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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @DerSohnGottes and @Haraldt !!
  2. Happy Birthday to our youngest lion!

  3. This time i got you 5-6 times , but managed to TB you only twice. I called my ppl for TB party ... but your body keeps disappearing too fast !
  4. Best: After this battle the campaign is now re-balanced and both teams can win. Worst: Laggy server ---> chaotic actions Funniest: Saw people appearing and disappearing ... becase of lags ... Most hated player: Finnish HQ seems had one only target ... TB me ! ... Koooooooows!!! stop giving medals for that !!!! Most loved/liked player: My team ... we had lot of funny moments Other: Sir_Ko you won this round but the TB battle is still open )
  5. yeees it was a funny moment ... during that knife action i got two ppl and then i died
  6. Yeah we met a lot of times. And you know that the automatic-weapon which you have as sq. leader is fantastic - very effective on short and mid range too!

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks Halo' and congratz to Hawk also

    Happy Birthday

    thank you my friends)

    Happy Birthday

    Many thanks ))))
  10. Hey Papi are you going to mix/sum 100|2A + 4[25] stats for players? My kills should be 1522 then
  11. AL-SAHAD

    FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    While we wait ... there is only something to do: Dance! obviously, dedicated to Papa !!!
  12. AL-SAHAD

    FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    for me one hour later it's not a problem, as I come back from work always too late and I need to eat my classis bread with tomatoes during the battle ☺ .
  13. AL-SAHAD

    FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    Hello Helmut, new campaign is not yet active - stay tuned on the topic ... as Randoom said : soon in September
  14. AL-SAHAD

    FH2 Campaign #2 - Coming Soon

    Finland helmet .... so Russian maps. Right?
  15. Best: First Round, lots-lots of kills in the city and around 150 pts Worst: Last round, running like chickens ... around 50 kills but i died too many times Funniest: Intense TB during all the battle. During the penultimate round, saw someone killing Kows close to HQ. Me and Prozac was close... so i screamed : Prozac...the dead body here is Kowskoskey ... let's TB him! Have anyway to admit that Kows had lots of TB against me . @Ryder : By pure chance we are always at the same flag. Maybe destiny wants us to play in the same team for next campaign? Funniest 2: mmm a part of chickens, looks like we have all the jungle's animals in our team . My friends, it was too fun to play with you. I never get bored. Other: Sad, campaign is over. Wish you all good summer-time. See you on the public 762 server .. or in Sept-Camp.

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