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  1. Best: I was thinking for about 5 mins what could be positive in getting slaughtered entire evening and losing by 200 every round and I didn't figure anything out... Sorry... Worst: -getting slughtered by Axis team every round... we had ~150 more deaths at the end of each round... - missing allied tank destroyers so much this campaign... Funniest: - @krakki chasing me with jeep, equipped with a piat... fortunately sb warned me on TS Most hated player: -entire Axis team I would say Edit: Oh, and I forgot about @Quicksilver - it was in the first round - I moved back to repair my Cromwell after destroying Panther and Panzer IV, I was repairing, repairing and getting back into my tanks, 1 sec later- BOOM! I was blown up by his Geballte - I will remember that! Most loved/liked player: -That allied squad which desperately was trying to cap and hold Western camp in the last round. I was trying to help you, but it was tough... Thanks for spots anyway in that round - they were really helpful! Best Battle Photo - This time, finally I have sth for you: "2 Panzer IV, well-done, as you wished sir!" Other: Let's have an interesting last battle next Friday!
  2. Best: -One of the rounds when I annoyed pretty well Axis on Bridgehead. Also interesting, equal battle where each side managed to win at least once at defending or attacking option. Worst: - Unfortunately rest of my rounds werent such spectacular in my M8 - I played a role of a spotter, a bait for Axis tanks, often getting stuck in groundholes and ditches, however managed to shoot down some Pumas and Panther once when we nicely flanked it with Lajtus from different directions each. Funniest: -once I got stuck in groundhole with my Greyhound, I gave up and decided to blow it up. It was just near our Farm flag. When I put satchel on it, some random guy was passing nearby and decided to stop just at the M8 only to write sth to his squadmates... When I saw him, I decided to warn him quickly on chat, but when I started writing, I realised that we are both in big trouble now... BOOM! Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Caeno because he volunteered to do sth extra in the last 2 rounds Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  3. Best: -One of my favourite custom maps, additionally with Polish history Best2: -Nice defence at Hill 262 Worst: -Map issues, and we played only 4 rounds on this great map. Of course big thank you to admins and the mapper who managed to fix it and we were able to play in the end! However, I might be wrong, but Im not sure if having enemy assets in our main was caused by new FH2 update... strange it wasnt detected earlier... Funniest: -After playing 10 years this mod, I was quite surprised that there is no 2nd gunner in Firefly... Most hated player: nobody Most loved/liked player: Everyone Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: - Attached heatmap at Hill 262 - we managed to hold it Edit: Oh, and I forgot - that was finally a great victory!
  4. Kwiot


    Ciiii!!!! Z tym Breslau to miała być tajemnica kontrwywiadu!!! Edit: A tak w ogóle to czołem Clavish!
  5. Cześć Clavish! Kupę lat! (ciekawe czy odpisze na tego mojego posta... )
  6. Best: meh... meh... do not know what to write here... Worst: First time in this campaign the map really frustrated me... Probably some Project Reality fan wants to make FH2 gameplay similar to PR gameplay. No spawnpoints on flags? Seriously?! This is ridiculous that we must find and destroy enemy rally first than rush into a flagzone... Also what was the point of removing town flags and leaving spawnpoints on Trainstation flag which was just next to the town flags, making it really important... And really Panther nad Tiger in Axis team while we didn't have any tank destroyer... missing Hellcat so much in this campaign... it was enough for me to play only 2 rounds in that battle... Funniest: nothing at all... Most hated player: not sure if the player... maybe the situation where Panther, Tiger and Panzer IV came to our Chateux flag and we had only Sherman 75 to deal with them... so sad... Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: Anyway, Im looking forward to next week battle
  7. Please remove "Kwioteczek" from that list - I got my old account "Kwiot" back!
  8. Best: Even though we lost this battle, I think the rounds were quite equal. I must admit that battle was quite intense too (at least from my perspective) - we were constantly under attack and it didnt matter on which flag we were currently assigned to Worst: This goddam rally is "harder" than it used to be... I need to adapt to this.... Standing 1m in front of it and firing from Springfield to this usually ended with getting shot in my back by an enemy who came back to protect it... Funniest: Axis squad who placed a rally next to our rally in a barn on Village flag! Most hated player: Achtung who always had an answer on my missed shot... Most loved/liked player: Lajtus with Gruby driving and cooperating with 2 tanks was something I would like to see more in these campaigns Best Battle Photo: Obviously forgot to take one aż always... Other: See you all next weeķ!
  9. Well I know it was stated not to use it at all, but maybe you are right and first it was stated only not to use enemy AA, then after 3rd crash it was changed not to use it at all...
  10. Best1: Good numbers and one of my favourite custom maps! Best2: My successful lonely sneak attack on 2 Panzer IV at 45 nest with bazooka Worst1: My performance... Could not hit anything... Losing often 1vs1.. Worst2: Due to some circumstances our tanks became an useless asset that in the last round they stayed in main... Worst3: 3 Server crashes due to unusual and rare asset bug and 9 min of waiting for the round restart. Funniest: Admins: "DO NOT USE MOBILE AA!!" 1st Allied player: "Why?" 2nd Allied player: "Because when enemy takes our mobile AA, the server crashes." 1st Allied player: "But how?" 2nd Allied player: "Simple, I will show you how!" And takes the mobile AA at beginning of the round, drives straight into just captured Le Ham (which was still under attack) and gives it to the enemy. Result? Server crashed Most hated player: Panzershreck and FW with bomb Most loved/liked player: All! Best Battle Photo - Other: Waiting for the next week sweet revenge
  11. Best1: Having so many players all night long! Best2: Having so many Polish players - I believe there was sth like 20 players at least at one moment! Great! Best3: Great teamwork, nice job everyone, we had a great victory! Best4: One of the best actions which I had in my FH2 tournament history - our small squad of 4 people led by Heyna (+Zabstone, TomTom and me) were attacking Chateau from behind (Axis main) we had to avoid Panzer IV and enemy APC which were chasing us, we were crawling through the open fields and all we need was caution and patience. And we did that - we capped that flag with only 4 men and it was crucial for winning that round! Worst: So many players in wating round forced us to skip some rounds. How about launching 120 players server maybe? On the other hand with 120 players server might become unstable and some maps might be unplayble... Funniest: TS chat! Most hated player: No one special this time! Most loved/liked player: I love you all Best Battle Photo - Would post one, but is there any possible to get server video? Do we record battles? I know we did in the past. I would make some nice photo from one particular moment Other: I'm already looking forward to the next week battle!
  12. Best: - These rounds where there was plenty of action. Also Thompson carnage in close quarters combat. I'm still a little bit rusty after some longer break from this game, but happy that there were some good rounds from myself. Worst: These rounds where we simply had nothing to do, but it seems it sometimes happens... And really, fock off with this tea bagging!!! Funniest: This moment where full squad was chasing me in Vallevona (or sth like that) and couldn't get me for a while Most hated player: - No one special, I must admit, I have some nicks already on my blacklist, so see you next time on the battlefield to meet my sweet revenge! Most loved/liked player: - Nobody gave me a candy, so... Best Battle Photo - Oh, I forgot to make one, I will prepare something for next time! Other: Good to be back!
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