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  1. That's how we been in the majority of the maps, and ill add the bomber sound as a cherry ontop. Gotta blame the infantry for giving me those spots
  2. That's what i said, maybe i worded my phrase wrongfully. I meant that on that server i see the markers both as infantry and in tanks even with 290 ping.
  3. shouldn't, the russian fh2 server has hit enabled and i got them with 290 ping
  4. I prefer no hitmarkers, most things die with one hit anyway, and you can visually see vehicles burning/smoking/shell bounce with AT/AA/Tank hits. Makes Tank v Tank at max range exciting because you are forced to understand how your tank gun shell projectile behave.
  5. Best: - Allied team improvements, axis team playing really well Worst: - Lackluster 6th numbers Most hated player: - noone Most loved/liked player: - everyone Funniest: - Someone tried to be sneaky with a tank and forgot the gap
  6. There's a thread on allied forums about your "most hated", you should express your opinion there and read the other comments aswell.
  7. Best: - eeeeeeeeeeee idk, maybe our squad communication with vehicle positions and kills Worst: - Defence layer > get one tank out of the base > bombed > 5s later get another tank out the base > bombed again, registered allied tank regiment people not showing up and not saying why they are not coming to play Funniest: - Almost flipping the churchill by hitting those pesky broken trees, @Achtungsnow taking out the stuka pilot 2 times (once with the crusader mk3 coax and another time with the main gun) Most hated player: - noone Most loved/liked player: - @Achtungsnow for joining our squad
  8. Best: - Playing Worst: - British paper tanks (i forgot how much i hated crusader mk1s), grant 75mm and for some weird reason needing 3 shots to the side to kill panzer 3s, allied side performance being subpar, some people diving and instantly shooting with at rifle(and managing to hit) Funniest: - Let's shoot each other at the same time
  9. Best: - Everyone that showed up Worst: - The jackass that spammed the servers Funniest: - Hand MG & pistol & knife fight with anguita, took quite awhile for one of us to get hit (hope this is your correct name mate). Most hated player: - N/A Most loved/liked player: - Everyone Best Battle Photo - Let's randomly shoot at a pixelshot =
  10. Best: - Playing with ships/spotter plane Worst: - Not having our whole regiment available Funniest: - People forgetting to select the parachute kits, managing to kill running people as infantry with potato brazilian ping Most hated player: - noone Most loved/liked player: - Everyone that showed up to play
  11. Best: - Playing FH2 Worst: - Ping (LUL) Funniest: - Pistol duel with CptBoquier, checking artillery call spots and see nothing - decided to shoot anyway - boom strategic point destroyed lol, Tore getting the daimler stuck between the trees ts chat - F*** i think im stuck - (keyboard smash sounds) - f***. LOL Most hated player: - noone Most loved/liked player: - Everyone
  12. Best: - Howitzer , being able to play all rounds Worst: - Bishop (why is it so horrible compared to FH1 ) Funniest: - Bodies flying sky high Most hated player: - Sneaky Pz II tanks in the last round Most loved/liked player: - All the beautiful bastards that called out great arty spots
  13. Best: - We got a round win Pog Worst: - Corridor maps, yuck Funniest: - Knife/Plank fights in the first church flag
  14. Best: - Playing some FH2 again Worst: - 250 ping and trying to play as infantry, potato aim when trying to ADS Funniest: - Knifing someone with 250 ping xd
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