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  1. Best: - Finally able to play almost a full battle Worst: - Playing with very low resolution Funniest: - Hearing @RayderPSG complaining all the time in a whisper Most hated player: - German arty men Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1928-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  2. Druidix

    Hell Let Loose

    I think one of the main PS graphic problems is vegetation. And since the first in game pictures HLL has been superior i think And is this closer to FH2 than PS ?
  3. Druidix

    Hell Let Loose

    So what are your impressions ? Also, how is the optimisation atm ?
  4. Druidix

    Par ici les frenchies

    Hello tout le monde Il y a une campagne sur Battlefield 1918 qui vient d'ouvrir, et on à un régiment francais coté... francais Si vous voulez vous inscrire c'est par ici @Captain DiDou @Arnaud @LoneWolf320 @3rd-para.neige @AgentProvocateur @ALEX3129 @Archer_SRY @BIG_J_06 @_baba2004_ @brk5300 @Cake @CapitaineBarbo @Caractor57 @Chicon @Coldbestau @CptBocquier @Drelid @Druidix @EWkevin @Femisto @[FRA]_Mightoup @Fritz.The.Cat @GABBOTTO(*) @Garfield @Heia Safari! @Helmut Mout @Humledrik(*) @Khaine @kieffer95 @kustom666 @La-Hire @Lolo89 @MajorWanka @Master_of_Pain_25 @Max3400 @Maxr35[fr] @Mlgfrancaiflantier @Minijim @mogami @Nathan4012 @neissman @Pierre @pinpinflex @Pytoney @RayderPSG(*) @Reeorgh Arrgh @romu292 @Sgt.Michael.Wittmann @Snafu_Il2 @soukax @SputnikFighter @squad2242 @Toka @[TTF] Kmikaz @thunder493 @VinVin @ViquelOoste JENKINS (⌐■_■) @pinpinflex @Pytoney @wazza972 @zarbyLeFr @Владимир Польска
  5. Druidix

    Community Music Channel

  6. Druidix

    Futur proche, événements et campagne suivante.

    La squad hq c'est tout bénef où pas. Soit tu te retrouves a faire les sneak attaques auquel cas c'est génial, soit tu défend les back flags chiants. Mais pour moi c'est aussi le meilleur truc a faire
  7. Druidix

    Happy Birthday

    Haha thx guys (Bon* anniversaire @RayderPSG)
  8. Druidix

    Community Music Channel

  9. Best: Having fun during the all battle Worst: -Maybe the last round was too much Funniest: Triple bagging with @Sir_Kowskoskey and @thunder493 Most hated player: - @WOLFXL for teabagging me, you disappointed me Most loved/liked player: @Coldbestau for beeing back Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ When your dead body wants to know what is happening Other: -
  10. Sry guys, but in real i'm not taking fun in this campaign, so..
  11. The art of putting you deeper yourself Best: - Playing with my love Koswo Worst: - Crashing twice, always when i had something important to do Funniest: - In general, when you hear Kowsko asking "who wants to become a hero" and then you are in this situation, it ends bad. And guess what ? And we were lucky, 5s before we were facing a tank Most hated player: - Japanese ship. Most loved/liked player: - All frenchies, that was cool Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ It was at this moment jackson knew Other: -
  12. Chuuut traitor Each time you kill me i feel pain in my little hearth Wolfy
  13. Is this the little bastard who stole the hq jeep at the beggining of the round which is asking? :p
  14. I know that one is Erwin, but not the second one. i wouldn't have to tb a innocent

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