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  1. Best: - Good rounds, awesome teammates. Playing with German guys. Best: - Killing so many tanks with ease, I was on fire in Infantry action. Best: - Giving driving lessons to the Army and show them how to drive. Worst: - Sleepiness, all the chatter going through, massive heartbeat from all the action. People messing around during Victory Picture, Allied going around us, SOMEBODY SAYS "IS IT OVER, IS IT OVER?" I hear a "YES" and throw my Gebalte. 5 seconds later realizing it when Quicksilver started ranting "ERWIIIIN" - SORRY GUYS Funniest: - Teabagging @RAnDOOm Most hated player: - None Most loved/liked player: - All my squad and Axis army. @Sir_Kowskoskey for threatining to steal my jeep.
  2. Best: - Rocking in our objectives. Best2: Killing Achtungsnow from 2 grids away while he was driving a jeep. Payback bitch! Funniest: -Visiting @Sir_Kowskoskey at the hospital and teamkilling him. Funniest: I offered to drive @Sir_Kowskoskey at the round start. He didn't take it. I started following him only to see his jeep get blown up by terrain damage. I laughed so hard and so much I flew into the river with my jeep. Funniest: -Kowsky going sneaky to Tebourba. I told them he will die at the last second. And he did! Funniest: @Pr0z4c and jihad jeep. Failed again.
  3. Best: Having come first with a score with 100+. Best: Accomplishing every objective with our 6 men squad. Intense battles at Toungar. At one point we were defending against twice our size and still hold the flag. Worst: - Funniest: Had a contest of who kills the Sturmfilm most. At one point I was chasing him with a jeep to get a kill. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey has people who would like to get a signature from him. As the world's worst Squad Leader. Funniest: Jihad jeep with @AL-SAHAD. We couldn't time it right otherwise it would be hilarious. Funniest: @Pr0z4c getting mad at we having fun with @AL-SAHAD while he was in charge. Funniest: I was the best anti tanker at one round even though I didn't kill any tank. It must be a random mine I dropped somewhere. Most loved/liked player: Everyone who still plays this game. Other: I HATE young players having miliseconds reflexes.
  4. Best: - Having to fight with 2 hours of sleep, with a head standing on my body like it's belong to somewhere else. Still playing very good and accomplishing important stuff. Best: - 155 guys. With new guys and old ones, we were pretty good. New people fit right in and they're playing very well. Best: - Last round, capping Viglia at the last second and avoiding a round loss. Best: - Holding Hill flag at the last round. It was an intense battle, I was throwing away guns after I emptied their clips. Worst: - None. Funniest: - Trolling @AdmiralBG with his AA truck at Airfield. It was nice to hear his rant on CC. Funniest: - Teasing @Sir_Kowskoskey on CC. Funniest: - Killing Airshark over and over again at some point. Funniest: - @Pr0z4c placing the rally on the opposite direction even after telling him where with a goddamn marker. Most loved/liked player: - @Beyers for being the gentlemen and keeping it up with my extra grumpiness. @AL-SAHAD for saving my ass during attacks. 155 recruits for keeping up with us. @Pr0z4c for joining us. @Sir_Kowskoskey for disappearing 5 seconds after the battle ended.
  5. Best: - Running around too... much... till my last breath. - Capturing and holding key flags, mainly Comm_Station. - Finally getting my old skills back. Was able to beat some good players. - 155 being sneaky-beaky like. Worst: - Last round while I was having a headache, I finally said "I had enough from this mofking Achtung on this mfking map." Then I went on to destroy their squad on my own and finished the round in top 3 and captured key flags anyway. Funniest: - At some point in Finikas, every single rally point I placed was destroyed in seconds. I laid down a rally, started walking and BOOM mortar destroys it. Finally I decided to put it in the most stupidiest place anyone can think of, out in the open and it survived for 10 minutes. - Capturing Forward Camp in an APC, by doing donuts in the flagzone. (Donut = Making 360s like a wild person) - I was running around and a Bren Carrier stopped next to me. Guy tried to kill me and he paid for it. I get the Bren Carrier and rushed to Forward Camp. Saw a guy aiming at our tank in the AT Gun. I crashed into gun to save the tank. It was like a split second but I was able to outlocate it. Then I killed the guy. Afterwards in same Bren Carrier I accidentally ran over an enemy who were trying to blow up our tank. - @AL-SAHAD being able to TK me in the jeep I was driving madly to get enemies attention. It was still an awesome shot though. Most hated player: - - @Matsku and his goonies popping out of everywhere like Goblins to spoil our fun. Most loved/liked player: - - All Axis but my special love goes to @Hawk He played with us and was a great help. Thanks.
  6. Erwin

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks everyone.
