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  1. RayderPSG

    Community Music Channel

  2. RayderPSG

    New Community Updater - Tutorial and download

    That's not the correct updater. Pls use this one https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1715-new-community-updater-tutorial-and-download/
  3. RayderPSG

    Favourite Movie Scenes

    https://youtu.be/A6FLb6pgTus I loved this film and specially some hilarious scenes
  4. RayderPSG


    Today s a good day to see NBA in Europe, profite gents! I leave here yesterday s night block by Turner. Spanish comments, you should know those 2 guys Guille Giménez and Antoni Daimiel "Williams wants to get out of life!"
  5. Best: - Fh2 campaign evening! Good numbers, almost 40 for both teams! Worst: - losing hard after a while. Had to arrive! Worst2: TK's Funniest: - Ap mines. The crazy car attempts and their failures for both teams. Most hated player: - maybe @Pepinio this time, man you were everywhere and sneaking Most loved/liked player: - Somehow I think @Pr0z4c for his continuous attacks and banzai kuroganes. Also @Erwin because everytime I saw him he was running trying to blow out a tank Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ I think this was prozac but I m not sure name "Dude arrives, gets stucked in the trenches with the car, jumps out and get killed by his own car due to well known bug" Btw, his body kept vibrating and doing little jumps haahahah Other: - GG axis!
  6. RayderPSG

    Régiment français

    Je suis en train de t'envoyer un Mp avec toute l info @Caractor57
  7. RayderPSG

    Community Music Channel

  8. RayderPSG

    Community Music Channel

    well that s another level
  9. RayderPSG

    Happy Birthday

    happy birthday @Airshark79 sharky!
  10. Best: FH2 night at its best! Funny map, good numbers overall. Best2: Little squad doing the job, newbies playing in both sides! Best3: again no crashes, no one seeming to have map issues. Best4: admins @Quicksilver @RAnDOOm doing job , you nasty bunnyhoppers! NExt time i ll ask myself about kicking you! Worst: tk's on my side. you blind guuuuys! Funniest: S'mines, S mines everywhere. Most hated player: maybe @Pr0z4c s squad for destroying my peace moment in my flag. Most loved player: @Pr0z4c squad for giving me action. other: HD action with @wanchekid @Anguita36. We put a RP on tenjo, sneaky attack, germans got fast the RP and my guys, But I'm alive. Go hide until I can put again a SL rp. Sat it up, went to trenches, "guys, watch out, there could be S mines, go prone" Saw 1, we could've blown up (fck they're small!!) , so we 3 go completely pron and get the flag, and the round.
  11. Please, stop posting balancing issues in here. That kind of info is not appropriate in this thread and most important, it s info that just gets lost. If you have any problem regarding balancing translate it to your Co/HQ so the planning crew, admins and mappers can know about. If you don't get attention, insist or poke me on PM if even wanted.
  12. RayderPSG

    Teamspeak Overlay

    some how it s not working for me @Pepinio
  13. RayderPSG

    Military Tourism.

    gotta come back then!
  14. RayderPSG

    Régiment français

    Bonsoir @Humledrik ! Je t'ajoute bien sur dans notre liste des fr, je mets un petit "*" tout comme avec moi.
  15. Best: -FH2 night! Best 2: not bad numbers for a 4th january! Best 3: my felllows of little squad doing the job all night! great job @wanchekid @DarthTemoc @CABEZO [Goz-[Mauri94]-[ @fabrigrinovero35 Worst: -me being too high Funniest: -not dying in a whole round. Chilling in my back flag while my fellas do the job haha Most hated player: maybe @Hawk and his guys for interrupting my chilling in backflag Most loved/liked player: -@Hawk and his guys for interrupting my chilling in backflag Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - let s continue!

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