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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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  1. Best: - finallt the real battle Worst: - The little soviet armored car Funniest: - Kowsko's laugh. -Killed Prozac in a river, told it to Kowsko who run and jumped in the water as a way of teabag Most hated player: - The little soviet armored car driver Most loved/liked player: - all the hq squad, guys are crazy Best Battle Photo - Something happened here ... Other: - pls fix main base perimeter
  2. Haha We will not, you tked me too much 😛
  3. We should give you a medal just because you play with 15 fps
  4. Druidix

    Community Music Channel

    My god radios on this game were so good
  5. Best: - I enjoyed a lot, didn't take so much plaisir on this game since a looong time Worst: - Numbers. Didn't noticed it during the battles but we were only 30 vs 30... Also getting killed by the server because "i'm not allowed to destroy enemi vehciules in main base" whereas it was faaar away from main Funniest: - Was covering the rp with my mg42 when i heard a soviet tank incoming. It was the opened one, I said "Ok i will move from behind and kill the driver". So i did it, and then i turned and what I saw? The graal for mg, a full squad spawning in front of me. Ohoh my god that was a carnage Also on the round before the last one, my 5 first kills were only @GeoPat, killed him at least 15 during this battle Most hated player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey, just because. Most loved/liked player: - All our squad, we made a very good job. And all who joined Other: - Battle or not battle next week?
  6. Druidix

    Régiment français

    Je vais demander à ce qu'on les retire et qu'on les remplace par des américains alors
  7. Kowsko has a big problem with my, this is his way to say me hello. A bit latter, i was in a trench capping a flag, I saw him coming and he started to shoot me with his stg 44 Without hesitation: worst: thinking that people were not friendly with me cause they didn't answer when i was talking whereas my mic was not pluged... funniest: @WOLFXL trying to leave on round before the end...
  8. Druidix

    Régiment français

    J'ai vu que y a sputnik aussi, et safari chez les russes. 4 c'est bien mais c'est un peu léger 😛
  9. Druidix

    Régiment français

    @3rd-para.neige @romu292@BIG_J_06@AgentProvocateur @CapitaineBarbo9Yatta@238-06@Coldbestau@ViquelOoste JENKINS (⌐■_■)@SputnikFighter@neissman@Reeorgh Arrgh@Minijim@Max3400@kustom666@Khaine@Helmut Mout@Heia Safari!@Garfield@EWkevin@Chicon@brk5300@[FRA]_Mightoup @Fritz.The.Cat @Sgt.Michael.Wittmann @Snafu_Il2 @!300!legoulloix Salut les gens, J'aimerais savoir qui est toujours actif ici, afin de voir si on pourrait remonter une petite unité française. Postez un petit message ici pour vous signaler
  10. Druidix

    TeamCup 2018 - Thank you all!

    Wah 3rd, i didn't expect this 😛 GG all, that was fun
  11. Druidix

    Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    First BF1 DLC is free until 15 may on all plateform. Still good to take.
  12. Druidix

    Hell Let Loose... Under development WW2 FPS game

    First gameplays are online
  13. Druidix

    Team Cup map crash

    For my part i only used the updater so problem solved
  14. Druidix

    Team Cup map crash

    Hi, Yesterday, with @jay919, we had the same problem, the game always crash at the end of loading. I've tried to repair, reinstall the map, put everything in low, run with compatibility ... Nothing worked. Previous battle I was not on the same computer, so i can tell you if the problem come from the map of from something else. Any idea?
  15. Druidix

    Hell Let Loose... Under development WW2 FPS game

    The alpha has been release https://www.twitch.tv/videos/247911847 No vehicules for the moment, you will have to run 'im waiting for gameplay now Édit : will be released

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