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  1. Best: - My 2 round on arty when im shoot at lumbermill, or when @eXHaLe spot for arty kusula north Worst: - my first round of arty. Funniest: - @DarthTemoc when he watching at 9 of farm on hes bike hahaha Most hated player: -  Most loved/liked player: - everyone all finn divisiion. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - well the next batlle we have to win play better, but russian play very well.
  2. Best: -my round 1 and 2 of arty, the power to collaborate with the main arty and the other squads, @BaskaBommi @Erwin @Sandre @turbomursu being the direct link of arty Best: when I volunteered 2 times to defend or take care of only porthi and foward roadblock Worst: - not being able to do tk to@Smashmachine Funniest: - in round 4 when I defended only foward roadblock and stopped a bullet going for @DarthTemoc Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - squad of @BaskaBommi, squad of @turbomursu squad of @Erwin, squad of @Sandre Of course all the spaniards Other: - well come on babys we can do it!!
  3. Averiguame cuanto cuesta en valencia arreglarlo. Aca no hay lugar. Yo creo por lo que te eh visto jugar que podes liderar ya si te pesa la camiseta es otra cosa bb
  4. Pd @RayderPSG yo soy sincero ni en pedo lideraria o seria SL. Creo que @Nightwing, @Darkpotato, @L.L.HERRAIZ, @Anguita36, @DarthTemoc y vos pecho frio estan mas que capacitados para liderar. Sin embargo tuve la oportunidad de estar en CC y es un quilombo barbaro. Yo opino que uds los que son lideres debatan y vean quien tiene leña para ser 2do. Yo por mi diganme que hacer donde apuntar y listo hago lo contrario . No te ofrezcas @mcpollo ahi si le das un infarto al capi.
  5. @RayderPSG buen post capi poia.... Lindas palabras y hay cosas que debemos mejorar individualmentr y colectivamente. Si voy hacer mas autocritico y ser mas directo. Ej en los informes dejo algo escrito pero cuando eh tenido que hablar algo lo hablaba directamente con quien creia que estaba mal. Deberíamos entre nosotros destacar las habilidades y tambien uno al otro dar nuestro punto de vista de en que nos parece que falla cada uno de nosotros. Desde ia aviso esta camapaña hare algunos tk intencionales pero no dire a quien y cuando los accidentes pasan Sin embargo es un honor ser del los patos,regimiento hispano. Cada uno del regimiento de lo que participan dan lo mejor cada uno con su mejor aptitud. Este 2021 tenemos que arrasar y si perdemos volver a levantarnos con mas fuerzas xq somos hispanos somos los patos. Tenemos muchas cosas en contra sobre todo los sudacas pero aun asi hay que ponerle porque no somos uno putos de mierda.
  6. Yo prefiero rusas pero son tus gustos
  7. Best: - the best was the camaraderie between all aje, allies, easy, charlie the boys of CC Worst: - for me mi K/D Funniest: - intentionally tk the other gunner @kirbyris-cafe with a howitzer shot. Most hated player: - no one Most loved/liked player: - all those who were always cool Most loved/liked player: - polish squad Most loved/liked player: - @CptBocquier for good vibes te amo bb! Other: -I want to thank to @RayderPSG for giving me the opportunity to be arty for trusting me. To @kirbyris-cafefor letting me use your howitzer and help me improve. to all the cc @Otto, @BaskaBommi, @turbomursu, @caeno, @Tore for understanding my bad pronunciation. a able 2: @Blander @Nightwing @L.L.HERRAIZ @Danielikus @DarthTemoc @Smashmachine @wanchekid by the chemistry and the union achieved I hope that next time we are all together again.
  8. Well, if we play together next time, you'll like it when I make life miserable with my artillery against the enemy. by the way good spots in ranked ❤
  9. Best: - use mortar on 5 rounds. Worst: - nothing Funniest: - ruin a photo of 2 axis soldiers after killing @Spindrifter49 Most hated player: - none all are cool Most loved/liked player: - Polish squad for the good vibes and those who spoke Spanish Most loved/liked player: - all of cc for the good vibes. to have patience and understand my bad pronunciation Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - well axis good campaing! and allied with finnish the campaign with honour and balls!! Vamos carajo!!!
  10. For the all allies... @Smashmachine @Nightwing
  11. Best: - for me the best was the battles for each flag Worst: -In the second round, it was a nightmare to be in the village, since if the king tiger would not kill me, I would do it @FadusTM with that sublime heinkel, or @IVAN_88 Funniest: - when In the hotel's flag, @qtaCHRIseach one was hiding in a building in front of the other and a shooting started in which he killed me once and then we were around 3 to 5 minutes shooting each other and we did not give each other until I went to look and finally I was able to kill him Funniest: -While defending the trench flag I saw a truck from the axle at 6 o'clock and I started to follow it ... at first I wanted to move the truck away from our flag as if it were a police chase but then we did a race honking the horn. That german driver @ROIOR Most hated player: - none all are cool Most loved/liked player: - @DarthTemoc for his good vibes always and to follow me in my crazy things Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  12. a song that I usually listen to before starting a battle
  13. first meeting with @Nightwing left and right @johnnymzq shortly after finishing campaign 7 which I had recently joined. photo taken in winter 2020 in mendoza
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