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  1. Generally best place to look up technical problems is FH2 discord, they got quite comprehensive set of errors with resolutions.
  2. Dont try, its under works currently @marth41
  3. @Papillon is on a holiday, so you might need to wait until he's back.
  4. Hey Axis Signups have been temporarily closed, it has been oversight that it was not more well informed of.
  5. just create a second post, you have unlimited space but only 30mb per post to avoid people filling up our disks instantly
  6. It might count suicides as teamkills
  7. Common sense goes a long way and really the bar on even kicking anyone is quite high. Its more a notion and reminder that this is international community wide variety of backgrounds. The matter was itself discussed quite well on Discord already. Like there's no filtering or any other automated means scanning through your messages. You're adults, you carry the responsibility on what you say or write, and that's decided after the fact. If there's any concerns regarding the rules, please start a new thread for that. Mekong I'll hook you up soon.
  8. I can invite you to the Planning forums so that you can help us make the tournament better in the future? Otherwise I think this matter has been pretty well been discussed in Discord last week.
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