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  1. Happy Buzz´ Day Birth :drinkingcheers:🥂🍻

  2. I've been playing Hell Let Loose. Awesome game.
  3. I gave it Admin rights and didn't make a difference. Thanks for asking.
  4. Found my disks for BF2. The first disk installs then the comp asks for the second one and it stops the install. Any ideas? This sounds familiar like I might have seen it when I installed on my WIN7 machine.
  5. Thanks guys. I'll continue to look for my old ones and I'll check EBAY. I built me an awesome machine and am looking forward to the new games but I still love the old standby.
  6. I built me a new PC and I cannot find my BF2 Disk. Are there any new game disks anywhere out there? If you know of any for sale that are NEW please let me know.
  7. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish guys. Just had surgery. Been out a bit.
  8. Happy Birthday Buzz 🍻

  9. Well, now my game won't start even for single player. Any help?
  10. What is going on with the installer. My game is trying to update and says it is downloading a file but nothing for two hours at least. Help! Today is 7/16/2020
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