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  1. Good to know. Still pretty annoying to have the thing flashing repeatedly , sometimes worse than strobelight. Used to happen very rarely ... now almost continuously.
  2. i get c1001PY error repeatedly in game (argentan and hill262 maps). It started after last last minimod update.
  3. Dang, Euros have fun remembrances. Apologies if a duplicate, I do not monitor these forums. Apologies if violation of forum rules, to lazy to check.
  4. just read this, would tried it, luv the mod, did a couple camps in the mod. (Checked my email, it is correct and not hidden afaik, don't care for all notifications but was/is there a way to sign up for notifications for playing the mods? (EOD, EOD2 come to mind also))
  5. Best: Funniest: Most loved/liked player: Dancing in the forest https://s1.postimg.org/8dkfl97k17
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