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  1. Best: - Howitzer , being able to play all rounds Worst: - Bishop (why is it so horrible compared to FH1 ) Funniest: - Bodies flying sky high Most hated player: - Sneaky Pz II tanks in the last round Most loved/liked player: - All the beautiful bastards that called out great arty spots
  2. Best: - We got a round win Pog Worst: - Corridor maps, yuck Funniest: - Knife/Plank fights in the first church flag
  3. Best: - Playing some FH2 again Worst: - 250 ping and trying to play as infantry, potato aim when trying to ADS Funniest: - Knifing someone with 250 ping xd
  4. Do we have an estimate on how many hours of playtime? Which companies are in charge of artillery (guessing it would be the armour ones?)? Will the minimod come with all the necessary stuff from the start or I will have to download it fully every week? (downloading 1gb+ and extracting them to do recon is a pain in the bum XD)
  5. Best: - Playing the good bf games again Worst: - ISP deciding to cut my internet randomly. 2019 and the same old bhop/dive still happens Funniest: - TS chatter as usual
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