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  1. Best: - Come back to play with good fellas. Worst: - the warning of @Quicksilver for making a joke to @Ghost., but was necesary the warning love u quick Funniest: - the 3rd map i think i dont remember the name but i was joining to a battle who was started, MountainFox was on arty and he dont receive the order to give to me, so i have to teamkill hahaha sorry mate, the other was an assault on Elsborn Ridge with the spaniards and my scream of war. @sergioten dont be afraid old man Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - @MrSagdyev for kill me and being killed, @CptBocquier i know u hate me ehehehe <3... @krakki the new hispano player... and all the poles regiment for show me love Other: - Other
  2. Best: - Being on the campaign with old and good folks..... Worst: - make the teamkill on the vic pic sorry Funniest: - make the teamkill on the vic pic, teamkill @MrSagdyev Most hated player: - no one all are lovely and eat for my arty Most loved/liked player: - everyone, they are good mates and great people, @Sewaywe are on the same frecuency mate Other: - california gurls(i was listening music on this battle a great thing to do when we are on arty scratching ur balls)
  3. Best: - play again another cómo campaign with all the players i love u bastarda Worst: - eh i think no be able to teamkill our hqb Funniest: - when i grab arty on 5th round i get confused For the uniforms and teamkill the third squad of our inters sorry: @dumbbPunk, @Achtungsnow i love u honey, @Mr.ThunderMan u know or ur cat or u honey. Also killing @luacha2000 when i switch to axis side with arty and when he switch to axis side. Comela puto Most hated player: - me Most loved/liked player: - all our hq with the señor @CptBocquier,our feet lover @Pr0z4c and officers @Kerst @GeoPat @Erwin and they players of each regiment, of course polska regiment kurwa... And the new players of the axis inter's: @Meadow, @Quicksilver, @kummitus, @WIlliamMercer [OSS] Nice spots bye the way, @Sancho.Panzer great leadr joder. Other: - Muchachos ahora nos volvimos a ilusionar
  4. Best: - being able to have played another campaign with many friends of different nationalities Worst: -not being able to cook @krakki Funniest: - make tk To my teammates Most hated player: -no one all are good guys. And ducks Most loved/liked player: -All the spotters on my team: @RayderPSG, @wanchekid, @Legionario2, @Nightwing, @Facunino, @Luis 1944, @DarthTemoc, @L.L.HERRAIZ, @sergioten, @postelnik, @qtaCHRIs, @gerul, @TOBU94, @TomTom39, @Otto, @The_Green_Bunny, @pozzo, @AL-SAHAD Other: - Another campaign finished, let's go for many more
  5. Best: - the support I received from many players and the good vibes. Worst: -Not being focused, I played battle 6 automatically. Funniest: - @Wasteland_Hero In the first round he went after me. And it was fun even though I was sleepy but it made me stay focused. Most hated player: -me Most loved/liked player: - Well to start I want to thank for your support to: @RayderPSG, @BaskaBommi, @knokworst, @Hawk, @RAnDOOm, @Sir_Kowskoskey, @Zabstone, @pozzo, @-Bombarik-, @matyszg and all polish for give me support. @gtgt40, @Misterposter552, @Panzershrek, @Achtungsnow, @DarthTemoc, @Nightwing, @Smashmachine, @wanchekid, @Blander, @Legionario2, @Facunino And the others who gave me their condolences... Thanks for the support and the love.... Other: -Well, I hope the next battle will return to my level, have fun and continue for a long time in this community...
