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  1. Did you really think I would let you bag my beloved @Pr0z4c ? Best: Last round sneak attack on Airfield. It was tense and beautiful. We captured it with my regiment and couple of times I asked for reinforcements. Even the HQ had a hard time of believing it. Best: I was in a crappy Ha-Go and went ona venture towards Mountain Pass. I saw defgun being used, killed the user and saw the big Fletcher right next to me. I decided WTH? Let's do this! and fired a shot and BAM! Fletcher sunk. It felt great. Best: Intense action from time to time especially on Coal Mine. Funniest: Double teabag on @Sir_Kowskoskey after his failed attempt on Pr0z4c. Worst: Ha-Go. Where am I shooting?!!!?
  2. Best: Moving around as soft as silk. Silent, deep incursions in the thick jungle. Passing enemies without being detected. Laying down rally and getting flags. I love successful attacks. Funniest: I was able to acquire an Allied jeep. I cheered that I was in possession of a such sweet ride. While on the road, I took the stupid decision to let Pr0z4c in. That cost me my sweet jeep cause Achtung murdered us because I stopped for Pr0z4c.
  3. Best: Leading a great regiment. 8 of top 10 during last round was from 93rd. My squad alone made a whooping 507 score at the last round. nearly half of army score. Best: One of my greatest drives happened during this battle. We were in a jeep with @AL-SAHAD and I think @voidx I managed to cross the bridge and with under fire I decided to go right instead of left. We managed to reach to the airport in 1 piece avoiding so many crashes and flippings and we managed to capture the flag. Best: Last round fighting on Hill. With a 6 man squad we've done great but that action was so dense it was the best in a long time. Flag switched hands so many times I think everybody enjoyed it. Best: @Watchtower's extreme minefield against that bridge. Worst: Two planes circling over Hillside for an entire round without killing each other. That was annoying lol. Funniest: Double teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey with @AL-SAHAD Funniest: @Tutvyscalling me a carpet salesmen. Most loved/liked player: @Pr0z4cand all the new guys who were adapted real fast to the company.
  4. Erwin

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    ROUND 3 Tuesday 23 October 17:55 AEK Athens vs FC Bayern München 0-4 17:55 Young Boys vs Valencia CF 0-2 20:00 Ajax vs Benfica 2-2 20:00 Manchester United vs Juventus 2-2 20:00 Real Madrid vs Viktoria Plzen 4-1 20:00 Roma vs CSKA Moscow 3-0 20:00 Shakhtar Donetsk vs Manchester City 0-4 20:00 TSG 1899 Hoffenheim vs Lyon 2-1 Wednesday 24 October 17:55 Club Brugge vs Monaco 0-1 17:55 PSV vs Tottenham Hotspur 1-3 20:00 Barcelona vs Internazionale 4-2 20:00 Borussia Dortmund vs Atlético de Madrid 0-1 20:00 Galatasaray vs FC Schalke 04 2-0 20:00 Liverpool vs Crvena Zvezda 5-0 20:00 Lokomotiv Moscow vs FC Porto 0-3 20:00 Paris Saint-Germain vs Napoli 1-2
  5. Erwin

    UEFA Champions League 2018/19

    Wednesday 3 October 17:55 Lokomotiv Moscow vs FC Schalke 04 3-1 17:55 Paris Saint-Germain vs CrvenaZvezda 5-0 20:00 Atlético de Madrid vs Club Brugge 2-0 20:00 Borussia Dortmund vs Monaco 3-0 20:00 FC Porto vs Galatasaray 1-2 20:00 Napoli vs Liverpool 1-2 20:00 PSV vs Internazionale 1-2 20:00 Tottenham Hotspur vs Barcelona 2-1
  6. Erwin

    New PC advices.

    It can do it easily. FH2 is ancient history.
  7. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    France vs Croatia / 2-2 England vs Belgium/ 1-3
  8. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    France Vs Belgium 2-2 England Vs Croatia 1-1
  9. Keep the topic clear and accusations to PM. I've edited the posts. Thanks.
  10. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    Uruguay vs France 3-2 Brasil Vs Belgium 1-3 Sweden Vs England 1-3 Russia Vs Croatia 1-1
  11. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    Uruguay vs Portugal / 2-1 France vs Argentina / 2-2 Spain vs Russia / 3-1 Croatia vs Denmark / 2-0 Brasil vs Mexico / 2-1 Belgium Vs Japan / 4-1 Sweden Vs Switzerland / 2-1 Colombia vs England / 1-2
  12. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    Panama Vs Tunisia / 0 - 2 England Vs Belgium / 2 - 2 japan vs Poland / 1 - 2 senegal vs Colombia / 1 - 3
  13. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    Serbia vs Brazil 0~4 Switzerland vs Costa Rica 2~1 Mexico vs Sweden 2~0 Korea vs Germany 1~4
  14. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    Denmark vs France / 1-3 Australia vs Peru / 1-0 Nigeria vs Argentina / 1-3 Iceland vs Croatia / 1-1
  15. Erwin

    World Cup 2018 Football / Place your bets

    England vs panama 4-0 Japan vs Senegal 1-1 Poland vs Colombia 1-2

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