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  1. Best: Fighting a battle with better balanced teams. Far more fun than last week, which was just silly. Worst: Some players are so good at hitting distant pixels, first time, rapidly, that one has to wonder how they are doing it. I'm playing on 4K,28" screen, wearing very strong reading glasses and I spotted several players before they spotted me. Got on the spot aim on static target, but missed. Second later the target is able to hit me, first shot. Sorry but I have to wonder about this. Also imbalance between Japanese assault it and Allied assault kit - but we won so I'll let it slide. Funniest: -Ensign "Humle… For Fuck's sake why did you s-mine the exit to the tunnel?" Most hated player: Has to be Randoom for constantly suiciding on my s-mines like a noob and making my scores look terrible. Most loved/liked player: Randoom for being a good sport about it. Other: Agree with Al-Sahad that this map was too big for number of players. It was either really intense or really slow. And nothing in the middle.
  2. Probably fair enough. Just I think this theater particularly emphasises the slightest degree of imbalance if the teams are not well-matched and playing on similar settings. Same could possibly be said about last campaign and the woodland combat. I think teams were better balanced last campaign though, so it was less noticeable.
  3. Was getting great FPS Spieler... (playing 4K with a Sapphire Nitro+ Vega 64 and Freesync and never went below the 60FPS my screen can push). You're on 2 1080s right? Got some very odd lag though but I think that was server side.
  4. Humledrik

    CMP Quotes

    It's good to see you back Hjaldrgud… but you joined the bloody wrong team you muppet.
  5. Best: Ensign being in a good mood for once Worst: Team balance is completely askew with far too many of the players we know to be really good at this on the same side. This needs to change in future campaigns as it must be boring as hell for Axis and it ain't exactly fun to play as Allied either. We need a new way of looking at how teams are allocated. Also noticed when rehearsing before the battle that some of the Jap kits are way better than the equivalent Allied kits. But I bet we don't get Garands later in the campaign... Funniest: 20 second lag where I shot a guy on Axis who was still firing happily away in front of me who then suddenly died with message "xxx. killed by Humledrik" or whatever it says. Forgot who it was but a real WTF moment. Most hated player: Anyone who plays on potato settings when they don't have to. And anyone who exploits it. Most loved/liked player: My squad for maintaining good humour despite all the crap. Other: Yet more confirmation of why we should never ever play Pacific again.
  6. Best: Nothing Worst: Everything Funniest: Leaving early to go to the pub with my wife, who ended up with a five day hangover. Most hated player: People who play on low graphics settings Most loved/liked player: My squad Other: Confirms EXACTLY why I was unhappy about a Pacific campaign. They're just no fun.
  7. Humledrik

    Battlefield V + Poll

    Battlefield has been crap since Battlefield 2 IMHO. Moses Herodez has been binging Battlefield 1 and it just looks nonsensical. Good FPS practise I suppose, which is why he kicks my ass in FH2. He played the free to play Battlefield V weekend a few weeks back and that looked even more nonsensical. Utter rubbish from EA games, as usual. He'll probably buy it for X-box.... I bought Post Scriptum and all it needs is more players! But to be honest, graphically it's not that much better than FH2, apart from the tank interior modelling and explosions. Even joined WAW to play their campaign which is still not up and running. Hell Let Loose looks awesome too. Specs for both are going to be a problem for the people in our community who are playing on potatoes. Upgraded to a Vega 64 so I could play these games in 4K in Freesync.
  8. Humledrik

    "Hit detection" in FH2 - Blessing or curse

    I agree with GeoPat and have nothing to add or dispute in his excellent post.
  9. Humledrik


    Just found the only clothes store I am likely to need in the near future... I suspect Kows and Ensign already know it! https://www.varusteleka.com
  10. Humledrik

    The End Of Campaign #3 - Into Darkness

    Thanks to all who made it possible. Best campaign I played to date. Wish I hadn't had to miss 2 battles.
  11. Yeah that was me... I went to pick up another S-mine from the truck and the bastards sneaked in when I was waiting for a recharge. I did manage to get a couple of them but they got the flag before I could get back in the FZ. It was the most exciting 2 minutes of that round.
  12. Best: Winning the campaign Worst: Not enough players for this potentially great map Funniest: Ensign's mood swings, driving around for ages on the kettenrad and not seeing a single enemy Most hated player: I was so crap this round it has to be myself Most loved/liked player: Moses Herodez when he brought me a beer. Other: Despite 2 maps that were quite boring and unfortunately having to miss 2 battles, the most fun campaign I have played, ever.
  13. "Very late in the evening of 1 October the Finnish troops of Infantry Regiment 11 captured a German supply depot – which were colloquially known as 'little-Berlins' – and found large stores of alcohol. Order and discipline disappeared from the 2nd battalion of and from most of 1st battalion as well. Later on even the newly arriving 2nd battalion of Infantry Regiment 53 was also accidentally directed to the same location with similar results." Surely Axis should be the Finns, based on this anecdote…..
  14. Best: Winning again. Fighting off surprise attack with sniper rifle. Worst: Most boring battle of the campaign. Funniest: Number of TKs I made with S-mines. Getting teabagged by Kows before the battle even started. The bikes. Most hated player: The guys who can shoot through walls. Most loved/liked player: Ombustman for letting me play so freely and to my skills. Other: JS tank was a bit overpowered but we won so it was OK.
  15. That's why I was careful to call it "borderline" cheating rather than full blown cheating as I realise it was a very close spawn point.

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