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  1. @Hjaldrgudwell i had some help from others. putting in the google map image was @Papillon's idea.
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  3. Best: - numbers Worst: - too bad the allied team felt the balance was off. winchesters everywhere. Funniest: - @Erwinenthusiastically teamkilling me with the winchester. Most hated player: - all winchesters Most loved/liked player: - 93rd squad! Next week we will win!
  4. @RAnDOOmread it all wrong, because you bagged me aswell i believe got ya
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  7. M1A1 Flamethrower (120) 93[2IG Pr0z4c 43 9|3MD Darkpotato 16 4|3MD knokworst 5 Burn baby burn!
  8. Best: - intense fighting for every flag, and killing enemies with the knee mortar or flamethrower. Worst: - allied numbers. After the 4th round i was afk for a few min, when i came back the battle was over. Funniest: - killing with the knee mortar and the flamethrower Most hated player: - all the allied shotgun players Most loved/liked player: 93rd regiment Best Battle Photo - lets do a victory picture on the submarine they said.....
  9. HAH i saw that! you even tried to bag me while you knew you where going to get killed any second
  10. Best: - numbers and a nice map Worst: - balance between axis and allied team and the map crashing on the 32-layer version Funniest: - @AL-SAHADbagging everybody! and me going after tanks and infantry with the banzai kit. Most hated player: - nobody Most loved/liked player: - 93th hentai regiment Best Battle Photo - For the Emperor, Banzaiiii !!!
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