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  1. Yehiel

    A better place to live

    lived in berlin-wedding for 4 years. there i met with some racism / biases as well.
  2. Yehiel

    Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    ach, okay! die vermutung hatte ich, wollte aber sicher gehen. sehr gut!
  3. Yehiel

    Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    hallo @OpaHoppenstedt, da dir bisher noch niemand geantwortet hat, übernehme ich das jetzt kurzerhand. über verstärkung freut man sich hier immer, denke ich. die tendenz ist: je mehr spieler umso intensiver die schlacht. wie bereits in diesem thread erklärt, gibt es in dieser kampagne erstmals kein deutschsprachiges regiment. allerdings wird es wohl mit genügend teilnehmern bei den 172nd guards auf russischer seite zumindest ein deutschsprachiges squad geben. einige haben sich dort versammelt, andere - wie ich - sind anderweitig aufgeteilt, da sie sich auch auf das englische einlassen können / wollen. wiederum andere scheinen an dieser kampagne überhaupt nicht teilzunehmen. also schau mal rein, da ist mit sicherheit noch platz!
  4. Yehiel

    Community Music Channel

  5. Yehiel

    The Paradox of Tolerance

    okay, i understand poppers idea. but also that it's inconsequent - leading to: what do 'we' see in tolerance? what are our expectations when it comes to it? especially in germany (and there i see some of buddydogs points) the vocabulary has gotten more and more exaggerated and flat at the same time. words that once have meant something are now overused but thrown out heavily every second sentence in a pseudo-political conversation / discussion, just to degrade others but in the end not describing the 'real issue' in a suitable way. and where does tolerance start, at all? noone can say in general, maybe only for him- or herself, but that's it. tolerance is live and let live. of course we are humans living in a contesting world where endless opinions and attitudes exist, for an infinite amount of reasons. tolerance maybe starts with an interest and understanding of why people are seeing things in a different way than i do. but if you look at self-appointed 'tolerants' it is quite often that they completely aren't. it's just an idea, an image in a frame what has to be understood in tolerance. these kind of people are somehow skewed, so is the term itself. overall difficult but interesting topic. my two cents.
  6. Yehiel

    Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    die eigentliche frage ist doch, hocken sie auch so? 😥
  7. Yehiel

    Post Scriptum - WW2 Conversion Of Squad

    virtual capitalism²? first time i'm reading such an angry post of you, papillon. but of course reasonable. i should start bitcoin mining with my 750ti.
  8. Yehiel

    Post Scriptum - WW2 Conversion Of Squad

    ok, good news is i can definitely keep the cpu/motherboard. bad news is the low-tdp 750ti won't handle post scriptum (and other future games) so that a 1060 is indeed the next guess, meaning 300 bucks atm, maybe a little less with good timing. (and what is going on with those wavering prices?!) so no PS for now. maybe i'll join you in a few months/years.
  9. Yehiel

    Post Scriptum - WW2 Conversion Of Squad

    i was so excited about this game to be released somewhen soon! but now i'm really wondering if this would be fun at all considering the hardware requirements. sadly i had to find out there's at least (!) one bottleneck with my system: the graphics card. but also my i5, the only 8GB of ram and a normal (slow) hardrive quite scares me that on a populated server i'd never be able to run it with some playable frames per second (20+ at least /30+ to have fun), even in low settings (which you'd never plan to set when buying a new game). so my specs are: i5 4670 CPU at 3.4GHz MSI GTX 750 Ti 8 GB RAM (9) 1600MHz what do you think, is there a chance PS runs 'okay' with a 750 Ti or, if i'd get a more powerful graphics card, will my CPU at least be able to handle it somewhat smoothly? i'm planning to get another cpu-fan soon, still having the standard one on it and it's getting really hot/noisy by the time. getting another RAM stick wouldn't be a problem. but if the CPU is a real second bottleneck i'd need a new motherboard and all ... so the 'dream' of playing PS would be over. it's a pity time goes by so fast and modern games are often barely playable with midrange-setups only few years old. thanks in advance in case somebody will have an idea / answer to this!
  10. Yehiel

    Community Music Channel

  11. Yehiel

    Community Music Channel

  12. Yehiel

    Community Music Channel

  13. Yehiel

    Community Music Channel

  14. Yehiel

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  15. Yehiel

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