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Register for the CMP Assetto Corsa Mazda RX-7 Cup which starts in:

The first race of the CMP Assetto Corsa Mazda RX-7 Cup has started!
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CMP Assetto Corsa JDM Racing Test Session


Assetto Corsa

Event details



There will be a test event for the upcoming Assetto Corsa JDM Racing Cup at CMP-Gaming! Everybody is welcome to join! Meet up in the Racing Channel at the CMP Teamspeak!

Server will be started at 18:00 CET:
🏁 Open 60 minutes practice session, followed by a 15 minutes Qualifying 🏁
🏁 15 Laps Race at SILVERSTONE GP 🏁
🏁 Car:
Mazda RX-7 Spirit R 🏁

Owning Assetto Corsa+Japanese Pack DLC is required!


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