). Next battle, won´t be Italians involved (well, they attacked Grece from Albania, but not with success), so you don´t have to be worried about that. In the past, 9th Australian Infantry Division fought against Divissione Corazzata Littorio in a full campaign. Who knows if something like that can happen in the future? I hope with this words, added to what I said to you in private, makes you feel in a better mood to enjoy next battle. In bocca al lupo!
  20. Best: Numbers!. Having more than 80 guys playing it´s a great new!. For sure, will be more in further battles! Worst: Arty emplacements in both main bases. Main guns need to be moved to a better position Worst 2: Teamkills. Seriously guys? To drive in front of the gun it´s not a good idea. Funniest: Two players, one Axis and one Allied were in same location, showing their respective backs to eachother without seeing themselves despite they were extremely close! Most hated player: No one. Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up! Thank you! Best Battle Photo - Other: Hope to see a full server next week!!
  21. Chicos, he actualizado las normas de Campaña a la última versión. Echadles un ojo, por si acaso
  22. Thank yor for your comments @HaLoAL. didn´t realized that those rules were clearly outdated. Right now, they are updated to latest version. Thank you so much!
  23. I saw. Only tried to avoid things to escalate, you know... Now, back to topic!
  24. @HaLoALand @Tore Please keep yourselves cool and friendly except on battlefield, mates: there you can kill eachother as you want (but following rules, ofc)
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