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DerSohnGottes has a school-project ongoing where he researches the influence of computer games on mass shootings.
He has prepared a very small survey and asked us if we could help him in his project. Please be so kind and help getting a representative result by participating, it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes.

To the survey: Killergames turn us into School shooters?!


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    Enlisted WW2 MMO

    Well, Cuisine Royal performance are much better than PUBG for example
  6. Johonas

    Enlisted WW2 MMO

    Hey there! Today i will show you this potential-looking WW2 MMO game called "Enlisted" The game is still in development by the known publisher Gaijin Entertainment (War Thunder) and Darkflow Sofware. So far i know they are in the closed alpha state, but you can take a smell into the game with they self called "April Foul" gamemode/standalonegame "Cuisine Royal". Yes it is a another Battleroyal game, but dont take it serious. Well, on this way you can take a breath where the tale will head, or breathtaking while you look at the harmonious graphic, game mechanics and historically weapons. All in, it looks very Interesting and has a lot potential for something great. But take your own opinion: Homepage Link: https://enlisted.net/en/#!/ Teaser: Gameplay:
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    CMP Quotes

    I absolutely don't know, what the finnish guy talk about @Sir_Kowskoskey 🙉
  9. Johonas

    Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Sorry, stehe leider nicht zur Verfügung nach dem Debakel letztes Jahr. Wenn überhaupt nur als Rekrut...
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    That one is sick....
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    Wow,... i like this one. Very! Nice trip into yourself!
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    One of the best japanese metal band so far! Total crazy dudes: @HaLoAL @HaLoAL look, sweet japanese girls!
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  15. Johonas

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    Just because "Sea of Thieves" I just fell in love with this woman,... and this Hurdy Gurdy

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