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  1. Heh-heh, in previous campaign, I had something similar - of enemies in light armored vehicles, most often came across @Sir_Kowskoskey, when I shot from an plane. I think someone cursed him. We must pray to Pizza God to forgive him! Thank you for attention. It's nice to see gentlemanly behavior and fair play from another player.
  2. Maybe he's referring to the clucking of chickens that can be heard in a burned chicken coop?..
  3. Best: The patience of Poles in previous battle was fully rewarded by their same persistent play in this battle. Good job, guys! (@gen.p, @Heyna, @Pr0z4c, @Zabstone, @[GDW]SierzantGrubas and others) I also want to thank "German" side - this time most of your players played honestly and fought with tenacity. (most, but not all) Best (2): The new patch seems more arcade (in relation to physics of weapons), and has a problem with registering hits... but animation of crawling is just great - it looks very authentic and realistic. Worst: @Quicksilver forbade me to talk ab
  4. Best: The patience shown by Polish players. You guys are great for not losing heart! Worst: I don't even know what to specify from the list. A new patch that broke the hit registration system? The presence of British forces where previously there were American forces? (including best weapons for them, against backdrop of our defeat in this campaign) It is sad to see this. Funniest: Nothing funny, really. Most hated player: And again - those players who are afraid to go into a knife fight, although the advantage is on their side. God, I remember those situations when
  5. Best: Damn, great update to FH2. ...what, CMP? Oh yes, I forgot all about it when I looked at new look of FH2. Funniest (1): It looks like we've gone too far into Europe, @Quicksilver. Look, there are already signs of German culture here. Funniest (2): Damn, what a beautiful new mod...  Most loved/liked player: @Wasteland_Hero, who showed a fair fight as a skilled and adequate pilot. Best VicPic Photo: Together with Polish friends. Battle Photo: "The hard work of war - infantry" and "Clear sky". Other: What a wonderful beauty in the new
  6. Worst: When you use 76-Sherman to fire a high-explosive shell at a Pak 40, and you see how the shell hits the shield of Pak 40, explodes and the shield burns, but the Pak 40 remains alive, almost without taking damage. Funniest: Oh, my God, they killed private Ryan!
  7. Best: Silent Hill in territory of Louisiana. Let's start with the fact that it is beautiful... Worst: Even at the scrimmage stage, there was a technical problem with the map - a drawdown of up to 10 FPS, while on others everything works at the level of 60-90. As a result, only one role remained in the game - the spotter and the man with knife. Most hated player: All those who were afraid to engage in a fair fight with a guy with a knife, being experienced players. Most loved/liked player: Spotters.
  8. 75 mm from the Pak 40 too. Got it. If anyone thinks that Wolfie is joking, I can assure you that he is not joking - during training last campaign, this is exactly what happened to me with him.
  9. Funniest: I don't see the point in your "teabag" on @Sir_Kowskoskey - we did something similar in CS 1.6 10-20 years ago, but then we were just children. As an adult, you should show respect for the fallen enemy - for example, protect his body, dig his grave, and honor his memory with a shot from a shovel in the air. Worst: I lay down in the trench and looked around. When @turbomursu ran out on me, I accidentally shot him. Fortunately, he escaped with only a wound, but as soon as he came around the bend, he also fired at another ally, who lay further away. ..Oh, my God, I thin
  10. Best (before battle): Best: Sorry, @Hawk, but @wanchekid made the best shot. Not so Best: Dropping out of the game due to mobile AA and/or mortars is a tolerable misfortune. But what surprised me is that the P-38 gets damage in -70% HP if you immediately pull the handle on yourself (beats the tail on the ground). Funniest: Not the best players: Those players who play unsportsmanlike, and who do not listen to the instructions of CMP admins about restriction on the use of bugged vehicles or weapons. Most loved/liked players: All well done, especial
  11. Best: Only one such map may already be sufficient to participate in campaign, and CMP as a whole. I join the words of @RAnDOOm, and express my gratitude to map authors, as well as CMP community, and all participating players, especially those who could not be in battle, but still came to support their team in TS. I would also like to mention @RayderPSG positively - even at the stage of first scrimmage, i accidentally noticed that he was working with new players, teaching them the features of game, and this is great, respect for this work. In general, you are all the best, and thank you
  12. Best: Landing with parachutes - that's cool. However, this does not make the map itself any easier, but even just having one such map makes the Campaign interesting and desirable. Thanks to those involved for having it. Worst: Drunk driving. Do you see the consequences of non-compliance with safety and traffic rules?!.. Funniest: In previous campaign, I had a case when using a StuG I could not destroy a "Stuart" with two hits, only third hit destroyed it. This time it turned out something similar, only opposite - @Awisko on "Tiger" fired at my "Sherman" three times,
  13. Best: It was an interesting and enjoyable scrim that took longer than a normal battle. In the course of several rounds, we were able to see interesting maps, try ourselves as future squads and teams in general, and in some places even have fun. The number of players on server was off the scale, the officers offered those who wanted to rest, if they wanted to. Wonderful: My squad leader @Slepov92 gave target designation to enemy, just randomly pointing to a random section of forest. (that is, not knowing that someone might be there, at random) While i was driving a tank in this dire
  14. @Quicksilver and @RayderPSG Thank you , friends, it's nice!
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