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  1. No problem mate, I wanted to kick someone for the fun and you gave me the opportunity. Best: Attacking with admin Squad. Hearing RAnDOOm's bitching about something all night. Best: Germans were trying to overwhelm us at Rocca near our Rally Point. Throw a grenade - BANG 4 DEAD! Wohoooo Best: Best: Mowing down enemies with my Rifle on Monte. Best: Seeing @I<ODIUM>I teabag me. Returning the favor to him. Best: German tankers killing me. And then they think I will leave them alone. Funniest: Panzer 3 got destroyed while I was satcheling it. Animation cannot be canceled so I threw it at the wreck. Achtung gets destroyed too. Funniest: Laughing manically with extraordinary work I put in. Then realizing I wasn't talking at all because my mic is out of batteries.
  2. Daniel I'm HQ and the tanks are not your personal belongings. So shut up and do your job.
  3. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    I can't play in late hours. Starting Battle time I can stay for 3. I changed jobs so I'm waking up even earlier.
  4. Strategy Games anyone?

    Hearts of Iron 4 I have 130 hours of Gameplay.
  5. Playstation 4 / Sports gaming

    50$$$$ For PS Plus 60$$$$$ for the game. No thanks.
  6. Comedy Central

  7. Upcoming Movies

    I hope Gary Oldman finally wins an Oscar for that Darkest Hour movie. It looks marvelous.
  8. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    I cannot login since yesterday. Yes I do play it you can invite me on Discord when you're going to play.
  9. CMP Quotes

    "We're on the way." - Whenever you order Kowskoskey to attack somewhere.
  10. Thanks for your great contributions to the Division: AL-SAHAD Hawk Pr0z4c Spindrifter You have been awarded with MEDAL OF HONOR More will come in the upcoming days.
  11. Best: Slept over a round and when I get in near the end of it, I spawn in and in nearly 10 seconds I kill @Sir_Kowskoskey. He ran into me all night getting rekt. Best: Coordination and changing tactics all the time. Such a tough and amazing battle for commanders. Worst: FH2 weapon lag really annoys me. A guy literaly dived into the ground and shot me with Mg while I was still changing back to my rifle. Funniest: I dropped a Comp.B instead of a Bandage. @Tutvys got scared by it. Most hated player: Ornstein. He is making fights cancerous. Most loved/liked player: @Hawk is for being my fireman. @Tutvys for his excellent and stupid remarks throughout the battle. @Airshark79 is being a god-damn Turk and making me talk in Turkish. Other: Even the Axis team had lost, they put up an amazing fight. Respect.

    You call yourselves anti tankers? Back in the day I killed 2 Shermans with 1 Gebalte during Campaign 12.
  13. Best: Wreaking havoc with the tank during first 2 and half rounds. It was like a day in the past. Destroying tanks after tanks. A few lucky and a few bad duels. It was great fun. Best: Allied Army. All my orders were accomplished. Best: Winning such a hard map with big difference. Amazing. Worst: After round 2 Axis mined the bridges. DAAAMN YOUUUU! @Wualy Funniest: @WOLFXL thought he got me cornered near Train Station. I saw him coming on behind, started turning but Sherman was slow AF. So I used the oldest trick in BF2 engine - Bumped the wall and bounced back. Turned faster and I landed an awesome shot between the lamp post and the wall. It was like 30 cm between those two and the shot got through. Funniest: Hunting down @Ledernacke. He was thinking "Oh Allies here I come I flank you!" but he didn't know I was hiding in the farm fields. Most hated player: @Pr0z4cfor destroying my tank. Most loved/liked player: @Wualy for mining the bridges. @Pr0z4cfor calling me an idiot. @Tutvys for trying to disobey my orders and getting a grave reference from me. @Airshark79 for being a dick and thinking I would miss his actions behind my back. @GeoPat for doing the boring work. Other: Some rounds I thought "That's it we will lose this." But thanks to amazing efforts of my team we were able to turn it around. It was particularly (guess it was) round 3 where we captured Train Station in a hurry and sealed the deal on Axis morale.
  14. WELL DONE EVERYONE. Thank you all.