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  1. Community Music Channel

  2. Best: 8[25]/Inf squadmates Worst: scoped HE shells and MG fire / no cover at all Funniest: nothing. Other: sadly again a battle that wasn't fun to play.
  3. Star Citizen needs you

    hmm ... seems like my paypal account needs some money. - definitely getting harder to resist.
  4. Arma III

  5. Relationship Advice Thread

    at least not more useful then anywhere else. hmmm... 1. solve the first problem by not paying too much attention on that 'i am a man, she's a woman'-thing. it doesn't matter (that much). 2. there's absolutely no need to search and seek. don't do it! go on with step 3. 3. live your life, get to know yourself before others. but also learn from others. 4. show understanding and empathy, be honest (also to yourself), then there's no reason to worry about this and that. 5. believe in change. everyone and every relationship offers the possibility of change. 6. read the signs - most difficult, often requires a portion of intuition based on the knowledge and experiences you gained in steps 3 and 4. 7. if it doesn't feel good and it's more a fight than a journey - let it be! don't tear yourself down! 8. be fair and happy. appreciate the time you spend with a wonderful person. but don't behave like an owner. it won't work out. so i think there is no good 'advices' to follow because humans are humans and all different, but: there's some things not to do to keep a good feeling yourself.
  6. Best: it's over. Worst: my performance + the map itself. Funniest: axis won. Most hated player: Matsku. Most loved/liked player: our HQ.
  7. CMP Quotes

    okay then, i'm for it.
  8. Community Music Channel

    don't wanna exclude any non-german-speaking people, generally the 'music video' i find worth watching. lyrics are figurative anyway. 'ich verblühe' translates to 'i am withering / fading'
  9. Community Music Channel

  10. Community Music Channel

  11. Arma III

  12. Best: getting in late but straight into action Worst: aim? Funniest: * i miss him, he looks around - misses me, me wanting 'having a chance' mode BUT fp 8-1 * ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Most loved/liked player: everyone
  13. Community Music Channel

  14. Arma III

    i completely agree with you. thinking about the mission we had the night before and looking at the screenshots one would like to hop on the server again and keep things going. first two hours of the game were greatly entertaining even without a single shot fired. it's a gaming experience completely different to the more 'arcade' games i'm used to.
  15. Best: playing an intense battle on a full server. Worst: my nerves. Funniest: machine gun qufic @Sir_Kowskoskey will come and get you and you know it taking a warm bath some backflag disruption (@Pr0z4c) mina antipersona immediatamente (@AL-SAHAD) when you realise it's a spawnpoint Most liked player: everyone. good teamwork, also with our man on the artillery @TAFKAP