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  1. North of Bunkers (AT position) was also an interesting skirmish, north-east in woods. I would like to take this opportunity to thank @RayderPSG for his help to all national teams of players. It does a great and useful job for the community, rly. If i understand correctly, even though the settings CMP server and/or modifications of FH2, a game in Bf2 can not provide detailed in-game statistics on players actions, and therefore is not always the merits of each fighter can be reflected in-game statistics, server statistics and even more so in the AAR and screenshots of other players. At the same time, not all and not always all actions of player can be appreciated. For example, you point out that you brought enemy planes to smoke, that is, you could shoot the HP of aircraft from 100% to 80-70%. Is this a significant result? In fact, very much so. In game statistics it will not be reflected in any way, most players probably will not even pay attention and will not understand, but the bottom line is that even such a seemingly "useless" action is actually very useful. Not counting the fact that in addition to causing damage to the enemy, you can report its presence to your teammates, you can do what is usually done in a real war - to force the enemy to withdraw from their positions, to prevent him from completing the task, because this is what is important in a real war, and often this is what the opposing sides are engaged in, than directly direct destruction of enemy. In real war, escort pilots had only to drive enemy fighters away from their bombers to complete the task, rather than chasing them with the goal of necessarily killing them. Soldiers can fire at enemy infantry so that he just did not raise his head, and not in order to necessarily kill. Tankers, Navy, artillery, and others-others - each of participants in process performs its task, and for many of them it is not mandatory to "get frag". Completed the task? Well done, so this is the most you could save someone's life, or act on enemy without a single shot. In a situation where you shoot at a flying plane, even with a pistol, and thus force it to turn aside, go to base and look for a new way to fly - in this situation, you perform task of countering enemy aircraft no less than "villain" @Smashmachine on AA-truck (which seems to have hindered us more than the canadian pilots themselves ), even if you haven't destroyed a single plane in all that time. In this regard, i (as a pilot of the Italian-German side) ask the officers of the Polish squad to mark you, Pollenz, with a medal or promotion, because your work for the benefit of your team could be no less than that of others, but in statistics of game it could not be expressed. Sincerely, and have a good New Year! Perhaps it was because he was surprised that even his own people were trying to kill him for a medal. Moreover, from the "Canadian" team periodically players went to "German" side (in last battles), as we had an insufficient number of players. These guys are great, thanks and respect for them.
  2. Thank you guys from CMP, as well as all those people from the community who personally work, material support or otherwise support CMP in general and FH2 in particular. I congratulate everyone with Happy New Year, and i wish you a great new year's holiday, with friends and/or family, and have good luck and success in the year 2020! Ura, ura, ur-r-ra-a-a!
  3. Oh, may, i'll be first... (after posting i saw the post of @Solarriors) : - Damn, i'm late!.. Best: The best are the campaign as a whole, the players who went through it (especially those who were in every battle, and even in every training session, i no kidding), and the guys from CMP who organized it all for us. Thank you all, it was really interesting and great. (not without certain downsides, to be honest, but it can be skipped) Worst: My arms are too short for me to reach that MG in bomber! Please, modders, make my arms longer so i can reach it, and shoot while chasing enemy fighters! Forgive me, teammates, for not being able to save the game with my short arms... (by the way, i and @turbomursu had problems with Village, and detection of enemy was incorrect (enemy planes were marked as ours), but this is not as important as the lack of opportunity to reach the machine gun ) Serious: Do you know what war is for?.. Only for selfies. (sorry about that, @AL-SAHAD and @BaskaBommi, you guys are great!) Most hated player (AFTER battle): These "Americans" were so envious of my new beautiful Mc.205 that they decided to downgrade to previous plane - Mc.202. Dammit, land soldiers, heaven punish you! Most loved/liked player (AFTER battle): The @knokworst knew the worst - that we were preparing to use the most dangerous weapon in the world: Best Battle Photo: I do not, but offer as an alternative beauty photo by @Waximus - "Clear Gothic sky": Other: Merry XaMAS, everyone! P. S.: I agree with this, this is not good moment - when the first player shows the second that he is ready for a duel with knives, and the second shoots him.
  4. Was it in the 5th or 6th round, on the West side of the map? Then it was me with @Slepov92 Unfortunately, he really didn't have much time to use it. Best: Winning music on Canadians TS channel. Tell me please, what kind of music was it, similar to the incendiary rhythms of Brazilian carnivals? Need to keep this track. Worst: Unfortunately, due to work was not able to attend from the beginning of the battle, only the last rounds. It is also depressing that there are fewer players coming from Axis side than there were in the first half of the campaign. I hope that maximum number will come to final battle, and friends from canadian team will not have to switch to our side again. Funniest: Are you complaining about hills? In vain. They are a pleasure to take a sun bath: Most hated player: All well played, good fellows. It is a pity that number of players is not as large as before. Most loved/liked player: Thanks to @wrenchorbinoculars for sharing his AA-UberTruck with us, because we did not have another - @Wasteland_Hero in Luftwaffe, who remained without plane, lost another Uber-AA-taxi in nearest hollow: Best Battle Photo: "A teabag is too far": Other: By the way, i can confirm that player @jakub123 is a good guy. (at least on public servers i haven't seen any issues with him) Apparently, his friends did not explain to him what is necessary to connect to community, but asked to participate in the game, and he responded.
