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  1. Best: Owning at everything we tried. Best: Making a lot of multiple jeep attacks, it was so fun and good. Best: Epic defence at Niemela round after round. Best: Int. Company guys. It was a smooth night. Worst: Shooting @Sir_Kowskoskey many times with my SMG and he just panic sprays me with PPSH and bags me. Funniest: End of the first round for us at Ahola: (our jeep exploded when we hit the Manure there) Funniest: Finding @Awisko with his pants down everytime he tried to put a rally near our flag. Funniest: Ended up next to the ammobox at Ahola while we try to cap it. Infinite smoke grenades yay! Funniest: Divisional push to Maki and we tried to avoid a tank and nearly ended up Yroloja. Funniest: Going berserk against Yroloja at round 2 and attacking the flag constantly without having any RP. Just took vehicles and charged like old Rohirrim style. Funniest: Shooting @Sir_Kowskoskey many times with my SMG and he just panic sprays me with PPSH and bags me. Funniest: Bagging @Papillon or rather, his jeep.
  2. Best: Winning by 1 point. Best: Winning a round with 1 ticket. @RayderPSG was about to have and heart attack. Best: Our company was all over the place and we delivered. Worst: Prob some idiots sitting next to RPs to camp them. Don't be a lowlife and destroy them. This also helps us out since if 1 of us can manage to kill you we can use that RP and relocate... Funniest: 2 T34s with 1 Gebalte at the end of that 0-3 round. Funniest: @Blander getting too excited over an attack at Hill. We were all chill and were keeping it under control. Funniest: @Toremaking a triple TK to end the round in favor of Russians. Funniest: @BaskaBommi cursing in every possible Finnish way after that round. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Balance was really great, both sides had their downfalls that's why the rounds were so close like that.
  3. Best: My squad doing some great action. First attack round we captured Forest while people were having a hard time over Liege flags. We took a jeep&apc - first captured Crossroads then I filled the jeep, let the Hanomag made sure bridge isn't mined and then went for Forest. That turned the round around. 2nd attack round we made a cunning plan, full jeep to crossroads and 3 people sneaked into Forest to pop an RP. Then we went to the flag with extreme caution and reached flagzone without trouble. Enemy saw a grey flag decided to kill its single greyer and encountered 7 guys in the flagzone. Btw at some point we tied up 2 squads and 2 tanks there while we were capturing other flags. I think we fought over that flag for 20 minutes straight and it changed hands so many times it was epic. GG to both sides.( @RayderPSG & @Tutvys ) Best: Epic Forest defence during the defence rounds. All the guys were such in harmony I actually enjoyed it very much to fight over it. Worst: 7th round with my terrible headache and tiredness, I lost my temper a few times and basically sucked. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey and me betting on who goes to Forest first without being killed. We both made it there and captured it. Funniest: @Pr0z4c getting drunk and saying some funny shit. Funniest: Kowskoskey having a hard time with rotations, basically he forgets players in his channels, sends the wrong people to wrong channel and cannot distuingish who is in the server and who is in the Teamspeak. I had to fix it for like 5 times. Funniest: Our final bet was the put an RP on the West side in the final round. @CptBocquier ordered people to do that, I said "Okay, put a camera on me." Me @kummitus involved in a movie style driving while enemies were everywhere, even passed a tank and made it there. It was so much fun and in the end I made an RP to get my guys spawn there even if it's destroyed in 30 seconds. It was a nice action and I enjoyed it so much. Most hated player: Allied BAR. Allied players sniping with Bazooka. Such a lame tactic and doesn't help anyone. Most loved/liked player: @Beyers as I've promised to him. But all the people on my squad throughout the night. It was a pleasure to fight with them and really enjoyed it. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Maybe if you stop doing some stupid things to piss off people we can continue having a friendly atmosphere.
