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DerSohnGottes has a school-project ongoing where he researches the influence of computer games on mass shootings.
He has prepared a very small survey and asked us if we could help him in his project. Please be so kind and help getting a representative result by participating, it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.

To the survey: Killergames turn us into School shooters?!


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  1. Humledrik

    The End Of Campaign #3 - Into Darkness

    Thanks to all who made it possible. Best campaign I played to date. Wish I hadn't had to miss 2 battles.
  2. Yeah that was me... I went to pick up another S-mine from the truck and the bastards sneaked in when I was waiting for a recharge. I did manage to get a couple of them but they got the flag before I could get back in the FZ. It was the most exciting 2 minutes of that round.
  3. Best: Winning the campaign Worst: Not enough players for this potentially great map Funniest: Ensign's mood swings, driving around for ages on the kettenrad and not seeing a single enemy Most hated player: I was so crap this round it has to be myself Most loved/liked player: Moses Herodez when he brought me a beer. Other: Despite 2 maps that were quite boring and unfortunately having to miss 2 battles, the most fun campaign I have played, ever.
  4. "Very late in the evening of 1 October the Finnish troops of Infantry Regiment 11 captured a German supply depot – which were colloquially known as 'little-Berlins' – and found large stores of alcohol. Order and discipline disappeared from the 2nd battalion of and from most of 1st battalion as well. Later on even the newly arriving 2nd battalion of Infantry Regiment 53 was also accidentally directed to the same location with similar results." Surely Axis should be the Finns, based on this anecdote…..
  5. Best: Winning again. Fighting off surprise attack with sniper rifle. Worst: Most boring battle of the campaign. Funniest: Number of TKs I made with S-mines. Getting teabagged by Kows before the battle even started. The bikes. Most hated player: The guys who can shoot through walls. Most loved/liked player: Ombustman for letting me play so freely and to my skills. Other: JS tank was a bit overpowered but we won so it was OK.
  6. That's why I was careful to call it "borderline" cheating rather than full blown cheating as I realise it was a very close spawn point.
  7. Best: - Winning last round as attackers. Long range sniping from cover of woods by the east lake Worst: - HQ getting their heads round the choke points earlier on. That we weren't more players - this map would have been perfect for a large turnout. Funniest: Daniel getting upset because I TKed him with a flag zone s-mine because he didn't know standard Axis tactics after he joined to help out. Most hated player: - Sturmflim for borderline cheating in round 2, camping and firing at edge of Axis main base boundary. Crapinabox for being too good at hiding and looking like a corpse. Most loved/liked player: - Nobody stood out Other - I did a lot of sneaking around and attacking from behind this round. Didn't realise how much fun this was.
  8. No. Axis scouts were just better than you have... Namely moi!
  9. Pacific was horrible last time. Would be happy if I never ever had to play Pacific again. Agree there should be a revote on the 3 most popular choices, to give people a second best option.
  10. Best: Great map with lots of choke points and hiding places. Suited my play style completely. Worst: light tweaking needed Arty spotting was FUBAR on this map. Only 1 in 5 times I spotted actually registered as a target even when spotting vehicles directly. If spotting hadn't been broken we would have won every single round, I think. Funniest: 1) Hiding in the north-west field behind the rocks, sniping a tanker while he repaired and watching the tank just stand there for 10 minutes unused, sniping people who were trying to get in. Eventually they had to call arty in on me as they couldn't find me. 2) Sneaking around in the first round, harassing back flags and killing Spieler a few times when he least expected it 3) Sneaking into enemy flag zones and S-mining them 4) TKing MosesHerodez right at the end of the last battle with a random PAK HE shell. Most hated player: Al-Sahad. Because he is too good. Most loved/liked player: Our minisquad with CaproGreene and MosesHerodez. Most fun I have had on a squad for a long time. Actually almost as much fun as playing with Gunghoo. Other: Gungooo come back we miss you.
  11. Best: -Not sucking as bad as I thought I would. Getting my first Allah-al-Akbar tank kill in a points round (got a few in scrims already). Worst: -Thought this map was a bit boring, to be honest. Not a good map for s-mines and spotting, so not a good map for me. Funniest: -Taking out enemy RP with a randomly placed HE shell in the PAK. Most hated player: Nobody Most loved/liked player: Nobody Other: - Nothing springs to mind
  12. Best: Everything about this battle was great. It was close, all rounds were different and a lot of fun. Also first battle with my son on the squad. Seeing how much better I've got at this game... Worst: Realising I don't have a clue how arty system works in this game. Funniest: Long range sniping from log piles up the hill to the watchtower on the top right flag. Took out the same guy in the tower (who had sniper kit) 3 times in a row and getting away with it. Can't believe I got away with it. Trolling Russians up there by going up there on my own and leaving S-mines near their ammo box. Most hated player: Al-Sahad. I only like Al-Sahad when I'm not playing against him. He always finds me, eventually. Most loved/liked player: Kows for being hilarious to have on squad. Moses Herodez for playing a great first proper battle.
  13. Humledrik

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #6 Ilomantsi

    Yeah me too. I slaughtered the Russians in the scrim.
  14. https://www.warhistoryonline.com/world-war-ii/defense-breslau-germany-fights.html

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