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  1. https://2000ad.com/post/3755
  2. Best: Defending bottom left flag in first 3 rounds and trolling it in the last round. Arty spotting uninterrupted for 15 mins from Orphanage Hill in first round, right under the enemy's nose. Worst: Discovering arty was out of range for most flags in last 2 rounds. Funniest: 2 kills in a row were of Russians who thought they could sneakily knife me. Didn't work! I've got wise to it now guys, sorry. And my PC is a lot faster now too! Most hated player: That squad of Russians at bottom left flag in second round that didn't walk on any of my s-mines in a 10 minute attack! Only player who did was one of ours. Most loved/liked player: -My s-mine victims again, as always Other: A lot more fun defending than attacking this round. At least both sides had to do it.
  3. Humledrik

    Enlisted WW2 MMO

    However crap the gameplay looks it still appears to be a better option than Battlefield 5.
  4. Humledrik

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #5 Sinimaed

    Updater still seems to be broken. At least for me it is. Just a word up so people know well in advance this time. I wasted far too much time last week because of broken updater.
  5. Humledrik

    New PC advices.

    But this is on a system with the very best GPU available, not the ones Rayder is considering which will have the FPS bottleneck at the GPU. Will also depend on what games you are playing (as shown in that video where the last 3 games have identical performance with the 8400)how they are optimised for multi-core. And the OTHER thing that was announced the other day was that Z370 platform will take the upcoming 8 core CPUs... so if you just buy the cheap one you can upgrade to the even better CPUs later on without having to upgrade anything else. All worth considering. I also noticed I got a lot better at FH2 when I bought a bigger 4k screen last month after this thread was started!
  6. Best: Same as last week and I am still not telling you.ot Worst: Lag, size of map didn't suit my play style. Funniest: At top right flag I took out 3 of our team with a PAK shell when they were capping because I am an idiot. HOWEVER at same flag I hid a sneaky S-mine when I knew Russians would cap it as I was last guy there and took out 3 of them 10 secs after they killed me. The guy who sneaked up on me near machine gun nest and was going to knife me and I turned round just in time. He still got me but at least I wounded him… Then the two times our guys walked over me just as I had planted S-mines. Most hated player: Al-Sahad for not staying dead long enough to be TBed. And for killing me all the time. Most loved/liked player: Yehiel for giving me two of the most satisfying rifle kills I ever had in this game. Rifle kills are rare for me! Other: Played 2 of my best rounds ever, the other rounds I sucked so badly.
  7. Humledrik

    New PC advices.

    Samsung EVO 970 NMVe is the best money I spent on PC hardware this year. Looks like a good setup but still consider spending less on the CPU and more on the graphics card - maybe a 1070Ti and an I5 8400?
  8. Best: Not telling or I won't be able to get away with it again next week. Worst: Wishing I could tell you what it was. Funniest: More TK madness with S-mines and my score in round 2. Most hated player: Russians in trenches with SMGs when I only had a bolt action. Most loved/liked player: Our arty guys Other: These maps so far are brilliant. If all campaigns had been this good we wouldn't have bled so many players in the last 2 campaigns at Forgotten Honor.
  9. Humledrik

    FH2 in 2160/4K

    Super. Noob mistake considering how long I've been playing this!
  10. Humledrik

    FH2 in 2160/4K

    Anyone else playing in 4K. What do you think? Any problems? I'm not seeing player tags but wasn't in 1080 either. Any thoughts?
  11. Best: 2 sounds where it took ages for Russians to find me and I picked off loads of them. My gaming has improved a lot with my new screen! Also being able to play to my strengths - stealthy. Battling in the south-western woods. Worst: Not being able to have M0sesher0dez on board due to key problems. TKing and accidental deaths due to not seeing tags again. Funniest: S mines Most hated player: Litte Russian armoured car drivers Most loved/liked player: Our arty guys Other: -This was a great map. Nobody complaining about balance. Had a great time last night.
  12. Humledrik

    E3 2018

    Cyberpunk... But then I've been saying that for about five years now.
  13. Best: Final round at Riverside absolutely epic gameplay. Worst: Numbers Funniest: Same as TomTom. And discussion about Yorkshire tea. Most hated player: Gunghoo and Ensign for not showing up. Playing with you guys is always hilarious. Most loved/liked player: Whoever was on Axis arty in the last round - got my highest score ever because of your skills. Other: Looking so much forward to these maps in the campaign. All of them were epic.
  14. Humledrik

    CMP Quotes

    I was misquoted. It was "My son STILL has an imac".
  15. Humledrik

    New PC advices.

    Also forgot to point out... you quickly run out of space on a 256 SSD if you use for gaming and productivity so consider a second SSD somewhere down the line or just buy a bigger one. I'm just buying another 256 superfast SSD as I keep having to move files all the time.

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