  7. Best: - Sneak attacks and succeeding on every time. Sometimes stupidly driving into enemies and get by them without dying only to end up putting a rally on. Best: - Hunting rallypoints and dueling people over them. Best: - Accomplishing every objective that has been given to us. Worst: - Not finding an AT kit at the most crucial moment... Funniest: - Driving out from main with a jeep. @Sir_Kowskoskey got a head start and maybe a 100mt away from us. I overtook him and he crashed his jeep.(again) Funniest: @HaLoAL going John Wick with the pistol. Most hated player: Same 6 guys at the top of Allied scoreboard for the entire evening. Most loved/liked player: @RayderPSG who is actually listening to tactical suggestions and maintain a cool head during whole evening. @Beyers for keeping up with me even though he is the Captain.
  8. No, because the rules needed updating. And because we banned a racist idiot I think it's time to remind people about the rules.
  9. Best: Winning the campaign. Best: Solid performance during the whole battle, managing to get some great moments. Worst: Katana is so slow I lost 2 encounters while trying to pull it out. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey running into me like 20 times and I managed to outbag him. Also bagged him with tank again. Funniest: Shooting down 2 planes in 30 seconds using the Airfield Gun. Funniest: Running around with Flamethrower, without dying reaching Beach flag then I get back to mountain side, still running alongside beach. I see 2 Landing boats and continue towards them. There is the Allied destroyer, I thought I will be dead in a second, guys spawning in shooting at me I still RUN, I THINK WTF! and get near them started pouring flame, BANG 5 guys spawned and they're all dead. Then turned around and spotted Spanish with a rally point, burned them too. It was way too exciting and was probably my best moment from the battle. Most hated player: @Sir_Kowskoskey because he got lucky this time. Most loved/liked player: Everybody who attended this battle and gave us 90+ numbers during last battle. Love you all. Other: It was a fun and great campaign. Very nice, friendly atmosphere, thanks for everybody who kept their calm and only done one thing- FIGHTING.
  10. Hello CMP Members! If we make a regular Strategy days, how many of you will be interested? Please answer the poll as Yes/No so I can plan it. Games could be anything, Age of Empires Hearts of Iron 4 Company of Heroes and many others.
  11. Best: 93rd being the best squad on Axis side. For the whole 7 rounds! Awesome. Best: Hunting tanks. Best: Stalingrad train statio... Ehem Zanana which changed hands like a million times. In all that mess couldn't even find time to bag @Sir_Kowskoskey Worst: Hunting tanks. Japanese soldier throws the turtle mine like he is a 90 year old. Stuart ends up on the other side of the map by then. Funniest: @GABBOTTO - the enemy agent who killed more Japanese with grenades than Allied. Funniest: Getting behind enemy lines to hunt enemy RP. Most hated player: @Ombustman BAR'ına sokayım. I really hated your BAR. Most loved/liked player: All of 93rd against everyone attacking middle flags: Other: Our secret tactic:
  12. Best: Killing a lot of tanks. I mean A LOT. In 3rd round, at the end with like 30 tickets left I managed to destroy 3 with single life. Best: I'm proud of our regiment and my squad. We've done really well throughout the night and accomplished some wonders. Fun level increases when you play with people like them. Best: Managing to pass Mt.Tenjo while Allies were killing everything that were trying to pass the beach. Arrived at airfield and captured it as well. Best: Airfield defence on round either 2 or 3. We manage to block everything from Mt.Tenjo by using the tactic "Deep Jungle Incursion" Pissed off some players even and they came after me with a Bazooka. HAHA! Best: Saving a round by capturing Airfield in one of the later rounds. It was very exciting. Well done my guys! Funniest: We had a rallypoint at Airfield. I spawned and started to move towards the flag. @Sir_Kowskoskey kills me and I thought "Damn rally is gone" he decides to bag me instead of destroying it and my guys killed him and bagged him afterwards. Funniest: @SturmFlim He is on me all the time, watching my movements carefully. One time I was dead and the Bay flag was under attack, he told Johonas to reinforce but he was away and that would've required a lot of time to reach. So I spawned there to help out, actually made the attacking tank flee the scene too. Sturm started a rant at me for not following orders and all that stuff I calmly replied "My guys is at the flag you've requested, it's just me." Then goes on "Then make a rally" BTW I made my way back to the Ordot without dying and killed an APC and a TANK on my way back. Funniest: Remember the APC I killed above? ^ That was Kowskoskey and Ombustman, they bumped into me in the middle of nowehere and I took the occasion to bag their APC and avenge the bagging I got from Kows. Most loved/liked player: All of 93rd but he helds a special place in my heart: @Pr0z4c Most hated player: Matsku and his peashooter battalion. Other: It was a fun battle, had so much fun attacking and defending. I manage to sneak around A LOT which made things interesting.
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