  5. Agree. It is not so easy to recommend our players for rewards, or to support players of other regiments, when you do not have a complete picture of battle.
  6. Best: 90% of team chat messages are from me and @Wasteland_Hero. We were pretty interested up there. Worst: 90% of team chat messages are from me and @Wasteland_Hero. The rest of team was doing anything but locating enemy. Because of this, they had problems with enemy tanks and enemy planes, although it has been said more than once that spotting is one of components of victory, especially given smaller number of players on server. For this reason, it is worth praising the Allies - their scouts were all over the map, including close to our base, and gave spots to all our tanks and planes. Bravo, "Canadians". Funniest: During training we had a case when one infantryman laying on top of a water tower, near Frutteto, for some reason survived any attack on it - infantry, tank cannons or machine guns from planes, probably even an artillery strike. Only after the point of bombing on him he finally died. During the battle it turned out something similar - 1 "canadian" also lay there for a long time, being invulnerable to any attacks. This water tower clearly came from the addon "Secret weapons"... PAVEL - No flaming. Clearly says it at the start of the B / W / F threads. Edited by Quicksilver Best AFTER Battle Photo:
  7. I love this remix, perfectly complements the original song. The song itself, in turn, is a chic combination of the brightness of the Spanish language and the depth of Mexican culture. I like two more songs from Carla - "Devuélvete" and "Azúcar Morena". @RayderPSG, please tell me, is there anything else like that in Spanish?
  8. Best: That the battle on this map would be difficult for the Axis was understandable from the outset. Nevertheless, we still managed to withstand the onslaught of "canadian "Americans", and pull the last round on points in our favor (although at the beginning of the last round the difference was 1 ticket, if i'm not mistaken). "The Best" here i think the cohesion of the team - after a while, everyone is better accustomed to their role and mission. Especially it is worth noting efforts 15th division - if in previous battle the first four rounds of "best squad in team" has become battalion "Lupo", then in this time all 5 rounds of "best" has become team 15th mechanized, which until this ranked 2-3 position in most battles. Either these guys gathered all their will in a fist, and began to act, or we with the 71st division decided to relax today. (by the way, HQ ate popcorn at the base ) Worst: There seems to have been nothing so bad, nothing worse. Despite the hard game, everything went well, even with a certain interest. I even had the joystick working fine, so the Bf109 ended up in my hands... Funniest: Two team kills. The first - i just flew around the mountain, not seeing any flashes of explosions of bombs from @Pantyfas artillery, as a shell accidentally flew smashed my plane. The gunner's malevolent laughter shook the mountains as effectively as his bombs... Second - our player @Pollenz accidentally shot my plane, not the B-26 he was aiming at. Well, there's nothing wrong with that, it happens to everyone. ...no, wait - he's on "canadian" team, isn't he? So it was a secret mission from sir Kowsky... Most hated player: It so happened that M10 armor was not able to provide protection to @Sir_Kowskoskey from my plane, and when i asked my team if i could do teabag, then all chorus replied " - Yes!". Unfortunately, i couldn't make it and fix it with a screenshot - sir Kowsky's loyal fighter, mister @Pr0z4c, shot me before i got to Kowsky. I have no photos of the teabag, but there is a photo attempt teabag!.. Most loved/liked player: I love these two guys - @HaLoAL and @Wasteland_Hero. We were pretty hot up there, especially when the planes started to burn... Thanks to them, as well as all the players for this game. It seems to me that if we did not seek to compete, then each player would get more pleasure from the game - because, for sure, many people wanted to shoot with a machine gun from the trench, depicting footage from films, and not using a tank for example, as it was done hundreds of times before, or control a large bomber, which are so rare both on CMP maps and on public servers, and not a fighter to once again chase the same skilled opponent. But it turned out the way it did, and i hope that everyone enjoyed it, including those players who were just simple infantry, and gave target designation for our artillery and tanks, and pointed enemy aircraft, so that it was easier for us to fight them. The efforts of the infantry on the ground allowed the Italo-German side to "stay alive" this time. Best Battle Photo: Lol, don't have. Best AFTER Battle Photo: "Lupo" on their positions:
  9. Yeah, in such a tense environment of close combat, we also had such moments, with our duelists Allies. @GrafZeppelin1 even fought hand-to-hand with three Canadians while the fourth stood aside and waited his turn. Best: Our battalion was the best the first four rounds of the game, for the first time in the entire campaign... Funniest: ...a-a-and each beginning of this victorious round soldiers of a battalion very terribly and ridiculously screwed up at the very beginning of a round, crashing on Kubelvagen into tanks, other cars, walls, columns and other objects. At the same time, when the 5th and 6th rounds we started normally, we did not become the best team for the round. Conclusion - need to crap at the start of the round that it was luck that brought us the title of "best squad" in the round. Worst: Players of one or two squads (Spaniards and/or Polish) in the first and second rounds got close to the