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    Happy Birthday

    @DruidixHappy Birthday Bro!

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Shark-day @Airshark79
  3. Best: The victory of allied makes the rest of campaign more intresting. Best/Worst: Shooting at very faaaaar pixels and killing-them / being-killed Worst1: The continous switching side + crashes related. I feel that we are playing less time and waiting more within each round. The fighting friday-night is now less exiting and challanging. Worst2: This map need more players - too wide even if two flags was removed. Long distances - and action mainly/only in the center. Other flags was boring. Funniest: extreme bagging Mr. K ! @ last round ( over the shed railing ) Most hated player: The tankers ( Actung and Pollo ) raping the central flag Most loved/liked player: Everyone Best Battle Photo -
  4. List of tea baggers around central flag : AL-SAHAD + @Erwin + @Pr0z4c

    Happy Birthday

    С днем рождения @Malleus
  6. Best: Yes, nice map, to be played again with more ppl Worst: Campaign is over Funniest: Teamkilling with arty 2 of our ppl at beginning of first round ... with a blind shot TB Kows with everything available - including a carrier Most hated player: AL-SAHAND - that's my alter ego ... until my left hand will not decide to cooperate again Most loved/liked player: Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1231-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other:

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Matsku

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @RAnDOOm

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @DerSohnGottes and @Haraldt !!
  10. Happy Birthday to our youngest lion!

  11. This time i got you 5-6 times , but managed to TB you only twice. I called my ppl for TB party ... but your body keeps disappearing too fast !
  12. Best: After this battle the campaign is now re-balanced and both teams can win. Worst: Laggy server ---> chaotic actions Funniest: Saw people appearing and disappearing ... becase of lags ... Most hated player: Finnish HQ seems had one only target ... TB me ! ... Koooooooows!!! stop giving medals for that !!!! Most loved/liked player: My team ... we had lot of funny moments Other: Sir_Ko you won this round but the TB battle is still open )
  13. yeees it was a funny moment ... during that knife action i got two ppl and then i died
  14. Yeah we met a lot of times. And you know that the automatic-weapon which you have as sq. leader is fantastic - very effective on short and mid range too!
  15. AL-SAHAD

    Happy Birthday

    Thanks Halo' and congratz to Hawk also

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