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Upcoming FH2 Campaign - Friday 22nd March

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A new FH2 campaign will be starting around mid-March to play through 12 maps (and at least one scrim). The campaign will end mid-June.

We need players to volunteer for various leading roles. If there are no volunteers to lead, then the campaign will NOT go ahead!

For all those that complain during campaigns that their HQ, CO's or SL's do not know what they are doing - this is your time to shine and prove you're more than just talk!



101st Airborne vs 21st Panzer Division

If you are interested then post below, or PM @RayderPSG, @Sir_Kowskoskey or @RAnDOOm and let them know which side you wish to play on, in which regiment and what role you'd like to take (HQ, CO, LT, NCO).

We only have around 16 days to get teams in place, so the sooner we can fill up these leadership spots, the sooner we can get this campaign started!

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Am I correct, the Spanish regiment continues to play as a cohesive unit on one side.

They don't have any insight into dividing themselves into two sides? Do you continue to feel buoyed by your outstanding win last campaign?

Who would you like to fight against, always in majority, like in the last campaigns?

Do you think a team would want to constantly play with involuntary replacement players over and again?

If the Spaniards are divided, it can once again become an interesting campaign.

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