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  2. Best: 1) The campaign is finally over, though I didn't finish the last few rounds because of my... terrible mood 2) Numbers. Especially on the Allied side, whose players were able to withstand a large losing streak. Really, GJ Worst: 1) Teabagging. If you think that something funny can stay that way by doing it again and again and again, you are deeply mistaken. I wonder why you're not tired of it yet 2) The only thing worse than this camp is the 2nd 3) Holidays. I hate the holidays Other: This could be my last camp. At least for an indefinite period, at the most - forever. Who knows. The reason: I became more irritated, and I fully understood that I feel like a stranger ... Hmm, it's been almost 9 years since I've known FH2 Anyway, I wish you better camps Out
  3. Best: Numbers, as usual Worst: Losing streak continues Best Battle Photo - Floater
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