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FH2 Campaign #9 "Karelian Wolves" - Battle #1 Silver Fox will begin in:

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  1. Hi @CardellB the CMP launcher is included on the updated version, though if you encountered errors you might have been guided to the older launcher version. Nevertheless if you haven't encountered those errors yet, simply repairing your FH2 installation should do the trick.
  2. Hi So most forums are behind a login, especially campaign related and we would like to keep at least some open for the public to see that its not completely dead page when they come around. Obviously though we take the concerns seriously and maybe we should be more transparent on what is visible to the general public including search engines, which forum you are specifically concerned? I think at least language forums could benefit from being hidden away, albeit then they would not show the dedicated communities we have for them. Generally tho, most discussion that I take
  3. http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/download/FH2Launcher-Setup.exe
  4. Video tutorials about the game here : https://forum.callofwar.com/index.php?thread/8762-call-of-war-video-tutorial-guides/ Manual on how to play the game: https://forum.callofwar.com/index.php?custom-page/&id=4
  5. https://www.callofwar.com CMP will be organizing an event for this strategy game. A private server will be provided and a specific set of rules will be determined. Are you interested in playing ? Its free! VOTE! About This Game The 2nd World War: Tank clashes, Naval battles, Air combat. In Call of War you rewrite the course of history! Take over the control of one of the mighty nations during the times of World War 2 in this unique long-term strategy game. Conquer provinces, forge alliances and build up your economy in real-time during week-long game rounds in a pers
  6. Its looked into. It was introduced when I integrated CMP into FH2 launcher and only happens under certain conditions.
  7. http://forgottenhope.warumdarum.de/download/FH2Launcher-Setup.exe Grab this and install it over, and use the download available here for CMP. There's a bug on the launcher related to CMP stuff under certain conditions.
  8. We've got other plans for the next campaign, and its not too long ago that we played pacific last time.
  9. It's finally coming! After several years without the CMP mappack on the public rotation, with extensive testing and a huge overhaul in order to improve the maps, we now have a fixed date for the First Release of the new CMP mappack: This Saturday 13th of June! The CMP mappack will be open for everyone and available from both the CMP updater, which can be obtained through the FH2 Launcher and from the manual links to be posted here on the release day. From now on, CMP will be released as "Rolling Release". This first release, R1, will include the 7 maps below. More maps and updates
  10. Hi If you have installed the standalone, the version number might not actually match what is installed in add or remove program. To check the actual version number, go to about page on the launcher settings and the version should be 3.7.432 for 2.56. The dummy entry on add or remove is more of a workaround as if no entry is created, Windows would complain to the user with a nonsensical error message. -kummitus
  11. Locally the python definetly doesnt work, on servers there's been little rework for the stat collection which has sometimes popped that error. Nothing major.
  12. Don't mix naming of nvme and sata drives, this one is way slower than proper nvme
  13. Hi I've created a team for CMP at Folding@Home, if anyone is interested to join, the team # is 255007 -kummitus
  14. New version for the maps, use updater or download link http://dl.cmp-gaming.com/updater/cmp_t/redirect/?path=full/cmp-map-pack-cmp-0.0.33.zip
  15. Borussia Dortmund vs PSG 0-1 Real Madrid vs Manchester City 2-1 Atalanta vs Valencia 1-0 Atlético de Madrid vs Liverpoo l 1-2 Chelsea vs Bayern 2-1 Lyon vs Juventus 0-1 Tottenham vs Leipzig 2-0 Napoli vs Barcelona 0-2
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