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  1. Altered Carbon

    I'm up to episode 2 of Altered Carbon. Really enjoying it - but yes, very very derivative of Blade Runner. I can't get enough of flying cars and bleak dystopian cityscapes so I'm fine with it. Other great news is series 2 of "Westworld" which is coming a lot earlier in the year than I was expecting.
  2. FH2 Community Updater

    OK update. Finally updated on one of my PCs and seeding it. But my other PC can't even find the seed that I am seeding. So there is something up with the torrent that's not finding a PC located in the same room! Problem is only with the Baker textures, not the Community Map Pack and the team campaign, which both updated fine now. EDITED UPDATE It all seems to be working now. Everything updated using the updater.
  3. FH2 Community Updater

    Community updater is showing no seeds for me either, I'm in Denmark and it's always worked before.
  4. Installation of Bf2 and FH2 on Windows 10?

    Here's an interesting one... I have 2 BF2 discs but lost the key for one of them. As we're going to be playing 2 players next campaign, I thought I would have to get hold of another key. But it turns out the insert key in registry in unencrypted version registers as a different key so we can play 2 on servers using effectively the same key. I tested it on public and it works. Using the same standard encrypted registry key only allowed one online at a time last time I tried this a couple of years ago. Anyone know what's changed or why this is now possible? Was all set to buy another copy second hand just for the extra key....
  5. Community Music Channel

    Theme tune for Finns in the next FH2 campaign
  6. Community Music Channel

    Some very silly nonsense from one of my mates and his pals...
  7. How could you have forgotten the Metatron?
  8. Extreme Sports

    Isn't this Megavalanche? One of my customers entered this before he'd even bought a bike. He figured it would be like snowboarding... He didn't finish - trashed his front wheel not very far down. But he had fun on the practice runs at least.
  9. Battalion 1944

    My gut feeling says it's going to be too much run and gun for my tastes.
  10. Really looking forward to this (if and) when it comes out.
  11. Books - What Are You Reading

    Not reading as such as it's an audiobook.... But Alan Moore's "Jerusalem". That's not for everyone either! When I'm done with that, I have the last 3 Witcher novels to finish.
  12. I brought my kid, Moses Herodez and he had so much fun he wants to joing the next FH2 campaign.