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  1. kummitus

    Sticky required for TS server

    the uuid is quite not relevant unless you're a CO or some other admin so I would not worry it too much. To make sure though, its the field covered in blue in my screenshot
  2. kummitus

    CMP Games Video Recordings

    Some Dirt Rally footage
  3. kummitus

    FH2 Community Updater

    обычный cmp в настоящее время недоступен, так как он несовместим с 2.53
  4. kummitus

    FH2 in 2160/4K

    I rock a Samsung U28E590D, with GTX 1070 + 6700k. No chance playing AAA titles with high settings at 4k, I guess you'd really need to have 1080 TI at least. FH2 works fine though, as well most the games I play. If it's solely for gaming, I'd prolly go with high refreshrate one.
  5. kummitus

    FH2 Unban Request

    Would be cool if you could exclude arty from the tk punish, but alas
  6. kummitus

    FH2 Unban Request

    That usually means someone on the server is using the same key as you, might try to change that or wait that the person leaves
  7. kummitus

    FH2 Unban Request

    I think we need to fine tune how that works, the ban I think is only very short so has probably expired already for both of you 🤔
  8. kummitus

    Migration to a new server

    Hi everyone! We are on a process of migrating our old server to a new one, with biggest noticeable difference being doubled RAM to 32GB from 16GB. This does not affect our regular expenses except for the overlapping rental time. This will allow us to host more games in the future as we had been quite on the limits on what we could run concurrently. Some downtime can happen while I work on it. Currently TS has moved to the new box, as well as new BF2 servers have been provisioned. Arma 3 server is installed but not yet completely configured. Most of the file host stuff is also yet to move. The rest should follow during the upcoming weekend. -kummitus
  9. kummitus

    Serious install problem with FH2

    Profiles are stored in Documents/Forgotten Hope 2 or something like that, it had some character removed.
  10. kummitus

    Serious install problem with FH2

    Pls dont use funny characters in your password I recall someone else has had this too
  11. kummitus

    Donating To CMP Gaming

    We currently rock on at roughly 107€
  12. kummitus

    FH2 Community Updater

    Hi @michaelau999 Sorry for a long delay The seeds should appear pretty quick. Current status of tracker and torrents can be found from these links http://backup.kummitus.ovh/torrents.log http://kummitus.ovh:6969/stats The maps themselves go to <bf2 installation directory>/mods/fh2/levels In general, tournament maps are tagged with the campaign number, and old ones can be deleted. CMP maps should overwrite as necessary on its own but you can delete or move old files to somewhere else for archiving. -kummitus
  13. kummitus

    Donating To CMP Gaming

    Theme's by https://www.ipsfocus.com Discord cost is for the plugin that allows us integrate the forum with the thing.
  14. kummitus

    FH2 Community Updater

    These do not have single player nor bots at all. There might be some that have later implemented by the community at FH2 forums, but the official CMP pack does not have them.
  15. kummitus

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    Ahm so that's why the game went wonky when I tried to record last night with shadowplay?

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