Axis base, and tried to destroy our tanks with anti-tank weapons. If they operate in the city, or (as indicated in the rules) to one sector from the base, then there is no problem, but when they attack a car/tank that has just left the base (but, for example, is still in the red rectangle), it can not be taken for granted in any way. These players should learn from @DarthTemoc, who honestly fought near the points, trying to support the team, and not kempering on the road, when most of the map is in the hands of the Axis. Most hated player: Nobody. A game is a game, but I would ask players to concentrate on fair and open play rather than sneacky and selfish. Perhaps the Allies lose because they try to work out their personal positive score by all means, and not help the team to take the point. Most loved/liked player: Sweet candy @HaLoAL on the Daimler tried to shoot me in the ass of my Pz.III, but my anus was prepared to this. Best Battle Photo: German Mafiosi are trying to rob a Bank of Canada. Other: It was a good game. Not quite according to plan, and sometimes i made mistakes, but overall was good. By the way, what's interesting - if i'm not mistaken, the server consistently kept contact with the players, that is any technical problems during the battle was not.
  10. Too many mines, how was that even possible? On topic: maps interesting, thank authors and involved for their the creation, i hope, they soon will introduced in public server (or, at least, although would week/month will on dedicated a server, where can be will conduct something like "beta-test" with the participation players with public servers). We had a question about "Midway 1942" by @Pr0z4c and @Stubbfan - how do the events in this map work? There's a step-by-step walkthrough here, isn't there? The American side needs to destroy 3 aircraft carriers in the North-Western sector, and then stop the naval group in the South, and the Japanese side needs to destroy all the buildings on the western island of the atoll... and what else? A ship at the entrance to the bay and facilities in the northeast sector? The fact is that (as i understand it) is not very correctly reflected "stars" on the mini-map, why players are lost, and do not understand what to do. Plus, most players do not know what to do, so without some "guide" will be difficult to concentrate on the task. (especially considering that after completing the task, the tickets of one of the teams immediately go to zero) This is about difficult moments. Overall, loved the map... "Berlin" , by @Blander. Players say that the "night" version was more interesting, but in my opinion it is such lighting, which is available now, is better suited for such a map. On the map "Raid at Cabanatuan", by @GeoPat, scares burned chicken coop, near which you can hear the chirping of chickens...
  11. Best: Empty artillery positions, some tired tankers, and mobile cannon from which it is inconvenient to shoot in the conditions of the map. And, even in the last round, our squad made a terrible mistake, and the whole team seemed to be in a state of "so, now we play as it should, without experiments", and then each squad decided "Oh Yes, let's just now take a chance to do something exotic that we have not done before?"- actually, what could be better than this game?.. Probably just the final score. Oh, and that constant splash of water in my ear... But seriously, we played interesting, the first round was very high-quality and concentrated, and in the end we managed not only to correct the situation, but also to make a comeback. Good job, guys! Worst: If someone thought that I jumped "bunny", then i hasten to assure that it was not on purpose. The bottom line is that I wanted to throw a grenade at my feet, but for some reason it was not cocked, and every time a click on the left mouse button did not give a result, I automatically (without thinking about it) pressed the space bar. Funny, but true. And if still recall problems server, which existed, then all at all comes on their seats. Funniest: We, in Russia, have such expression: "both laughter, and a sin". Here we mean the situation when a fact (object, action, reaction, essence) is both very sad and tragic, and at the same time very funny. Like "black humor," for example. As "Funniest" it would be possible to specify how i came into sector between two points of the enemy, found there broken Bedford, and left on it to the nearest enemy point which we then with fight occupied, or as i with the commander went down from mountain on Kubelvagen a reverse course, from a steep hill, and managed not to break during it, but the most ridiculous (and at the same time very sad) will be that one our rally point was put not where it should be, so much of players simply crashed under respawn (until 8 times), not landed as need to. Needed to write into the string "Worst", but okay - let's leave it at "Funniest", because the picture with bodies looks "and funny, and it is a sin". "Good rally points, great teamplay" by @GrafZeppelin1: Most hated player: Nobody. By the way, where's @stekasteka? Most loved/liked player: Those tankers who supported our battalion as far as possible. Best Battle Photo: "I think I'm beginning to understand how canadian infantry managed to get into settlements so successfully - they are Ghost soldiers!.. ": Best After Battle Photo: "Damn it, Hans, don't touch the pizza with your ugly hands - there's a bayonet for that!": Best Non-Battle-Kitty Photo: Other: Oh, by the way, note - this is the fifth battle out of ten. We're halfway there, and we'll be halfway there before the New year. Wish all us have such same number of players (almost full server), and also luck in personal фffairs and easy work, to game not burdened personal life.
