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  1. My suggestions for CTF: _really_ balanced Kits, especially for (semi) automatic weapons. Man with the flag is not as fast as normal (heavy load).
  2. Zeitraum: pauschalGrund (optional): Zu viel RL Ich werde wenn es klappt zum Battle oder Training einfach dazustoßen.
  3. Prima, jeder übersetzt einen Paragraphen §1.1 Hold your spawn / Don't spawn If you have to / want to avoid to spawn proceed as followes: Open the spawnkit screen (default: Return) Click anywhere on the map to deselect you spawn point. Now you can submit (button Ready) to activate the new settings. §1.2 Choice of Kit "There was no order regarding the equipment. So what should I take?" There is no restriction what kit you choose. If you don't know what you want - you'd want the Recon-Kit! Binocolars and smoke (see §3.2) grenates ftw! Use the binoculars to mark all enemy vehicles (especially tanks), so that your own squads and especially tankers and pilots can easily destroy them. Offensive LMGs are usually not very effective. You should choose AT-Kits (e.g. Bazooka) only, if an enemy tank is near by. Otherwise you will block this limited kit for other players, who have an urgent tank problem.
  4. Tach auch ... wieder Allied Zur Werbung: Warum wird die Campagne, wie die anderen von FH, nicht auch auf FH2 gepostet?
  5. Moin zum neuen Forum :)

    Ahh schön, Santa hat auch hier her gefunden. Grüß dich!
  6. Community Filming Sesssion

    OffTopic: I suggest a *face-palm* smiley because of Papillons heavy usage