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CMP FH2 Campaign 10: "Devil In The Dawn" Battle 2 - Thermopyles Starts In:

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  1. i can also try playing in allies hq, if someone experienced takes the lead
  2. I wanna play in allied international, and although the personnel needs are already met for it, I'd volunteer for some deputy leading if it's desired. Would like to learn and practice how to do that a bit, tried that for 2 or 3 battles but definitely need to gain more experience.
  3. Best: Our Emotional Support T26 having the moment closely escaping death after catching a shell into the rear, and still giving us a new rally together with the other lone survivor after all hope seemed lost Worst/Funniest: Throwing kasapanos on unsuspecting ISU, it burns and runs in panic, while I walk and grab my resupply, go back to the ISU and click to drop the 2nd bomb on its ass. then bam! connection problems, even teamspeak cutting out. I die, and the ISU spread its wings and merrily flies into the horizon
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