  12. Still better than another "Battlefield" from DICE. Even as a "trailer".
  13. Best: The command sent our "Italiano"-Russian battalion to capture and defend the Factory. We did it, but it is not the "best". The Allied infantry attacked us from all sides like devils, and we held a circular defense in this hellish maelstrom, firing at the "demons" in green uniforms, in which it was easy for them to hide in the bushes of the local swamps, like ducks in the game "Duck Hunt". We survived, but this is not the "best". To the south-east was the bridge, which had already been blown up in one section by our arrival, but i decided to blow it up in the second section as well. The bridge was blown up twice, but this is not the "best". After the battle with the Allied infantry, we repaired the bridge by order of the command to ferry the Tiger, but it was not necessary, and we again returned to the Factory to guard it. At this point, as we left the bridge, @HaLoAL drove up to it, and blew it up again, for the third time. This bridge was blown up three times, with which i congratulate the Axis side and the Allied side. It's done, guys, we kicked that bridge's ass, hip-hip-Hooray! Worst: The most unpleasant thing for me is that i fell under an accidental violation of the rules. Given my activity and communication on the site, the command in the person of @turbomursu and the moderators in the person of @RayderPSG can understand that i am not the kind of person who would do something so dishonest intentionally. For them, i will describe the situation in more detail in the report, and here i want to clarify that the 2-3 moments are not intentional, and if my actions seemed suspicious, then i hasten to assure that they were not. In such events, which are held by the CMP community, the main goal is to enjoy an interesting and collaborative time for all participants of the event, and not for the sake of scoring points for a couple of people, and i understand this, and support such activities. Funniest (1) : From our base, i arrived with a mortar in the middle of our "triangle" of positions held, in order to support the entire team with fire in a timely manner. When there was a second attack on the river bridge, i needed to move forward to reach the target. Here is here the i and heard characteristic shot... another mortar that was in the bushes ahead. Hey, buddy @gen.p, what are you doing here, at the rear of the enemy? Funniest (2) : Not know why, but in mid-battlefield Fraps stopped work, and part of combat screenshots not persisted, and not persisted also screenshots with common Assembly on the bridge (on the end of the battle), and screenshots in pond have mothers goose and its ducklings (including @Wualy, who helped us take the picture), and in Church, where "wolves" Lupo staged a "evening mass", and on southwestern coast, where is "satanic sanctuary" (including @AdmiralBG, who oversaw our witch flights). The very fact of this saddens me, but the time with the ducklings, in the Church and the Satanists, we spent great, with fun (already all left the server, and we still remained), and i recommend that other teams also try to fool around with their company in different parts of the map. Most hated player: Nobody. (I'm kidding. The most villain was the one who killed mother goose and ducklings, and suppressed all the mushrooms in the forest! ) Most loved/liked player: All those who played quietly that evening, and enjoyed themselves and helped others. Best Battle Photo: Oh my God, i just love these guys! Who ever managed to do this to them - put them in the car, make them sit there silently and uncomplainingly, waiting for the "mother" will come back for their "children", when at this time (right around them, because they were in the center of all the traffic) around them all the other players are running, jumping, fussing, ramming each other, select equipment... but at the same time, do not touch these two guys who do not even change the place in the car, but sit quietly in the same places? They look so poor and miserable that i want to feed them something while they wait for "mom", or to pat the cheeks of these potbellies. ("Sit here, kids, mommy will be right back.") : Other: Given the reshuffle of the Allied team, a two-point difference is normal. Not fact, that the next battle will successful for Axis, after all have us still half of campaign ahead, plus have all there is personal life and work, so someone from those who issued a good outcome in first battles, can simply not find time or opportunities for participation in past. Also, the maximum turnout is very good, and it is hoped that this will continue, and not so that from the 6th or 8th battle the number of players will be 50-70 people for example.
  14. As long as you're the only one so good as an infantryman, that's a compliment. I do not know what is now the situation on the servers of the first "Call of Duty", but if there are still old players arrange a shootout in the style of "Quake", then their community can be considered completely dead. Sorry, i just spilled some vodka on that bucket of potatoes that the game CD-discs fell into.
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