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  1. Finally got all the plugins working on my DAW....and discovered there are darbuka samples. It is a clay drum with fish skin apparently.....

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    2. Humledrik


      Seems like there are three different samples- and then of course lots of rhythm programs via midi.

    3. Cpt.Poland


      Nice. I will send in few days few samples of my ideas ;)

    4. Cpt.Poland


      "Few days" .... yeah 😅

  2. Best: - Lovely killing spree time in tanks, attacking together with inf on flag in very aggresive and swift style Worst: - Funniest: - I make crazy push in M24 Chaffee killing Panter and after it Stug just to be blowned up by friendly plane. Thx @Tore. It reminds me a joke about USAAF : When Luftwaff(l)e is making bombing allies go hiding, when Raf is making bombing axis go hiding, when USAAF is making bombing everyone is running to cover Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @Heyna for zooka and tea bagging festival Other: - Too many bugs on maps not being fixed, even after reporting it before battle.
  3. Best: - Nice looking map, tank duels, tank hunting zooka runs, good allied performance most of the time, voice chat working really well in squad, hunting spotters Worst: - hit registration mess, not able to get my top performance this battle, spawning on kt camping our rp Funniest: - hiding rp behind trees (or ents) inside houses, clearing the church tower with screaming to @Tore to not blow me up with his tank, crazy drifting in kubel Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick and @Heyna for proper use of zooka and voice chat funny moments Best Battle Photo - The hunt begins! Other: - The best map so far!
  4. Best: - Stopping enemy assault and keeping him pinned down for few good minutes with mg42 killing spree time, zooka enemy and rp sniping (sorry @Erwin i prefer that way over the m1911 stand off ), AT Gun sniping, hunting enemy spotters, blowing up the Jagdpanther on mine after death no matter of hq squad protection Worst: - being killed all the time at spawn before i can do anything, arty spam, voice chat wars, apc line/main mess Funniest: - Jagdpanter hunt Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Everyone who saved me few times from enemy just in time before he get me (danger close!) Best Battle Photo - New Best Friend, Mr. Chaffee Other:- That amount of mg42s, pak 40s, tanks and else spam was both impressive and annoying at once
  5. Cpt.Poland


