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  1. Spieler4

    New Community Updater - Tutorial and download

    Awesome!! Did the steps in guide. Installed as suggested by installer in E:\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 (Dvd install) But I dont see any new files in the CommunityUpdater folder or any FH2 community installer file. So I run the installer again every week or Do I download a new installer every week ? Open this youtube link and minimize it for some nice retro loader music in the background while installing CMP 🙂
  2. Best: - Great map, Good FPS, only 1-2 crashes Worst: - most of the battle I got killed by enemies that I could not see or looked like friendly Funniest: - The Mega Banzai disconnection of enemy team Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Allied & those who switched team to balance game play Best Battle Photo - Low settings Other: - Maybe Server should be killed and restarted each round with correct layer. 20-30% of axis players disconnect together in 3rd round since many battles and campaigns 🙂
  3. Spieler4

    Avoid crashing in the middle of a battle. Try This

    Yup. The other part is more related to ex. flag bug. But its not really possible to test before CMP maps goes into public rotation. Since Vista, windows memory is more bugged. In Direct X 9 games the GPU memory shadows into system Ram - standby mem/cache. In FH2 that means every time a new map loads the GPU mem will load into standby mem/cache and just grow untill no more free mem left coz windows does not auto delete not needed standby mem. I managed clearing standby mem in a FH2 map with flag bug and I could load next map without flag bug after I cleaned without restarting game. The hard graph unresponsiveness when clearing standby mem/cache Is the reason why I suggested clearing before game start and at victory screen. Not while playing a round. The unresponsiveness goes away after some seconds I also get faster map load time after cleaning mem
  4. Best: - Winning rounds, only crashed when server crashed, high FPS. Good rounds Worst: - a bit of aiming problems, but no big deal Funniest: - Most hated player: - the 20 missing player slots Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Waiting for the train Other: -
  5. Spieler4

    Avoid crashing in the middle of a battle. Try This

    Been diggin some more into solutions 🙂 While using windows, surfing or playing FH2. Standby memory will grow over time with not needed stuff that can be cleaned before and while gaming to prevent some crashing and other memory related issues Clean with "EmptyStandbyList.exe" file from https://wj32.org/wp/software/empty-standby-list/ try to run EmptyStandbyList.exe before starting FH2. Any difference ? EmptyStandbyList - Tutorial set as a Task schdeuled to run each 5 min in background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2P8SPRkNmcg Or Autoclean standby mem when reaches .ex 65%-75% with MemPlus utility from https://codedead.com/?page_id=1736 Monitor and see ram utilization in windows On desktop: winkey + s -> type "Resource Monitor" click and open and hit Memory Have tried both metods on win 10 64bit lowered to 4GB ram. Have not found the auto sweet spots yet. I think manually clean just after map loaded in (before spawn) and in end when stats are showed just before next mapload seems to be the best clean timing. Cleaning while ingame can make a stutter. Try other timer settings or alt+tab to clean manual from desktop Maploading seems faster after cleaned mem. Maybe feature needs to be disabled when not gaming if recording,rendering or other tasks Happy gaming
  6. Spieler4

    TV Shows / Movies Review

    Just started to watch the 1. season of Babylon Berlin https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4378376/
  7. Spieler4

    Community Music Channel

  8. Im not sure if We fought in the same area. Think I had around +50 some places, while some people in squad reported 18fps. On public server I have like +131 and rarely goes below 120 on full server. Map yesterday performed much much better fps wise I think edited : found a pic When low fps happend GPUs less than 40% utilized (33% & 38%) I think it could be something in the map that bottlenecked bf2 engine
  9. Best: - Action packed the whole battle time. Good FPS. No lag or stutter Worst: - No map loading music Funniest: - Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - Would love to play this map in a night layer with a lot of flare gun kits
  10. Spieler4

    Community Music Channel

  11. Spieler4

    WW2 : Movie To-Do List

    Heimatfront - Unschuldig in den Wirren des Krieges [3 DVDs] Der Glaube unserer Väter (USA 2015, 92 Min.) Eichmann (UK 2008, 96 Min.) Hängt den Verräter (USA 1968, 82 Min.) Kosovo Inferno (Albanien 2006, 109 Min.) Dein Reich komme (USA 2013, 98 Min.) Die Standarte (Deutschland / Spanien / Österreich 1977, 120 Min.) Wenn die Nachtigall fällt (IRL 2014, 106 Min.) Cheap 10 bucks DVD box out this month 🙂
  12. Spieler4

    Battlefield V + Poll

    Will def gonna buy for the single player campaign just like I did with bf1 🙂

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