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  1. Must have been Baska, don´t remember saying that. Though I still can´t get rid of thought that these games are just cover up for people to get drunk at their own houses
  2. Best : Killstreak over Stalbar with M1903A1 where I got 7-10 guys within 2 minutes and tank hunting in last round - 4 tanks Worst: Boredom in first round - had to parkour around in order to stay awake because of no combat on our flag Funniest : That majestic teamkill from @Greeksoldier76 with M1A1 Flamer. Spectacular no-scope burst from 70 meters. He just peaked from behind corner and unleashed burst of flames. Had laugh long after it, deserves medal Most hated/Loved player: None, I hate all equally (jk).
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