  4. Best: Intense fighting all around, fast action needed between flags. That's the way I like it. Best: Last round Festung doctrine, glad my brain came up with that suggestion while I'm half a sleep. Worst: I sucked at aiming but I always do suck on this map. Funniest: First time on this map I haven't argued with anyone during the battle and actually was calm whole night. Funniest: My order of capturing enemy jeeps and denying enemy from using them. It was a damn funny way to end the battle. Funniest: Getting bombed by @caeno all night long. It wasn't the bombing, it was his bombing runs. At least 10 times I died right next to 5-6 people and nothing happened to them. - Enemy bomber!!! "Drops bombs " Explosions happen all around me and I'm the only one dead. Funniest: Attacking Domaine from Village. Me: Hope we don't get Kowsk'd in this full truck. *3 seconds later enemy tank appears behind the hill and kills us all. Me: Shit. Funniest: I bagged @AdmiralBG so hard, he never came back to the factory again. Most hated player: caeno with his guided bombs on me.  Most loved/liked player: @FadusTM and @0utlaw Also @RayderPSG and @turbomursu for bagging opportunities. Best Battle Photo - See Ombust's post. Other: @Pr0z4c sabotaged my round start twice by driving over my players with his jeep.
  5. Best: My squad. We did some excellent defensive plays and made the enemy pay for every one of their attacks. Best: Kick ass action and close rounds all night long, was really stressfull towards the end. Best: I had good rounds and nice kills. Decimated 4-5 infantry in a short amount of time like 3 times. Best: Lumbermill defence on round 4. We actually fight over for quite some time and annoyed Spainards there. They even sent another squad to clear it out. Worst: Missed my shots while guys were running and shooting with high accuracy against me. Funniest: @0utlaw made some point blank shots on me on the first round and I couldn't stop laughing. I actually headbutted his arty shells twice. It was so accurate I cannot even get mad at him. Funniest: @Hasan09 shouting "I need help" and then kills the guy attacking him by himself. This happened 5-6 times. Funniest: I tried to do a @Sir_Kowskoskey style attack with a full APC. I actually suspected we were about to get Kowskd. I said "lets go for a few more meters" then KABOOM. I could've shouted "OUT!!" and everyone would be fine but that was destined to happen. I mocked Kowsky so much Karma finally found me. Funniest: Kowsky tried to destroy our jeep at the start by driving into us.(It was probably his bad driving but anyway.) Most hated player: People who spawncamps flag spawns. Get a life. Most loved/liked player: New players in our company who played like seasoned veterans. I didn't have to reply my orders twice, everybody was well aware of what they were doing.
  6. Best: Last round. My 5 men squad were literally everywhere. Action packed over the top reactions from all of them. Hell we were at crossing a second ago, I saw Bunkers is about to drop and headed in less than a minute with a full jeep. That flag was held. Other action was the bleed stopper at Outpost. We also greyed Village when it's direly needed. That 9-0 would not be possible without our bleed-stoppers. Excellent job guys! Best: First round, first seconds. It was another action movie entrance with my driving skills. Wasted @Kwiot while he was about to shoot us, dropped the guys, went onto the flag with the jeep and penetrated @BaskaBommis trousers by smacking him with my jeep. That was a nice action cause we bypassed everything and capped Crossing in 2 minutes. Worst: Players who doesn't care about their KT. I was surrounded by 5 friendly infantry and still got satcheled. Then I raged so fucking match my keyboard wrist support fell up into the air. @Sir_Kowskoskey Funniest: Killing @turbomursu all night long, everywhere around the map. Funniest: @RayderPSG making a rally point at the map edges. Used that against them in the later rounds. HAHA. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey making assumptions about how my driving wouldn't matter when he is in the jeep. He couldn't be more wrong. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey making our RP right next to the enemy one. I mean he stood there for 70 seconds and it was a miracle he didn't blocked enemy rally. It was dumb luck. Other: Had a fun time with KT at Church. Had my heart about to blow up when I got out of bounds since mappers really tried hard to make that flag like that. Saved it and probably saved myself from humiliation.
  7. Best: Full server. Best: Getting all kind of action throughout the night. Started chilling with Kowsky and then led 2nd Squad. Best: 3K guys. Well organized and fun to play with. Worst: Maybe the little bit too much organized Allied defence. Funniest: My treacherous actions against @Papillon. First ruined his fun by killing him in his sneaky AT Gun. Then took that At gun for a spin and killed a tank. Then killed him with the AT GUN while he was fighting against someone else. Then I decided to go back to the flag and left a nasty little surprise for him. Funniest: Me and @Sir_Kowskoskey attacking Village. We get close, he gets out as the SL and gets shot. - Why the hell you left the jeep? - You left me there! - You have to get out yourself you idiot. Funniest: We were defending Outpost, I was doing my routine SL patrol around the flag. I spotted a wild Spainard. - @RayderPSG decided to chase him down. Turned a corner and saw 8 guys coming at me. Had a little heart attack and died. Most hated player: Hmmm, probably @RAnDOOm when his sneaky ass killed our RP at the last round. Most loved/liked player: Everyone.
