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  1. HaLoAL

    Happy Birthday

    @DerSohnGottes Congratulations on your 16th birthday (─‿‿─)
  2. ... and more than ours. I know what I'm talking about. P.S. I hope the discussion is closed, otherwise moderators will force us to drink it
  3. @Sir_Kowskoskey you'd know how many problems @Pichu1199 have created to me and my squad personally >_>
  4. Yes, useless by 80% minimum. I saw how Axis arty works and how ours, and saw a big difference, given that the Axis arty coped well not only with our inf, but also with our tanks. And as I was saying, our arty has a map coverage radius smaller than Axis. Also, dont forget that Axis scouts were more than we have ┐( ̄~ ̄)┌
  5. Best: (-_-;)・・・ Worst: As my guys said, soviet 120mm mortars have poor accuracy and the radius of coverage of the map is smaller compared to the Axis arty. So our arty is mostly useless. I hate being a squad leader and i hate this map. Funniest: Nothing fun, only sadness, anger and desire to exit of FH2, but no one else to command the my squad (*sigh) <_< Most hated player: Axis scouts Most loved/liked player: Who could stand my burning (thicc) ass Best Battle Photo - Because I can Other: Lags...
  6. @SturmFlim dude, this topic is not about Battle 7 Strongpoint Joki. This topic is about Battle 8 Ogeldow xD
  7. Я бы сказал, с исчезновением хд
  8. Best: Noice map; last rounds, thx Axis, because my rus squad bored in Village Worst: Crystal T-20. Every time it needs to be repaired Funniest: Very much and everything is related to Village. - @mcpollo on T-20 that I was lured (on T-20 too) into a trap - AT mines - @Godall with T-20 destroyed 3 times axis T-20 xd - @RayderPSG realized the meaning of the phrase: "It was at this moment Jackson knew... he f'd up". When I saw my blocked rally, I went there on su-76, pre-prepared HE. I saw one axis and I went straight for him. As soon as I saw four axis looking at me, I panicked, fired and killed all axis with my rally - Actually, I wanted my all rus squad to take the scouts (ku-ku-ku). When was Blitzkrieg at Village, @Sir_Kowskoskey also didnt look at his feet and died on my mine. Watch your step, dudes xd - How to make a tea bag your teammates ©️Me - It's a photo session. I'm serious, we had nothing to do - @Ombustman is lost. Amen. - Like roaches ... and more. Most hated player: @Malleus - he is AFK all time xd Most loved/liked player: Everyone (I lie, u know) Best Battle Photo: What is Love Other: This is not village you're looking for.
  9. HaLoAL

    CMP Quotes

    Ilomantsi. Pause between rounds. We're talking about the Red Moon. And our one teammate asking a sincere question: "What is the Moon?" ©️Goldbear228
  10. Best: ----- Worst: Lags enemy planes >_>; 6-7 ppl in russian squad; lags during reloading and aiming with a rifle <_<; angry Godall, whom I muted for myself for one round, because I accidentally killed him, and he's mad at me... (T_T) Funniest: ----- Most hated player: ----- Most loved/liked player: ----- Best Battle Photo Hunting season is open Other: If someone is sad from this battle, then I'm depressed. It reminds me of the last camp
  11. Enjoy it while you can. I will allow ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. I dont believe you =b He laughs best who laughs last With @fabrigrinovero35. I remember xd However, I have more and more... fans, ja

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