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  1. Serious install problem with FH2

    Profiles are stored in Documents/Forgotten Hope 2 or something like that, it had some character removed.
  2. Serious install problem with FH2

    Pls dont use funny characters in your password I recall someone else has had this too
  3. Donating To CMP Gaming

    We currently rock on at roughly 107€
  4. FH2 Community Updater

    Hi @michaelau999 Sorry for a long delay The seeds should appear pretty quick. Current status of tracker and torrents can be found from these links http://backup.kummitus.ovh/torrents.log http://kummitus.ovh:6969/stats The maps themselves go to <bf2 installation directory>/mods/fh2/levels In general, tournament maps are tagged with the campaign number, and old ones can be deleted. CMP maps should overwrite as necessary on its own but you can delete or move old files to somewhere else for archiving. -kummitus
  5. Donating To CMP Gaming

    Theme's by https://www.ipsfocus.com Discord cost is for the plugin that allows us integrate the forum with the thing.
  6. FH2 Community Updater

    These do not have single player nor bots at all. There might be some that have later implemented by the community at FH2 forums, but the official CMP pack does not have them.
  7. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    Ahm so that's why the game went wonky when I tried to record last night with shadowplay?
  8. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    We had a bit of chat in Discord regarding this The picture of the two rockets landing was quite amazing as well.
  9. FH2 Community Updater

    The second link is the Map Pack zip, @Humledrik and @Petar The updater should be fine as of now.
  10. BF42/1918/FH0.7

    Please elaborate
  11. You can load up calendar events to your calendar app through https://cmp-gaming.com/calendar/ I guess that's the most convenient way to do it for now.
  12. Battlefield Pirates!

  13. Installation of Bf2 and FH2 on Windows 10?

    Install from scratch with disks Copy over Battlefield 2 and Forgottenhp2 directory from My documents from the old to the new.
  14. Steam/uplay question

    It is against Steam subscriber agreement to share passwords This page probably answers most of your questions http://store.steampowered.com/promotion/familysharing Does not work with all titles and requires to be online.
  15. Name Changes