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Regarding the CMP FH2 Public Servers: If you are banned, it is most likely the autoadmin kickbanning you for too many tk's. You are getting automatically unbanned within a couple of hours.


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  1. Erwin

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks guys! :D
  2. Erwin

    CMP: What's Coming Up In 2018

  3. Erwin

    Altered Carbon

    Same as every other Netflix show. They all start out great but end as crap. Also I'm not a big fan of dicks swinging around lol.
  4. Erwin


    The night we announced this website we talked with you and what's going on. You stayed at FHT and told us you are not going to be a part of this. Now you come here and say this? lol
  5. Best: Capping a flag 5 times at one round. Best: Playing with wonderful people on Allied side. Thank you for your hospitality during all battles. Worst: - Nothing. Funniest: Me: @Tutvys, let's driive and shoot.(German AA Truck.) Tutvys: Yeah yeah okay. The second I enter and @WualyTeamkills us with the tank. Tutvys: More like "Drive and get Shot" Funniest: I was driving towards Merkstein in a tank. I saw a plane landed in flames. Repaired it. Unlike somebody else. @Pr0z4c Funniest: KT hunting with Kowskoskey squad. 3 guys with Bazookas trying to kill it. I landed 2 shoots and missed my 3. One of the zookers is dead and I picked his Bazooka. Just as I aimed, 3rd one finished the job. It was really funny. Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey Always finds something to get himself killed. I jumped out from the C47 he is in and plane got shot down 5 seconds after that. He did nearly tked me at least 6-7 times around our flags too. Most hated player: -Nobody Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey and @HaLoAL Other: Thank you for this Campaign everyone, see you on the next one.
  6. Erwin

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    I've played this game last time with you. Never played it again hahah. I try to come when available.
  7. Best: Scoring 4 hits on KT with my bazooka, KT starts burning I miss 5th shot to kill it. @Ombustman tries and gets killed by KT. I pick up his Bazooka because I am out of ammo. KT starts running, I take a fast shot, missing it. Damn you!!!! Best: Sneak attacks with admin squad. Best: Prozac and the guys were charmful as always. Worst: Switched to Axis because of numbers. Joined up tankers seeing Pap was there. I asked if there was a free tank and took one. Then I encounter Sherman 76mm near Wurtzfield. I realized he was busy looking the other way and got the risky route to flank it and end it with 1 shot. Then the tank turned the turret against one guy who was bothering him, in the meantime it saw me and destroyed me. Violent behavior erupted and it was not nice... Funniest: Prozac falling down from Castle. Funniest: Axis got Radar on their tanks. It was hard to kill them on foot. Well done with spotting. Funniest: @Airshark79 bursting out with no reason, while I was laughing. Tried to calm him down but his Turkish brain won't let me(I know how it works) So I decided to leave his company feeling heartbroken.
  8. No problem mate, I wanted to kick someone for the fun and you gave me the opportunity. Best: Attacking with admin Squad. Hearing RAnDOOm's bitching about something all night. Best: Germans were trying to overwhelm us at Rocca near our Rally Point. Throw a grenade - BANG 4 DEAD! Wohoooo Best: Best: Mowing down enemies with my Rifle on Monte. Best: Seeing @I<ODIUM>I teabag me. Returning the favor to him. Best: German tankers killing me. And then they think I will leave them alone. Funniest: Panzer 3 got destroyed while I was satcheling it. Animation cannot be canceled so I threw it at the wreck. Achtung gets destroyed too. Funniest: Laughing manically with extraordinary work I put in. Then realizing I wasn't talking at all because my mic is out of batteries.
  9. Daniel I'm HQ and the tanks are not your personal belongings. So shut up and do your job.
  10. Erwin

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    I can't play in late hours. Starting Battle time I can stay for 3. I changed jobs so I'm waking up even earlier.
  11. Erwin

    Strategy Games anyone?

    Hearts of Iron 4 I have 130 hours of Gameplay.
  12. Erwin

    Playstation 4 / Sports gaming

    50$$$$ For PS Plus 60$$$$$ for the game. No thanks.
  13. Erwin

    Upcoming Movies

    I hope Gary Oldman finally wins an Oscar for that Darkest Hour movie. It looks marvelous.