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  1. Tank Chats series from Bovington Tank Museum is excellent stuff. Only just stumbled on it today.
  2. WW2 : Movie To-Do List

    Ooh.. Stalingrad on Blu-ray. Nice. Must add it to my multiple DVDs of it.
  3. Military Tourism.

    And here's one of me and Moses Herodez liking a Hurricane (Neil Young reference for those old enough) at the Bomber Command museum near York a decade later... Also a great day out.
  4. Military Tourism.

    Moses Herodez will probably hate me for this as he's on these pics when he was aged about 8.... but I don't have any without him on. Bangsbo Fort in Northern Jutland. Also visited the gigantic Hirtshals 10 Battery museum earlier the same day which was a great day out - got to ride the ammo train but sadly no pics.
  5. Serious install problem with FH2

    Managed to delete the offending profile and it seems to all work fine now. Moral is don't use "ø" "æ" and "å" in your profiles.
  6. Serious install problem with FH2

    PC with the affected install is being rebuilt at the moment - new Mobo, cabinet and water cooling. Will update once I've tried it.
  7. Serious install problem with FH2

    Still unable to fix this. It might be related to a profile we set up for MosesHerodez - anyone know how to delete profiles completely? Seems they get locked right into the game, even more than registry cleaner will fix so reinstall doesn't help.
  8. Serious install problem with FH2

    Hi. Getting this serious error with the launcher. Tried EVERYTHING. Reinstall, registry clean, delete folders etc. Anyone seen this issue before?
  9. Why don't I have a cmp_minimod folder?
  10. Strategy Games anyone?

    Close Combat series. Showing my age.
  11. Close Combat series on GOG

    Am I the only person old enough to have played these when they came out? Would anyone be interested in online multiplayer? The AI is, after all, a bit crap.
  12. Altered Carbon

    I'm up to episode 2 of Altered Carbon. Really enjoying it - but yes, very very derivative of Blade Runner. I can't get enough of flying cars and bleak dystopian cityscapes so I'm fine with it. Other great news is series 2 of "Westworld" which is coming a lot earlier in the year than I was expecting.