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  1. Jaaa, but I killed you anyway. An Eye for an Eye, I'll never owe you one Funniest: Using Betty like Lockheed AC-130 Spectre.
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    12th battle I'll just leave it here. Not really necessary to post this here. Isn't a quote from someone and this issue was dealt with during the battle - Quicksilver
  9. facepalm.jpg of course I did. Thats ez. I'm serious. Or do you think I'm kidding? Then I have bad news for u If you're talking about landing boats, I said above that I agree that with Brow you cant destroy them, but at the same time you can destroy our tanks without any problems. We cant. What other questions could there be? Right, nothing. P.S. I wanted this camp so much and now I regret that I voted for it. I hate my choices.
  10. Thats true.... BUT you CAN destroy jap tanks with Browning. WE cant. If you dont believe me, you can check for yourself. And if you didn't know about that, well, that's only your problems (also Browning can destroy German tanks up to Panthers of two types, lol) And ja, for correctness, 20mm its not MGs, thats cannons xd
  11. Then... you, and not only you, disappoint me. С деградацией вас ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭
  12. Worst: Frankly tired of jokes like teabag. If it seemed someone funny at first, now it already looks ugly. Sometimes several people at once. Patients degrade or wat? You can be with me fully disagree, so as this only my opinion. Thats all.
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