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    haha yeah then we have to do a rematch for hill 262 also
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    which certain dutch people? ^^ hehe
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    my brother right there
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    Ed Rush!!!! Very nice Spieler! damn 9 years ago already. my brother organised DnB for over 10 years (Break-fast) they still host a few parties a year, still going. one guy, Fre4knc made a living out of it. producing and playing all over the world.
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    My most favourite dutch music teacher
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  8. Best: - I enjoyed this battle, nice squad and lots of stupid jokes! Best2: - Tank hunting with the bazooka Worst: - artillery and mg42's Funniest 1: - Kowskosky shouting, ''get back to the flagzone!!!'' me replying, which flag?! ''what do you mean which flag? west!!!'' ''but i am at east?? where am i?'' Funniest 2: - Sneaking into the outpost flag recapping the flag. then moving towards Liege east. paying the germans a visit and bringing them some tea. Funniest 3: - Destroying axis tanks with at-mines. Ensign and me shouting Allahu Akbar! Funniest 4: - Florian joined our squad, completely destroying the focus on the game. everybody started to make stupid jokes Most hated player: - Camping WolfXL in his KT. i got you back though. Most loved/liked player: - 100th Guards players Other: - Thank you Matsku for leading. I was being happely retared
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  12. Best: damn dat was a intense battle. not a single dull moment. good communications on CC, that was amazing. Worst: my aim Funniest:1 chaotic jeep action getting out of the main base, trying to avoid those damned trees Funniest:2 Driving over Kowskosky, completely ruining the attack on Camino Most loved/liked player: win or lose, thanks everybody! that was nice. Other: teabag culture is flourishing Other: Nice map!