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  1. Best: - Getting my best score to date. The close flags. Worst: - Allied were on really bad form for the first time this campaign and it felt bad to win so many points. Funniest: - When allied had an AT gun on top of a building outside the main base and I hid behind a haystack to get permission from HQ before taking it out. "Are you sure? Won't they be mad" "err" "SURE? SURE?" "err yes". OK then..... Most hated player: - Captain Mike. Always Captain Mike. Most loved/liked player: - Got to show some love to my old teammates from allied for being so cool in the after chat Best Battle Photo - Other: - Allied what went wrong? You played an awesome campaign so far and this week it went so badly.
  2. Finally got all the plugins working on my DAW....and discovered there are darbuka samples. It is a clay drum with fish skin apparently.....

    1. Cpt.Poland


      Glad to fear all is working fine. Fish skin? Interesting. How many samples you got? 

    2. Humledrik


      Seems like there are three different samples- and then of course lots of rhythm programs via midi.

    3. Cpt.Poland


      Nice. I will send in few days few samples of my ideas ;)

  3. Best: That the game has recovered in terms of numbers Worst: That this might not last and long-standing players will lose interest because of not being able to play without waiting. I gave up last night. There needs to be another strategy for this, I think - where people can book slots. It's a bit ridiculous right now. Funniest: I have no idea as I missed everything Most hated player: Ditto Most loved/liked player: Ditto
  4. https://edition.cnn.com/interactive/2019/05/europe/finland-fake-news-intl/
  5. I think that might have been me. I never changed my audio settings but maybe there's been an update or something that messed up my settings. Promise to have this fixed by next week.
  6. Can't even remember how it came up, let alone what the punchline was. Will try to remember if someone can tell us what we were talking about. I hadn't even finished the bottle of wine at that point so....
  7. Best: Numbers, intense fighting and even a couple of very close rounds. Well done to Allied for staying around. Worst: Getting killed by the same 2 players all night. Funniest: The conspiracy theories about who stekasteka is - Captain Mike? Major Konig? Achtung Snow? Some regulars disappear and then a new guy appears who is just as good? Hmmmm Most hated player: @stekasteka, whoever he really is. Most loved/liked player: .CoJones squad... Providing "don't like it up 'em" fun for all!
  8. Title suits one of the other game franchises I play... https://youtu.be/wgNP9eR-eZQ
  9. Best: - Numbers, close and intense battles. One of the most fun battles I've ever played since signing up years ago. And having my best night of tank kills since I started playing. Now it's not just my S-mines you need to look out for. Worst: - Allied numbers problem. Funniest: -Killing Kows on his first spawn by mistake just a few seconds after my first spawn. Most hated player: - A couple of people I won't name - but have to wonder how they can be so much faster than everyone else. Most loved/liked player: -The Corporal Jones squad, for obvious reasons.
  10. Best: S mines Worst: Own team walking on my s-mines Funniest: Dying to a sneaky s-mine placed by a player I'd just shot. I died to one of my favourite tactics. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Most hated player: Nobody this week Most loved/liked player: Everyone who loved or hated my s-mines
  11. Best: - Seeing Axis perform properly. Worst: - Lag Funniest: - See "worst". Led to some very peculiar duels that were like watching a broken film. Most hated player: - The guys who beat me in those particular duels. Most loved/liked player: - Kows for not pressuring me to play squad tactics because of my lag.
  12. OOPS THIS WAS FOR BATTLE 5 GAZALA Best: - Seeing Axis perform properly. Worst: - Lag Funniest: - See "worst". Led to some very peculiar duels that were like watching a broken film. Most hated player: - The guys who beat me in those particular duels. Most loved/liked player: - Kows for not pressuring me to play squad tactics because of my lag.
  13. Should be familiar to everyone who ever played FH.
  14. Best: - The end of this horrible campaign for me personally - just didn't suit the limited skills I have. Taking out four Axis guys with S-mine and rifle in about 30 seconds. Worst: - My performance was terrible, apart from 30 seconds above… Not a good map for s-mines with this many players. Also having to accept that Axis were just the better team on Friday night. Can't blame the map for that. Funniest: - Didn't notice anything that made me laugh. Most hated player: - Everyone who noticed me sneaking around. I'm only good at 2 things - s-mines and sneaking around. Most loved/liked player: - Everyone who stayed till the end on Allied.
  15. Best: -Intense, fairly even-matched rounds that could have been very close. Taking out 2 jeeps with the half track MG at airfield. A map that worked well with s-mines. Worst: -Trying to destroy enemy RPs with a bolt-action rifle and no grenades. My old man reflexes. Missing my good monitor as it's away for repair. Funniest: -Killing both Randooms with the same s-mine. The "you said place an RP and I did but I thought it was a stupid place". TKing 2 players when a grenade aimed at Matsku on first floor of control tower went outside by mistake. Most hated player: -Enemy tanks Most loved/liked player: -My squad Other: -Choke points really made this map a lot of fun. Still miss being able to use my spotter skills but one of the more fun battles this campaign.
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