  6. Best: - enjoy the game with the polish, inters, spanish. Worst: - well worst.... guys who attack me inside the main @dumbbPunk, @Pepinio ..... With you @CptBocquier With you no baby you are a gentleman and accept your apologies Funniest: - tk officers Most hated player: - emmm well i have 2 ehehhee Most loved/liked player: - all players on both teams who play to enjoy and having fun time... axis spotters: @Misterposter552, @postelnik, @AL-SAHAD, @DarthTemoc, @Sir_Kowskoskey, @Hawk, @RayderPSG, @Cpt. HunSzergej, @TOBU94, @Zabstone, @The_Green_Bunny, @Otto if i forgett someone tell me Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3954-best-battle-photo-medal
  7. Best: - Play with Hispanics, internationals and Poles Best: In the first round the pistol duel with @AdmiralBG The knife fight with @Sir_Kowskoskey Worst: - 404 Funniest: - @BaskaBommi The 3 times I ran over ahaha monster and I was thinking of giving you a box of fernet. Funniest: Being teabagued furiously by @Erwin @MrSagdyev its you sagdy? Don't worry as soon as I get arty again I'll remember you (evil laugh) Most hated player: -Those who have good graphics and lower them to gain advantage. I'll steal your souls... (If you have a computer that doesn't allow you to play loud like me, I forgive you and give you a beer) Most loved/liked player: -well all the spotters: @postelnik, @Zabstone, @Otto , @AL-SAHAD, @Cpt. HunSzergejHunSzergej, @FranzKruger, @DarthTemoc, @Luis 1944, @Anguita36 if forget someome let me know. All the player's who put the best(i think all of us) Other: - GG for everyone
  8. Best: -play such an intense battle.... Worst: - my ping (?) Funniest: -shoot down @Tore mid-flight with a single arty shot (PS: I promised you a TK in this campaign ehehehe) Most hated player: - 404 - Most loved/liked player: - Polska division, the spotters lovelys given me people to send to god.... keep going that way to collecting SOULS AHAHHA... talking serious all axis side and allied side too.... Other: - emmm well the friday´s are great playing having good time with the comunity, @Smashmachine comete esta puto
  9. Best: - play campaign again Worst: - My ctd in the middle of the battle Funniest: - keep my promise to @Enrik Arty love you Most hated player: - None are all great there are a lot of good friends on the allied team and a lot of good friends on the axis team. Most loved/liked player: - Well the Poles the internationals of the axis the Hispanics, the spotters @Otto, @TOBU94, @Superkalasnikov, @postelnik, @AL-SAHAD, @Luis 1944, @sergioten, @Th3rioN, @The_Green_Bunny, @Jaguar, @GeJota, @Nightwing, @pozzo that also gave me ammo Other: - I love to use the arty but when I play infantry they don't tebbag me too much
  10. Best: - when with @DarthTemoc we did the sneak al guethar ... in round 2 Funniest: - when i have the 1 vs 1 with @Quicksilver I tried to stab him but he killed me and desecrated my corpse ahahhaa. Funniest: - when @cristhianxd He killed allied tanker @SpetsBomb with his plane. Funniest: - When we killed @RayderPSG in the last round and we all gave him a tebag, I reckon his face must hurt Most hated player: - the map (?) Most loved/liked player: - @Pr0z4c, @Tore finally norewian boy... Other: - @engelxd2 execution for leaving the Hispanic regiment ... I hope the next battle will be your turn @Blander WhatsApp Video 2021-11-12 at 21.07.41.mp4
  11. Best: - My 2 round on arty when im shoot at lumbermill, or when @eXHaLe spot for arty kusula north Worst: - my first round of arty. Funniest: - @DarthTemoc when he watching at 9 of farm on hes bike hahaha Most hated player: -  Most loved/liked player: - everyone all finn divisiion. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - well the next batlle we have to win play better, but russian play very well.
  12. Best: -my round 1 and 2 of arty, the power to collaborate with the main arty and the other squads, @BaskaBommi @Erwin @Sandre @turbomursu being the direct link of arty Best: when I volunteered 2 times to defend or take care of only porthi and foward roadblock Worst: - not being able to do tk to@Smashmachine Funniest: - in round 4 when I defended only foward roadblock and stopped a bullet going for @DarthTemoc Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - squad of @BaskaBommi, squad of @turbomursu squad of @Erwin, squad of @Sandre Of course all the spaniards Other: - well come on babys we can do it!!
  13. Averiguame cuanto cuesta en valencia arreglarlo. Aca no hay lugar. Yo creo por lo que te eh visto jugar que podes liderar ya si te pesa la camiseta es otra cosa bb
  14. Pd @RayderPSG yo soy sincero ni en pedo lideraria o seria SL. Creo que @Nightwing, @Darkpotato, @L.L.HERRAIZ, @Anguita36, @DarthTemoc y vos pecho frio estan mas que capacitados para liderar. Sin embargo tuve la oportunidad de estar en CC y es un quilombo barbaro. Yo opino que uds los que son lideres debatan y vean quien tiene leña para ser 2do. Yo por mi diganme que hacer donde apuntar y listo hago lo contrario . No te ofrezcas @mcpollo ahi si le das un infarto al capi.
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