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  1. hehe the discussion was slowly heating up, was just getting popcorn and beer ready.......
  2. Yes yes, fair enough, it was not a big thing (yet) just something which came up when I saw the picture actually, good to mention this, good to get new players in but also good for them to learn there are some rules which cannot be broken. Let it be a reminder to everyone that it is no fun ruining your opponents victory party. If you guys see someone on our side misbehave, we gladly hear about it.
  3. I voted Normandy, although I am in for most theaters, and I would be fine with any other. The meain reason I voted Normandy is that I have the feeling we need a campaign where most maps are already finished, before the campaign even starts. It would have double effect: The campaign would become more playable for everybody, we can get settled on what is to come, teams can start training already on Sunday or Mondays, the officers can start strategizing the next battle 6 to 5 days in advance, instead of the last 24 hours like in this campaign. I am sure the CMP team and all developers could use a campaign with less workload. Time is precious, if you keep having campaigns with last minute fixes like we have now, you will keep forcing developers to spend more time than they might have. In the long run that is an unhealthy working environment.
  4. That was no luck, that was 99,99% hard work, hence the enormous value of my achievement, killing the 'Mighty Sujuk' Hehe, That's great @WOLFXL, I love it to share 'Sujuk heaven' instead 😄
  5. I know, I just spare my best moments and post them 2 weeks late from now on......
  6. Best: Although we lost @eXHaLe and his German crew invited me in at an 'after party dance' upon the enemies 'Wulfgerät', we where disguised as 'Germans'. NIIIICE! Worst: I was crap this week, sorry to the enemy, next time I will try to do more my best, actually this was the first time this campaign I did not tea bag @Sir_Kowskoskey, .... #SAD! Funniest: I forgot to mention last week 'Strong Point Joki' funniest, when my squad was sneak attacking 'forest camp' It was mighty @WOLFXL who stood there in his tank waiting, he wiped out some of us as usual, and then I got his full attention. I ran away northwest of the flag towards the steep hillside and managed to slide down the slope. I knew he had seen me running there, but I was surprised when, driven by his GREED @WOLFXL tried to finish me by following me down the steep slope with his tank....hehe this is how it ended, I managed to send him to 'Sujuk hell' 😈 Most hated player: @CaproGreene, je hebt me (alweer eens?) aardig te grazen gehad deze keer, volgende keer stuur ik al mijn mannen op je af 😀, pas maar op hehe Most loved/liked player: @RayderPSG, thanks for helping us in the last round. Some people where not sure why you did not join us at team speak, but you explained to me you are on holidays and team speak is impossible there. You where in my squad and I know you did your best! Best Battle Photo: Out of competition, one from last week, It's a nice example as the 'sorry state of mind' some of us are in sometimes, playing this game .... Other: Look at the second picture, special mention to @Anguita36 who has the habbit of ruining our victory pictures a couple of times in a row now, right @GeoPat, this is the player you meant right?
  7. Hi. Not sure if you guys want map feedback in here? At the Farm flag, a Pak 40 anti tank gun is situated low in the ground. Can't see or fire over the sandbags.
  8. @Quicksilver The Hot fix link (only this map) does not work. Thanks!
  9. SturmFlim

    Rally Points - Breaking The Rules

    Alright, I did wrong, thanks for reminding me/us. It will not happen again. To my defense, although I did not make a screenshot of it, so you have to trust me on my word,but it had happened before earlier this campaign. That is why I thought it was ok for me to do the same.
  10. Hehe, at least last 3 battles I have been able to TB @Sir_Kowskoskey a couple of times, I make screenshots, I think by the end of the campaign I will make a nice compilation 😎 @fabrigrinovero35, Our rp at Milly was blown up by one of you in the end by a grenade, we placed it far West just outside in the red zone, I saw you guys walk by a couple of times indeed, maybe that was the funny moment inthe battle I missed? @Sir_Kowskoskey, Aaah I already could not place that Milly, but hey I thought maybe in Finnish it makes sense, it's not Estonian. 🙃
  11. Best: I agree with @Sir_Kowskoskey this map was super! I could not play all rounds but it was big fun. Worst: Time passing Funniest: I guess nothing funny happened to me this time. Most hated player: Me when I team kill Most loved/liked player: All of you Best Battle Photo - Being Silly at Milly (Silly at Millou when spoken in English (Silly) and Finnish (Milly) .... I think) with @Incognitoand @crapinabox127 Other: -
  12. SturmFlim

    Sinimaed - Estonia 1944

    We played this map in the current campaign. The flag in south east is in the current map (July 2018) called 'Hundigurna'. This name is incorrect. It should be 'Hundinurga'. It's meaning is 'wolves' ('Hundi') 'corner' ('nurga'). By the way, Sinimäed means 'Blue ('sinine') Hills' ('mäed'). I am not sure if you guys can look to maps on this website, but if you can it might interest you (when you click 'meta' you will get a side menu to the right, there you can click on arial photo's from 2018 back to 1995, and maps back to end of 19th century: https://xgis.maaamet.ee I made some screenshots. Current map is already quite accurate, although some roads where different. Terrain nearby had some swampy patches. Current situation (9.5.2018) Topografie 2018 Topo 1948 (Sovjet time) Heereskarte 1943
  13. SturmFlim

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #5 Sinimaed

    Ofcourse a whole page on wikiüedia for those who are interested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Tannenberg_Line and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sinimäed_Hills
  14. Best: Having a real Battle evening again Worst: Shouting in HQ Funniest: Shouting in HQ Most hated player: @Achtungsnow and @Matsku, my friend, ofcourse , you really had to own our attacking area on Mantymaki that much? Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up Best Battle Photo: Battle always destroys you! (just jeep'd over Nightwing but by then our jeep got damaged a lot) Other: -
  15. SturmFlim

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #3 Nietjärvi

    Hi everybody! Make sure to update again before the battle starts, because the map has been changed since last training.

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