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  1. Best: - Listening to the tactics and sheer competitiveness of everyone on the team, we played to win and that's what made the battles so immersive and intense. A uniquely FH2 experience. Excellent job 21st Panzer Division and congratulations on your victory. Worst: - Hit registration acting up, I have a hard time hitting targets on the CMP battle server compared to the public server, but it's to be expected with American ping. Funniest: - @Tore's outbursts about panzerfausts and bazookas Most hated player: - Nobody! Most loved/liked player: - @krakki for being a worthy v
  2. Best: - The fighting spirit of the Russian squad that I. Squad 130 faced at the Western Camp during the last round. It was a truly close battle and it was an honor to fight against you! @Slepov92 @Mid4eL @beavis_aka_ostwind !! Worst: - I felt that we played too long, it was especially tiring as a squad leader, but both HQs agreed to play 6 rounds. Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey stopping at nothing to enact his revenge! After I detonated a Sherman with my panzerfaust, the Finnish madman chased me, gunned down his teammate who got in the way and broke my face with balls of steel.
  3. Best: - Racing on das autobahn at round start. I am jealous of Americans with their nitro boosed jeeps! Worst: - Repeatedly running directly face first into Outlaw's artillery Funniest: - @Blander: "Admiral, what is the meaning of life?" @AdmiralBG "I don't know... figure it out for yourself, I guess??" Most hated player: - None! Most loved/liked player: - @Gameplayer500. He had a rough time clearing mines... without a metal detector. Best Battle Photo - "Kowsky, HAVE YOU NO SHAME?! https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/
  4. Best: - Awesome map selection, Moerbrugge is a little bit flat but otherwise very nice Worst: - Wondering how S. Mines work the whole time, but my fault for not asking earlier! Haha Funniest: - I kept encountering the 517th members on Hochwald Gap, like every time, especially @caeno! Most hated player: - None Most loved/liked player: - @GABBOTTO @Gameplayer500 Excellent team work placing rally points, thanks guys Other: - Interesting mechanized squad gameplay
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