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  1. ist die liste wirklich fertig? :] ... pssst! yehiel is german as well. good job though!
  2. ... und deins schweizerisch (eben auch "herzig") chuchichäschtli!
  3. https://soundcloud.com/hallotabby hey, boys'n'girls! sharing own stuff with you since i know this community is more than 'just gaming'. this project i freshly started with an old friend with whom i was making music already 11 years ago. i moved back to my hometown last months. we met in his practice room and jumped into the equipment with big eyes like children. with this energy we began to do somewhat like 'electronic dance music' for the first time and we found out it's fun. so after small technical progressions (we're still learning) we started to record some wonky onetakes. everything is under developement, but we're going forward. hope you'll like it. don't hesitate to give us some feedback and of course to share the tracks of you like them! wishing everyone a good summertime, enjoy! (also i'd like to come back to the digital battlefield somewhen. hopefully in 10 days i'll have a stable internet connection ...)
  4. Best: playing though i filled in LOA. Best 2: at some point actually fragging (a little tiny bit). Best 3: the map itself, interesting Worst: ... still - lags ... ... rubberbanding ... Funniest: random occasions, overall the people are having and taking some sort of fun. Most hated player: none (maybe, just maybe annoying haloal? naaah! he's good boy! - more the guy playing 38/5 with 180+ ping, nicht really koscher!) but none. Most loved/liked player: everyone participating. Other: hello.
  5. how that happened? by me missing the previous shots or however simply attracting enemy soldiers? i remember some situations in (i believe it was) the trenches of defense line west, where my ass got saved by a teammate several times in the very last moment.
  6. yes, i was afk for like 30 seconds. though it didn't make a difference cause i hit shit. Worst: lags Funniest:
  7. Best: finnish troops defending romania. Worst: lags Worst2: inconsistent ap mine handling Most liked player: florianmehne Other: numbers were okay, but need to get better in upcoming battles.
  8. lived in berlin-wedding for 4 years. there i met with some racism / biases as well.
  9. ach, okay! die vermutung hatte ich, wollte aber sicher gehen. sehr gut!
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