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  1. Best: - That moment, the ticket counter is on your side (1:0) Worst: - Crashes and... and ... and smoke. Where is my smoke? Funniest: - Never mess with a japanse truck @Heia Safari! and @DTBG! NEVER! Most hated player: - Always, @Sir_Kowskoskey Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  2. Johonas

    Community Music Channel

  3. Johonas

    Community Music Channel

    poor HaLoAL...
  4. Johonas

    Community Music Channel

    Oh my dear, finest new UK electro music:
  5. Johonas

    Comedy Central

  6. Johonas

    "Hit detection" in FH2 - Blessing or curse

    AT-Mines have no markers and the Kit also dont have warningflags (like the regular game has). BTW Kits. Japanse NCO should have smoke grenades.
  7. Johonas

    "Hit detection" in FH2 - Blessing or curse

    And what about the mine markers? Bring them back,... way too much tks.
  8. Johonas

    Community Music Channel

    I have to share this (even if is german) this dude is a genius and he looks like Putin's brother
  9. Johonas

    Community Music Channel

    Upcoming new The Prodigy album, its sounds really like a back to the roots.
  10. Johonas

    Community Music Channel

    oh yes... also notice it
  11. Johonas

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  12. Johonas

    Comedy Central

  13. The Bavarian anwser (And the logo is not a joke)
  14. Johonas

    Community Music Channel


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