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  1. Hell Let Loose... Under development WW2 FPS game

    First gameplays are online
  2. Team Cup map crash

    For my part i only used the updater so problem solved
  3. Team Cup map crash

    Hi, Yesterday, with @jay919, we had the same problem, the game always crash at the end of loading. I've tried to repair, reinstall the map, put everything in low, run with compatibility ... Nothing worked. Previous battle I was not on the same computer, so i can tell you if the problem come from the map of from something else. Any idea?
  4. Hell Let Loose... Under development WW2 FPS game

    The alpha has been release https://www.twitch.tv/videos/247911847 No vehicules for the moment, you will have to run 'im waiting for gameplay now Édit : will be released
  5. Military Tourism.

    I dont have the pictures, but this museum is really great http://www.overlordmuseum.com One thing i really want to do is going in normandy at the begin of june, there are so many things to see. Maybe this year
  6. Loosing against @RayderPSG, what a shame.
  7. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    Finally a video showing the center core "landing" At 1min 10
  8. Hell Let Loose... Under development WW2 FPS game

    The idea of ressources as in CoH is something intresting. I will probably get it, but not day one for avoid bad surprise as bf1.
  9. So when do we play ? Never?
  10. BF42/1918/FH0.7

    If you think this is the best solution for everybody. Thx for the organisation of previous campaigns
  11. BF42/1918/FH0.7

    It can if buddydog changes his way of thinking. Without this it will take more time but why not
  12. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    100m for something which was 100km higer is still very impressive. I've seen that last week they landed one rocket on the water, that was not completly intentionnal but it seems it works. So maybe with more fuel it could have been save
  13. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    The core had not enough fuel, so only one engine was working. It touched water at 500km/h, 100m away of the ship. A bit too fast
  14. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    Last picture of Starman, unbelivable https://t.co/IWSjRyTr8V?amp=1
  15. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    I'm a bit surprised nobody talk about it, so for those who missed it yesterday, the replay of the Falcon Heavy first flight. I felt a mix of excitation and tension, it was a strange feeling. That was a fantastic moment. And, I don't know, seeing this car flying in space with earth in background... it makes me "think"... Well done Mr Musk !