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  1. Best: - Numbers! there were people in the waiting room! I had a break for two rounds to allow other players to join. Worst: - nothing really, good atmosphere Funniest: - talking nonsense and making jokes and killing @WOLFXLin his panther Most hated player: - nobody Most loved/liked player: - everybody! Other: -
  2. Best: - Full server during a scrim! Worst: - night version of this French village map. Funniest: - Killing @Sir_Kowskoskey3 times in a row. Moehahahaha Most hated player: - none Most loved/liked player: - everybody! Other: - I like turtles!
  3. Some historians also claim that if the Germans did not invade Yugoslavia and went ahead with their planned invasion of Russia, they would have reached Moscow before the winter. Another major contributing factor to the eventual German defeat was the fact that Hitler ordered Army Group Centre southwards to encircle a large Russian Army group around Kiev instead of pushing for Moscow. History is often determined by small and at the moment when it happens, seemingly insignificant moments.
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