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  1. RAnDOOm

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Malleus!
  2. until
  3. Signups will Open TODAY! ( Get ready to choose your side )
  4. We are still searching for squad leaders before we can open the campaign. If you are interested and want the campaign to start as soon as possible, please PM @Quicksilver
  5. RAnDOOm

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @Smashmachine!
  6. RAnDOOm

    Happy Birthday

    Feliz cumpleaños @Wualy! Have a great day dude!
  7. COMING VERY SOON ( PRESTO, MOLTO PRESTO ) If you are interested in being a squad leader in the next campaign under the leadership of an experienced Captain then please PM @Quicksilver
  8. The download links are now available below: Map and CMP minimod download: Use our new Community Installer - Download Here (Read the Tutorial. Post any bugs or issues you might find, this is still a work in progress) Or manually download them CMP FH2 Custom Mappack (Manual Download): http://dl.cmp-gaming.com/updater/cmp_t/redirect?path=full/cmp-map-pack-cmp-0.0.27.zip CMP FH2 Custom Mappack Minimod (Manual Download): http://dl.cmp-gaming.com/updater/cmp_t/redirect?path=full/minimod.zip
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