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Regarding the CMP FH2 Public Servers: If you are banned, it is most likely the autoadmin kickbanning you for too many tk's. You are getting automatically unbanned within a couple of hours.


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    Basically, this program allows you to put convenient plugins and themes for Discord. Website, where you can download this program *just click me* Click here, where you can download plugins and themes. Or here. Do you know de way for installation plugin or theme? No? Follow this way: "C:\Users\"your name"\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord" After that, you must to restart Discord (Ctrl+R), if it was started. Although it will be easier to look here => FAQ P.S. If there are grammatical mistakes, pls, tell me. I'll correct and try to remember ( ̄ω ̄;)
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  8. @SgtAlex I played in closed beta a long time ago.
  9. No, its immpossible =\ Only private matchs.
  10. @Quicksilver Okidoki
  11. I only play on PC
  12. or Wednesday evening, yep
  13. @Quicksilver i dont mind