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  1. Pr0z4c

    Happy Birthday

    doğum günün kutlu olsun arkadaşım @Ombustman
  2. Best: - Fun map, i liked those rocks! Worst: - that one round i died 19 times and had only 6 kills, and @kundericofor kamikaze bombing my pzIII. making sure i died at least once that round. (damn that was a good round) Funniest: - jeeping around with @WOLFXLbeep beep! Most hated player: -  Most loved/liked player: - all who joined the 155 regiment, i hope the new players wil stick around! Best Battle Photo -
  3. Pr0z4c

    Happy Birthday

    AL-SAHAD (78 years old) Happy birthday old man!
  4. Pr0z4c

    Happy Birthday

    Congrats @Erwin!
  5. join the allied team @michaelau999!!! we need you
  6. please post more of that!
  7. no likes @HaLoALwhy keep posting?
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