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  3. Saw it on Saturday, with not being completely and constantly exposed to the current Finnish celebrities it was nice to have kind of familiar faces in the movie compared to the old versions. Though, it goes for work to sit through, gotta admit.
  4. TIPS

    Just use the Revive version to install BF2 https://battlelog.co/
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    Well that should explain it
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    @Gunghoo Did you get on with this?
  7. Attention Soldier! Today is the day, when we open a new branch within our community! After a couple months of preparing we're ready to announce that 517TH Parachute Regimental Combat Team, an Arma III unit focusing on semi-realism games, is opening. We're looking for fun, teamwork filled, tactical "Zeus" games on Saturday evenings. The first battle of campaign "Martyrs of the Sun" will happen on 28th of October, until then, on 21 of October, Saturday, we will be host training and adaptation scenarios for everyone to get use to this style of gameplay and specifics of in-depth medical and weapon systems. We are all more or less new to this game so we are looking forwards for suggestions and members activity. Martyrs of the Sun Year 2018. ISAF forces, including 517th PRCT, has just landed in southern Lythium - Autonomus tribal area in Afganistan. Since 2016 islam extremist groups have been trying achieve power in new parliament causing severe conflicts between 3 parties in the country: Christians, living in the south, Muslims in the north and government. Constant gatherings near parliament as off 2017 have grown into minor skirmishes between goverment forces and IRF - Islam Revelation Faction. A Peacekeeper company from Georgia was sent to the area to control parties and their actions against each other. Sadly, the situation hasn't improved and not so long ago the 2nd massive massacre has happened in southern autonomus region of Zalakeen, when over 2000 of christians were executed due to their beliefs. This caused breakdown not only in the government but in the military too. Many high ranking officers of Afghanistan National Guard revolted and gained power in some regions. Their influence has grown and they're trying to overtake the central goverment. Your task here is to stabilize the situation and punish the criminals. Best Regards, 517TH PRCT, A Company, 1SG.Tutvys Update 17/10/29: Training/Missions will currently be played every Saturday, starting at 19 UTC (winter time). Meet up in Teamspeak!
  8. How to join a Campaign

    Hi @POK Could you show a screenshot where you are looking at?
  9. Website updated

  10. CMP Releases

    Tournament Pack 22.9.2017 | 9 | Initial Campaign #2 Release 27.9.2017 | 10 | Rebuilt and bugfixes 28.9.2017 | 11 | Missing files changes for update 3.10.2017 | 12 | Many bugfixes Fixed issues from Scrim #1 - Missing Teamlocks - Missing localization - Missing templates - Mapdata bugs - Static gun bugs - Juin is now Allied attack - Meuse is now Axis attack - Rallys work on Joki - Nietjärvi fixed missing spawnpoints in Allied main. Relightmapped - Bloody Gulch as 5 flag mapdata - Siegfried Line from Airshark Community Map Pack 22.9.2017 | 3 | Initial new Repo publication
  11. How to join a Campaign

    Register in the forums and hit the "Campaigns" button at the top Choose Your side Choose Your unit Hit Join Regiment button Fill in the application form You've joined the Campaign!
  12. FH2 #2 Road to Glory

    Welcome to the second Forgotten Hope 2 CMP Gaming Campaign. In this campaign you will have the pleasure to fight on brand new and also established and balanced maps Wage battle on the fields of Nietjärvi and Strongpoint Joki . Drive your tanks and planes in Meuse River and Siegfried Line . Prepare yourself for intense and bloody infantry fights on Elsenborn Ridge and Westwall among many others. You willl have to test your skills and teamwork on 9 custom maps specifically made and edited for this campaign. What Is CMP-Gaming? CMP-Gaming means Collaborative Multiplayer Gaming. The community was founded to provide common home for the FH2 Community Map Pack, as well as a brand new tournaments run by people who have decade long experience of hosting them. Click here for more information: Click Below To Join the Campaign
  13. Website updated

  14. Playing games on VM

    Simplest is that you find an extra hard disk and install xp and games on that, and just plug around depending which one you want to have.