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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R5X_M_7zZk You must listen this. It's disco, but sounds nice.
  2. Tuntematon Sotilas 2017 official trailer 1 I watched this movie in cinema and it was very interesting.
  3. I dunno it is 2.53 version, but it does give any error message after crashing to desktop.
  4. When I join to the server it will show black screen for a second and then crash to desktop. But singleplayer works fine.
  5. I have these problems: 1. Can't join to multiplayer servers after reinstalation of computer. 2. Community updater doesn't load mappacks and when I tried to get them only reports ''need repair'' Can anyone help?
  6. Best: When I helped infantry on village area and killed whole squad with only panzer II. Worst: That offul rain of rpg-43. I died too many times because that. Funniest: When I were at village I saw t-26 in front of me and I started to switch my ammunition. It took 10 seconds from that t-26 to kill me. Most hated player: no one yet. Most loved/liked player: @WOLFXL Other: I hope my pc will work before battle#3
  7. Finland is very nice place to live. Evrybody are friendly. If you want job with nature you should take one as tourist guide, but I dunno if it is very hard tell about places. That is just my suggest.
  8. When the FH2 campaing will come?
  9. Awesome map. It's looking same like in fh1.
  10. So where is this next campaing? Eastern front? (Germany, Finland and Russia) or western front? (Britain, USA and Germany)
  11. When do we get these maps in FH2?
  12. Where is everybody from teamspeak?
  13. Do I need anything if I come like: Fraps or anything else. I don't have those so I can't come if I need them.
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