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  1. Best: - Spray and pray with mg42 killing whole squads full of 1K and 2K, lovely time with Garand and Tommy killing spree, blowing up Hetzer, and capturing flags all the time. Worst: - Keep loosing flag after capture in center Funniest: - Enjoying cmp special of @Sir_Kowskoskey teabagging after killing him before he kill my teammate. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @Heyna for M8 Greyhounding making flag free from enemy tanks Best Battle Photo : Taking care of spaniards Other: -The best squad Easy 2 Lead the way!
  2. Best: - I spot enemy flag, with bunch of jerries running and getting ready to advance, and arty picked it up almost instant and unleash hell getting about 20 kills in 2 min. Worst: - Being killed by Puma through wall, even that i was hidden inside bunker below ground, so weird bug to say at least Funniest: - Driving truck with squad when i ask Sherman to let us pass, because i won't be able to stop in time, i heard no and 2 second after that we all got blow up by crash Most loved/liked player: - @Buzz Adams @Enrik@Menuen for waiting room conversations and vpn-flag combinations
  3. Same here. I got very similar idea in my head so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way! Baśka Bommińska is @BaskaBommi polish alter ego
  4. Oh yes, that fighting near AT position was also one hell of a skirmish. Bit chaotic but with lovely rushes to flag. Nice photo! Yes, @RayderPSG Thank You my friend You can ask me, but to be fair i can't remember pilots now, but if you write to me pm i will take care of it no worries. Thanks for wishes @Pavel_[RUS74] u2!
  5. Oh yes. I fly straight to flag. Never thought i will assault flag from air being in the jeep
  6. Best: - Hard fighting against russian squad for Vineyard and Forest Road, duel with @Lajtus with tank/inf co-op and at gun/inf co-op, sniping and rushing with garand, destorying enemy rp by rifle nade by accident, new fresh sl of Polish squd @Doktor Worst: - Bunny jumping, server crash Funniest: - Fighting in forest. You never know from what direction you getting shot, so often i got killed from nowhere, and from nowhere i got enemy in front of me and i killed him so he probably got the same confusion as i Most hated player: - Luckily no one Most loved/liked player: - @Doktor for accepting being a sl and manage to do it quite well even that it was his first time ever in campaign Best Battle Photo - last Polish Victory Photo together with a big friend of Polish community @RayderPSG. (EVERYBODY F****** JUMP! ) Ps. Thanks @gen.p for photo Other: - Thank You All for playing together. I had a great time and hope to see You all next campaign in march. Since then, I wish You all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  7. Roger. I find solution. Windows accounts not working well with fh2 so it' working only on admin account. On other the cd key is inactive no matter of any actions!
  8. Hi! I got issue with cd key and dunno what to do to be honest. I installed Fh2 standalone and logged to my account and got info your cd key is no longer acitive. Normally when i got this issue i go to register and fix it but since i use fh2 standalone i cant find it . I need to fix it fast before battle.
  9. Best: - Finally winning! Leading together with @Ronid@gen.p@TomTom39 11 Poles! Sneaking through enemy lines all the time just to go to flag and rush with whole team who just spawned. Jumping from one flag to another after taking it. Holding/capturing 3 flags at once. Playing as sl of the one big or as cc operator in one of 2 medium Polish squads. Crazy rushes and intense cq fights! The best battle of whole campaign for me so far Worst: - Not being able to find the way to top of mountain and getting killed by accidental falls to the tree with ludicrous speed Funniest: - Killing @RAnDOOm after taking flag just after he kill 5 guys with one nade and teabagging him 5 times in order to revenge Most hated player: - Luckily no one again. But we had some funny jokes about @Sasahadog1205 who often make our job quite hard . But never the less we still like him Most loved/liked player: - @Lajtus for Bar duel in making 3 germans walked into a bar joke quite often Best Battle Photo - Victory pose after revenge on @RAnDOOm Other: - I got some fun with Poles on that battle and after it. Maybe too much And one vic pic together with big friend of Poles @RayderPSG
  10. Z racji, że ciągle jeszcze nie ogarnąłem problemów z komputerem dogadajcie to między sobą. Ważne aby zrobić około 10 minutowy materiał na koniec kampanii podsumowujący nasz udział i zachęcający resztę do udziału ☺
  11. Oprócz tego polecam standardowo polecieć w updaterze od fh2 funkcję repair i w updaterze CMP ściągnąć wszystko od początku dla pewności.
  12. Super. @gen.p może Ci wysłać surówkę. Potrzeba zrobić jakiś filmik promocyjny jak gramy aby zachęcić innych
  13. @RayderPSG as we agreed on discord we will be sending You updates
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