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  1. cmp_t_hochwald-c7.124.zip I can pub and load hochwald in local. on allied training it loads to "join server" and CTD Solved by SturmFlim Need new minimod installed CMP FH2 Mappack Pacific I+Berlin Minimod Download (1.6 GB) - Download Here ( ) PS: BS it is 1.6GB, it is 2.93GB
  2. I see new version of map, will delete metz map folder in levels and install new version. Still 13 other files were replaced.
  3. 3 minutes ago, The_Green_Bunny said: i ran the updater yesterday and since I'm getting a strange error when trying to join the allied server. I don't get this error when i join pub servers or in single player. Anyone else having this issue? Same error for me except I manually update.
  4. I can join pub server. I can load last week's CMP Overloon game locks when loading metz in local (81%) and training server (62%). hard lock, have to sign out or restart Happens with cmp_t_metz-c7.114 and cmp_t_metz-c7.115 versions See image provided by The_Green_Bunny I quoted below. I have seen this type of error before in BF2. Very rare and always a restart of game or reboot of computer (since usually it is a hard lock) makes the problem go away. My video settings are low. Could that be the problem? Work around found. See below
  5. Good to know. Still pretty annoying to have the thing flashing repeatedly , sometimes worse than strobelight. Used to happen very rarely ... now almost continuously.
  6. i get c1001PY error repeatedly in game (argentan and hill262 maps). It started after last last minimod update.
  7. Dang, Euros have fun remembrances. Apologies if a duplicate, I do not monitor these forums. Apologies if violation of forum rules, to lazy to check.
  8. just read this, would tried it, luv the mod, did a couple camps in the mod. (Checked my email, it is correct and not hidden afaik, don't care for all notifications but was/is there a way to sign up for notifications for playing the mods? (EOD, EOD2 come to mind also))
  9. Best: Funniest: Most loved/liked player: Dancing in the forest https://s1.postimg.org/8dkfl97k17
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