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  1. Best: - The end of this horrible campaign for me personally - just didn't suit the limited skills I have. Taking out four Axis guys with S-mine and rifle in about 30 seconds. Worst: - My performance was terrible, apart from 30 seconds above… Not a good map for s-mines with this many players. Also having to accept that Axis were just the better team on Friday night. Can't blame the map for that. Funniest: - Didn't notice anything that made me laugh. Most hated player: - Everyone who noticed me sneaking around. I'm only good at 2 things - s-mines and sneaking around. Most loved/liked player: - Everyone who stayed till the end on Allied.
  2. Best: -Intense, fairly even-matched rounds that could have been very close. Taking out 2 jeeps with the half track MG at airfield. A map that worked well with s-mines. Worst: -Trying to destroy enemy RPs with a bolt-action rifle and no grenades. My old man reflexes. Missing my good monitor as it's away for repair. Funniest: -Killing both Randooms with the same s-mine. The "you said place an RP and I did but I thought it was a stupid place". TKing 2 players when a grenade aimed at Matsku on first floor of control tower went outside by mistake. Most hated player: -Enemy tanks Most loved/liked player: -My squad Other: -Choke points really made this map a lot of fun. Still miss being able to use my spotter skills but one of the more fun battles this campaign.
  3. Humledrik

    Community Music Channel

    Screamy Icelandic goth song about Matt Damon
  4. Humledrik

    Régiment français

    Vous pouvez m'"émprunter" pour une bataille ou deux s'il vous manque un soldat. Je comprends parfaitement mais quand c'est moi qui parle… je m'excuse mais c'est devenu tres tres moche. J'habitais a Cherbourg pendant un an (1989-90) et j'ai fait ma licence en Francais. Vous pouvez m'ajouter desormais comme "francophone".
  5. Humledrik

    Military Tourism.

    And from the same holiday, we watched the gladiators at the Arena in Arles.
  6. Humledrik

    Military Tourism.

    Small MosesHerodez (grey t-shirt) and his brother at the Jet Fighter museum in Montelimar, since we are on a French theme! Pic is about 10 years old so he'll hate me again.
  7. Humledrik

    Frame rates FH2

    I'm playing FH2 with an AMD Vega 64 card and Freesync enabled on a 60hz monitor. No matter what graphics resolution I'm on below 1440 it seems to stick at around 60FPS. (At 4K it's stuck around 40). Would expect much higher frame rates at 1080 than at 1440. Should be seeing a higher frame rate - as I disabled "limit max frame rate" in game config and also set it to 200FPS in the chill function on the Radeon settings. Does the game FPS viewer detect FPS post Freesync? Or is there something else going on?
  8. Best: -Some good close battles, with lots of fast flag captures that had to be recapped again soon after. Probably the battle that was most fun for most players so far, even if it didn't suit my own personal skills so much. Worst: -Was already really tired before battle even started and had to leave early to finish a translation job. Numbers could have been better. Crash/pickup kit problem. Seemed we had a few issues with either tank distribution or maybe Axis were just better at tank coordination. Had even slower reflexes than usual due to fatigue. Funniest: -Being so tired that I got killed in some ways that should really never have happened. Other: -I hope to be better rested for next week's battle.
  9. Best: Map looked great. Worst: Map was broken. Without ship artillery, the balance was always too much in favour of defending side. And I concede - we didn't need the Sherman, which was an imbalancing element. Crashed server. Funniest: I didn't see anything that made me laugh, unfortunately. Most hated player: Bad losers spoiling victory pic - should be given battle bans IMHO. Other: Axis appeared to blame the broken map for their own inability to change tactics, like we did in the last round which allowed us to win despite the ship artillery problem. Garand balance issue is overstated - had terrible accuracy with Garand and could only hit using Springfield. So Garand does not cancel out imbalance that knee mortar brings to the table.
  10. Humledrik

    Comedy Central

    Sir Kows is watching the IT Crowd and didn't deem any of it funny enough to share here. Disappointing. Can someone turn him off and on again?
  11. But you'd better join the right side for next campaign Hjaldr. Your MG skills are missed!
  12. Humledrik

    Fh2 Campaign None but the Brave

    Moin Pepino. Mein deutsch ist sehr scheisse so in English. (I understand a lot of written German but am very bad at writing and speaking it myself) The campaign per se is not FUBAR. But the team composition IS. Until it's fixed permanently so one side does not have most of the best players, it will continue to be FUBAR. Campaign design etc there is nothing wrong with in general, apart from a few imbalances like Japanese overpowered MG compared to BAR and the knee mortars., whereas only spotter kit on Allied gets Garand and number of grenades for assault is just rubbish. Maps are great., apart from foliage being an issue when many players are using low settings. For future campaigns it is ESSENTIAL that the best players are better distributed over the two sides, or it is just no fun for anyone.
  13. Best: Being on Ombustman's squad again (no offence Kows but small squads and harassment is what I am best at). Almost capping enemy back flags single handed on more than one occasion. Success rate of my s-mines in first 2 rounds. Worst: Number of Allied players who didn't showed up for our best round so far. Now it looks like we only won this because we borrowed so many players. BUT I think this fact also highlights the team imbalance as well as that this map was probably badly balanced in favour of Allies. Funniest: Taking out 2 key Axis players with one S-mine while hiding in their flag zone. Most hated player: Hjaldrgud again for killing me so many times when he should have been on our side all along! Traitor! Most loved/liked player: Kows, Ombust and Randoom for the laughs. Other: I still think this campaign is FUBAR. But tonight at least was a bone thrown to a very hungry dog.
  14. It's like Easy Company, just harder. And therefore more great.

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