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  1. Belzebuth

    Hell Let Loose

    I can only agree with that. I like it. Unfortunately, I didn't drive a tank, I don't think the gears are that bad. If the tank explodes, the effects in Post Scriptum are a bit better.
  2. Belzebuth

    Hell Let Loose

    It's bought.
  3. I would appreciate it if the hitindicator would be reactivated. Shooting at a target with the flak or the tank and not knowing if you hit or if the AP shell bounces off the opponent is really frustrating. On short distances you can also see without an indicator if and where you hit. At long distances the indicator doesn't show if you aimed too high/low or if it just bounced off. Some complain about the hit indicator which should be switched off for realism, while others turn down the graphics so that the vegetation partially disappears and no longer works as a hiding place for its opponents. This is a suspicion that not only I had from time to time. There are not many one-shot kill anti-aircraft guns in Fh2, for guns like the Bofors the hit indicator is helpful. On the German Flakvierling not absolutely necessary. Maybe we can agree to play in the campaigns without Pacific maps with the hit indicator turned on?
  4. Did I just miss it, or is the movie really missing from this list?
  5. This also happend to me once, i drove too far over the edge and couldn't get up in reverse gear.
  6. Ich wünsche dir auch alles gute nachträglich Hochu. Bis Freitag
  7. I just downloaded the map update for the campaign, and I noticed that the updater shows the text "Please wait while FH2 Community Installer is being installed". This is a bit confusing. The first time I tried it I also thought the .exe installed the new updater, not the map update. Maybe you'll change that in the next update.
  8. The fh2-community-installer.exe is the updater, you just start it, and it downloads the current files you need to play. It automatically saves them in the fh2 mod folder.
  9. On the picture are the files of the old installer. At the link in the first post, you get the fh2-community-installer.zip with the fh2-community-installer.exe . This is the right one!
  10. Best: we won Worst: The Stuart tank was really annoying at times. Funniest: first round, S-mine laid, someone ran in and was killed, additionally their rally point was destroyed Most hated player: -Most loved/liked player: - Other: was a great battle, thank you!
  11. Okay, my problem was Windows wasn't up to date. For whatever reason the automatic updates were disabled. A big thanks to Kummitus!
  12. Hello Internet Explorer says, "The Web page can't be displayed." With the Firefox and Opera I can see a few folders / web shares.
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