  8. Best: Winning. Amount of teamwork and communication was intense. Best: I hunted RPs with a %100 accuracy. It felt great. Best: Always beat Axis guys to the Farm even though we took our time at the start. Best: 517th guys. We were crazy effective. Worst: Playing 4 rounds only. Funniest: While running around with my jeep, I killed a sniper on the way. Only saw him at the last second. Funniest: @RayderPSG and @Ombustman teabagging my jeep on several occastions. Funniest: Followed a Stug for 3 minutes and just as I started to aim at it and pressed fire, it moved. Funniest: Distracting Panzer IV with my smoke and dancing around it. @Heia Safari! was able to flank and destroyed it. Funniest: Round 3. We were late on th start because of a bad spawnpoint. So anyway, I started driving. My teammates mixed things up by leaving me alone in the jeep. I continued towards to Farm after I dropped them off in the nearby flag. I manage to get to the flagzone and it was still empty. Then turned around and throw a very random grenade towards the hedgerow. @Wualy and his teammate, along with their freshly deployed RP was destroyed. Almost capped the flag as well. Most loved/liked player: Whole Allied division. Other: Underground system was epic at Loonbedrifj.
  9. Best: 517th squad. We never lost hope. Best: Managed to contain my anger and turning it into a cheerful behaviour. Worst: Was there anything good? Funniest: So, last round. I got bored at Strongpoint. Started to gogo against the Crossing. Killed 3 guys, commandeered an FG42. Crawled my way towards the flag. My level of epicness increased, I began to see visions of my glorious FH1 days where I captured a flag by killing 13 guys alone. I'm in the flagzone with 5 kills so far. Managed to safely tuck myself into the 3rd floor with FG42 in my hands. I started greying. I saw a truck with a single guy, he is here, we will get this boy! Wait a minute! Flag is almost grey... Yes boy we can do this. Guy slowly walks around the flag, gets into the building I'm in, goes up 3 stairs, turns left, stares at me for 1 second and kills me. TEAMKILL. Now a lot of you would have guessed who could have done this in CMP. There is one and only. His name is @Sir_Kowskoskey Funniest: Bagged @RayderPSG Hawk and a lot of people to get some fun. Funniest: Allied tankers complaining about tank balance. Most loved/liked player: 517th guys. Other: No4 is the worst rifle in the mod with that godawful sights.
  10. Best: Winning. Whole division played perfectly. It was great. Best: Had a nice evening, our regiment was on it all the time! Worst: Spawncampers. Funniest: Killing @Ombustmans Puma with the APC. Funniest: Hide and seek against @kummitus at Coudehard. I spotted him and went after him. He suddenly vanished. All the company searched for him throughout the flag and he was nowhere to be seen. Next thing we know he greyed the flag. Funniest: Making a teabag ritual over @Ombustmans body. Funniest: People thinking I'm actually ranting them at CC while only thing I did to speak loudly to make them hear me. Sadly they will never meet the Erwin from 3 years ago. I have changed. I don't do that anymore. Most loved/liked player: Whole Allied army but especially new recruits of 517th. Best Battle Photo - End of an MG Camper, @SturmFlim - Let this be a warning for every Machine Gunner. Other: Killed @SturmFlim at the end of the last round. It was the last kill of that round.
  11. Corsair PSU's are top notch. I use 850W one and it's great. I still think you're wasting money by choosing RTX 2060 while there 5800XT with almost the same amount money.
  12. Go for 1TB SSD. Every new game has minimum 40-50gb install nowadays. I would go for either a RTX 2070 or Radeon RX5700XT for a longer lifetime for that setup. 2060 is not so good and the price difference is low against the performance gain. (5700XT is also the same price and even lower than 2060) Try to get Noctua cooler as well. Coolermaster will be too loud.
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