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  1. Haha me to , the Chi Ha's are renowned for being 'FLIPPY'
  2. Best: 86 players Worst: time is ticking Funniest: Flipping Chi-Ha's Most hated player: me Most loved/liked player: YOU Best Battle Photo Here A tweaked version
  3. Somehow the Ihantala playerstats are replaced by the battle 12 stat
  4. church tank seems not accessible? EDIT: Never mind...it is, it is just very hard since you can only access at exactly one location next to the tanks...
  5. Hi CMP, Can we please have a direct download link for the map separately instead of the whole 1Gb CMP package? Thanks!
  6. What sides will axis and allied play in this battle? The real battle was Germany against Finland who declared peace with Russia at the time. Will the Fins stay Fins? Or will the axis stay axis and Fins become Russians, which must have been 'supporting' the Fins against the misbehaving SS and Wehrmacht in Northern Finland......or are we going to get real chaos and mix Regiments up? lol....hehe 😜
  7. @GeoPatThis is not very reasonable towards @HaLoAL since 'we' (yes also my regiment reported this during the first round) only found out when the battle had already started. In the hectic I did not report it to you, should have, did not
  8. Uch me bad, well actually I did not shoot a single person in your main base, I always waited before you came close enough for some good old tb'ging. You can ask @Hawk he was in my squad, he did tell e to watch out, whihc I already did. The problem was, the 2 of the flag spawns were on top of the hill 30m away from your main base zone. Good day to you sir.
  9. Best: - Worst: - Funniest: Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo: ''Landfill with teabags'' Other: -
  10. SturmFlim

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #11 Ihantala

    Although that is good for the axis, and not for my side I like it, Finns enjoy that great piece of equipment, StugIIIG late version I love it. :D
  11. I remember giving you one ......... but I guess you probably paid me the favor "Sir TbagAlot" versus "HeardYourFootstepsOnTheWay", at least you have had some nice opportunities to make pictures of my beautiful ass
  12. SturmFlim

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #10 Studienka

    Hi @Papillon Is the above link the newest update?
  13. Lol ok thanks, it makes sense there is always work, couldn't believe however Normandy maps are as much work in the end as other theaters, but yeah I believe you on the word. Bummer I just wanted to make some sense with the idea that it would be nice to have every second campaign we play one with less workload on the developers....
  14. hehe the discussion was slowly heating up, was just getting popcorn and beer ready.......
  15. Yes yes, fair enough, it was not a big thing (yet) just something which came up when I saw the picture actually, good to mention this, good to get new players in but also good for them to learn there are some rules which cannot be broken. Let it be a reminder to everyone that it is no fun ruining your opponents victory party. If you guys see someone on our side misbehave, we gladly hear about it.

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