    Tu najlepiej pogadać z @RayderPSG, nie powinno być problemu. Wasz serwer, wasze zasady i to do czego go użyjecie to wasza sprawa. Proponuję założyć hasło, bo na razie każdy może na niego wejść, więc mogą być nieporozumienia. Natomiast warto mieć na uwadze, że społeczność skupiona wokół serwera discord o nazwie FH2 PL to tylko i wyłącznie część polskiej społeczności cmp. Polacy grają po obu stronach, są skupieni na różnych serwerach discord i ts, więc warto wspólnie w miarę możliwości uzgodnić wszystko. Jak wiadomo wszystko trzeba też ustalić z administracją cmp, natomiast cały pomysł jest jak najbardziej na plus i i myślę, że nie będzie problemów.
  6. Best: - Lovely time in Chaffee during only one decent round from our team, killing lots of infantry and tanks, especially pair of pnz 4 one after another without being hit just before round ends, some tommy action in church Worst: - being alone in tank driving like mad man trying to kill inf and tanks, not being blowned up from tank, enemy inf or damn plane ; spawnraping the us main during last round Funniest: - during cleaning of enemy squad around the church i somehow tk twice @The_Gentle_Uncle in like 1 min (sorry), getting killed by own jeep Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @Heyna for good spots Best Battle Photo - Don't make your jeep angry Other: According to @BaskaBommi or @Enrik (i think, can't remember now who said it) i'm apparently the only one from easy company who is not drinking any kind of alcohol before battle
  7. Best: - Tank hunting round with Composition B when i got 4 enemy tanks, rush with angry farmer kit, some killstreaks, and sneaky revenge on mg42 campers Worst: - losing in such awful style, hit registration mess which mess my scores and gameplay badly, glitches and bugs on map Funniest: - rush with angry famer kit on jerries and getting widly kill as well as rush for camper with bayonet and killing him after few seconds of the most weird duel of turning around in circles Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @BaskaBommi aka Baśka for proper squad leading and even more proper set of religious swerings and not so religious as well making playing more enjoyable Best Battle Photo - GET OFF MY LAND! Other: - No more teamkilling for jeep in main!
  8. Best: - Winnig again, Garand heat nades kills, duel tank - satchel which end up in draw, lots of good attacks, good scores. Worst: - last 2 rounds were awful as f***, but still manage to get quite decent performance and killing @Sir_Kowskoskey and not being able to enjoy lovely Yorkshire tea (the cmp campaign special) due to intensivity of the battle Funniest: - the crazy ride in jeep with @BaskaBommi when speed save us from getting killed by enemy mine (Clarskon SPEED!!! intifies as well as Kubica / McRae rally adition ) and even more crazy ride in M3 Halftruck with @Dansolo when i killed enemy kubel by crashing into it and driving away and Dan killing from 50 cal a Puma! Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @Dansolo for killing Puma from .50 cal and @Tore blowing up King Tiger with satchel killing it and few others enemies after i damaged kt with satchel Best Battle Photo - When you find your driving licence in chips Other: - Enjoying another cmp special tea from after taking care of @CptBocquier
  9. Best: - Spray and pray with mg42 killing whole squads full of 1K and 2K, lovely time with Garand and Tommy killing spree, blowing up Hetzer, and capturing flags all the time. Worst: - Keep loosing flag after capture in center Funniest: - Enjoying cmp special of @Sir_Kowskoskey teabagging after killing him before he kill my teammate. Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - @Heyna for M8 Greyhounding making flag free from enemy tanks Best Battle Photo : Taking care of spaniards Other: -The best squad Easy 2 Lead the way!
  10. Best: - I spot enemy flag, with bunch of jerries running and getting ready to advance, and arty picked it up almost instant and unleash hell getting about 20 kills in 2 min. Worst: - Being killed by Puma through wall, even that i was hidden inside bunker below ground, so weird bug to say at least Funniest: - Driving truck with squad when i ask Sherman to let us pass, because i won't be able to stop in time, i heard no and 2 second after that we all got blow up by crash Most loved/liked player: - @Buzz Adams @Enrik@Menuen for waiting room conversations and vpn-flag combinations
  11. Same here. I got very similar idea in my head so glad I'm not the only one who thinks that way! Baśka Bommińska is @BaskaBommi polish alter ego
  12. Oh yes, that fighting near AT position was also one hell of a skirmish. Bit chaotic but with lovely rushes to flag. Nice photo! Yes, @RayderPSG Thank You my friend You can ask me, but to be fair i can't remember pilots now, but if you write to me pm i will take care of it no worries. Thanks for wishes @Pavel_[RUS74] u2!
  13. Oh yes. I fly straight to flag. Never thought i will assault flag from air being in the jeep
  14. Best: - Hard fighting against russian squad for Vineyard and Forest Road, duel with @Lajtus with tank/inf co-op and at gun/inf co-op, sniping and rushing with garand, destorying enemy rp by rifle nade by accident, new fresh sl of Polish squd @Doktor Worst: - Bunny jumping, server crash Funniest: - Fighting in forest. You never know from what direction you getting shot, so often i got killed from nowhere, and from nowhere i got enemy in front of me and i killed him so he probably got the same confusion as i Most hated player: - Luckily no one Most loved/liked player: - @Doktor for accepting being a sl and manage to do it quite well even that it was his first time ever in campaign Best Battle Photo - last Polish Victory Photo together with a big friend of Polish community @RayderPSG. (EVERYBODY F****** JUMP! ) Ps. Thanks @gen.p for photo Other: - Thank You All for playing together. I had a great time and hope to see You all next campaign in march. Since then, I wish You all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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