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  1. Gameplayer500

    WW2 : Movie To-Do List

    Tuntematon Sotilas 2017 official trailer 1 I watched this movie in cinema and it was very interesting.
  2. If we're gonna play Pacific campaign I would like to be on US as air force pilot. That is the only job what I haven't done in FH2 campaigns.
  3. I voted Pacific, BUT! African front would also be good. Actually I haven't played battle of El alamein at all in FH2 campaings.
  4. Gameplayer500

    FH2 problems

    I dunno it is 2.53 version, but it does give any error message after crashing to desktop.
  5. Gameplayer500

    FH2 problems

    When I join to the server it will show black screen for a second and then crash to desktop. But singleplayer works fine.
  6. Gameplayer500

    FH2 problems

    I have these problems: 1. Can't join to multiplayer servers after reinstalation of computer. 2. Community updater doesn't load mappacks and when I tried to get them only reports ''need repair'' Can anyone help?
  7. Best: When I helped infantry on village area and killed whole squad with only panzer II. Worst: That offul rain of rpg-43. I died too many times because that. Funniest: When I were at village I saw t-26 in front of me and I started to switch my ammunition. It took 10 seconds from that t-26 to kill me. Most hated player: no one yet. Most loved/liked player: @WOLFXL Other: I hope my pc will work before battle#3
  8. Gameplayer500

    A better place to live

    Finland is very nice place to live. Evrybody are friendly. If you want job with nature you should take one as tourist guide, but I dunno if it is very hard tell about places. That is just my suggest.
  9. Gameplayer500

    CMP: What's Coming Up In 2018

    When the FH2 campaing will come?
  10. Gameplayer500

    Midway 1942 - Pacific 1942

    Awesome map. It's looking same like in fh1.
  11. Gameplayer500

    FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    Same idea here axis is the best then
  12. Gameplayer500

    FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    So where is this next campaing? Eastern front? (Germany, Finland and Russia) or western front? (Britain, USA and Germany)
  13. Gameplayer500

    Invasion of Tornio - Finland 1944

    When do we get these maps in FH2?
  14. Gameplayer500

    Community Filming Sesssion

    Where is everybody from teamspeak?
  15. Gameplayer500

    Community Filming Sesssion

    Do I need anything if I come like: Fraps or anything else. I don't have those so I can't come if I need them.

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