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  2. good game, it was close. I did hate the camping from @fabrigrinovero35 but you have a high ping, so you are forgiven. the annoying part with your high ping was that i could not locate you in time. @Sparhez I really dont know, aim for the head? and push the mouse a bit down while shooting i suppose.
  3. Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @HaLoAL !!!
  4. saturday 07-04-2018 18:00 UTC (normal battletime)
  5. 300 Year Old Mass Pirate Grave Discovered

    shiver me timbers!
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  7. Hola, let me ask my guys, saturday is fine for me. but i will have to ask
  8. Im fine with tomorrow. 24-03 . I didnt get much replies though
  9. I will ask my guys. expect a reply soon
  10. Midway 1942 - Pacific 1942

    yep thats true. and i lack motivation, or rather pubg is too adicting. -dont need to do much more on the map though. -colormap and lightmapping
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  12. Community Music Channel

  13. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday tuttie!
  14. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    wtf!? and green blood?