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  1. Best: -intense, even battle, lots of action on each flag, different tactics, full server during entire night! -the action I've done in Stug together with Hetzer, when we destroyed like four, charging on Domain tanks in about 1 minute - that was epic! But I must admit, our infantry did its job by spotting them! Worst: -some bad choices done by myself Funniest: -making havoc with @Heyna behind enemy lines! We've parked ammo truck to resupply ourselves in the forest just outside enemy main! Most hated player: -maybe word "hated" is too much here, but when I was running with Panzershreck in my hands and was about to shoot Jackson, @kummitus decided to tk me and accused me of desertion... c'mon Kummi, I know it was the last round and Finnish Vodka hit hard, but really? Most loved/liked player: - general making havoc with @Heyna :D Best Battle Photo - "Found some threesome hiding in the corner...." Other: -
  2. Best: - I've enjoyed the camp battle after the break - tanking as well as playing as infantry. It was good cooperation between tanks and infantry in my squad. - scoped STG44 - FG42 - i don't know if it was improved by the devs, but it's a blast now! Worst: - - panzer IV flipping over as usually... I don't get why it is so difficult to fix it by the FH2 devs... this tank feels and behaves like its center of mass was located on top of the turret... - spam of bazookas... (Toy Story meme insert here with "bazookas everywhere") - seems that Stoumont map isn't going to be played this camp.. I was hoping to play that one... meh... meh... meh... Funniest: - - Blowing allied tank with panzerfaust, then coming to enemy flag just to rearm by the ammo box, then coming back to hunting for an another tank Most hated player: -nobody this time Most loved/liked player: - good actions and cooperation with @Heyna and good infantry support by my squadmates when I was driving Panzer IV Best Battle Photo - Panzergruppe on the prowl!
  3. Kwiot

    Happy Birthday

    Thank you und danke all!
  4. Pity that you didnt let me attach my bayonet! So the fight didnt even start!
  5. Best: -intense battle and even rounds! - tanking - had fun once in Jumbo and one round with Sherman 75mm was quite epic! However, I must admit that I had lots of luck at some situations and our infantry spotters helped me much! Worst: -Allies still have problem with numbers... -flags without spawns and I think 3 flags in the centre are way too much - it really made us difficult to win a map when we were pushed back from the city... I would leave 2 flags there and move the 3rd into one of the corners - couldnt adapt to new parabola of tanks rounds... Sherman 76mm has now ridiculous round drop! And missed so many shots because of that! Funniest: -1 jeep chasing Kubel through half of the map, the chase ended with my Sherman's round landing on the Kebel Most hated player: - definately @johnnymzq - I don't know how you do this generally, but that was simply amazing when I was running safely through the open field, quite far away from any action and suddenly - "boom" - directly hit by your mortar! Without any warning with missed shot! How dare you?! Most loved/liked player: - All the spotters! Well done! Thank you so much! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3954-best-battle-photo-medal Uh, forgot to make it... I would have had one with my Sherman wreck parked next to wreck of Panzer IV in the city where tanks simply couldnt have long life... Other: -
  6. Best: -Victorious comeback of our team and the fact that campaign will be decided in the last battle! Worst: -My stupid teamkills... Funniest: - The moment when @Erwin shot me and instead of searching for my RP, he decided to waste time and teabag me. Then I spawned on my RP 10 m away from him, shot him in the face, teabagged him and captured the flag with my squadmates! Most hated player: - Only myself Most loved/liked player: - @Wraith for really good squad leading! Other: -Pity that I will miss last battle...
  7. Best: -Definately our performance, we were really aggresive today. The attack on chokepoint at the end of the 1st round was really impresive and decisive!!! Worst: Funniest: -Plenty of hilarious moments like: -@Ombustmanwaiting alone as SL for the rally in Alwadi flag for sth like 2 minutes to deploy it, when there was sth like 10 seconds left, our guy from our squad tked him with mortar - when @alorbepicked me up with a jeep and we passed @Hasan09 who shot to us by accident, then we fall miserably from the hill, killing ourselves but Hasan got the reward as double teamkill - the moment when I had to choose where I should place Geballte Ladung - on enemy rally or on a wounded Churchill which was just passing by? Well, I chose @Beyers - when we decided in international regiment to divide into 2 squads, I decided to switch to the 2nd one and asked: "do we switch to separate TS channel?" Then sb answered: "NO". After playing the whole round it turned out that we separated and I stayed to the original squad on TS, yelling to my squad leader who was on the other TS channel Anyway, I had some mental coordination with @Wraith and manage to set up successfully a rally when attacking Chebika flag Most hated player: -Nobody this time... Well, maybe @Hawkwhen he shot me 3-4 times in a row while attacking Observation Post in the last round!!!!  Most loved/liked player: -Everybody in the squad, TS chatter was so fun! Other: -Good attendance today! I believe, there was no need to swap players between teams today, so keep the numbers up and see you next week!
  8. Dont remember that there was such problem there in the past. Anyway, we had much less action on the southern flags this time than in the past for sure because of that main base location change...
  9. No, Im not interested in fixing someones mistakes.... Working and improving existing maps is usually pain in the ass and not much enjoyable in mapping process (at least for me).
  10. Best: -Definately after loosing all rounds only TS chatter Worst: -My expectations after missing previous 3 battles in a row were so high, especially because we would play a nice FH1 map which I originally ported to FH2 But: - it turned out to big snoozefest to me - my regiment generally was defending backflags... - seeing how this map "improved" during the years - I spent plenty of hours of creating detailed main base on the west side of the map, then sb came, click 1 "delete" button - just to remove all the mainbase objects from there and move the main base to the north-west map corner? For God knows why? Only we had further distance to the southern flags from there... Seeing also plenty of floating cables in the air and trees in the middle of a road wasnt also comforting, because it wasnt there for sure before... - missing Tiger on this map was a pity... Not because of balance, but some of historical accuracy... - our divisional clumsiness... - being in Marder, loaded special ammo, waiting for spotted Sherman, there it is! Direct fire to the side! Round bounced off.... Funniest: - The guy with a "grass" in our regiment! Most hated player: -P40 when I was in paper Marder Most loved/liked player: - @Greeksoldier76 and @Wraith for volunteering to lead us when our main officers were absent. Other: - Some pics: "When MG guy meets MG guy" "Charge at the beginning of a round" "Well... last time it worked... xD"
  11. Quite silent here after the battle, so I will start: Best: -Numbers on Axis are getting better and better with every week I think -The way we improved in our small squad during the battle was quite impressive Worst: -often CTDs when placing the AP mine Funniest: -the guy who decided to get on top of the tower at Ruins just to take me out (I was sniper there), he succeed, but he stole my sniper and then decided to put AP mine... and well... he crashed to desktop because of that - Im still pressing "F" for that poor guy! Most hated player: - @Danielikus - he got me so often even in ridiculous long ranges that at some point it became frustrating!  Most loved/liked player: - @Enrik for his beginnings in his squad leading role - that was so charmful when he had typical troubles with setting up CC, or realised how life on CC looks like Other: - No more Photo from the battle? Well, I have one anyway: "Me with @Enrik taking a bath together"
  12. Monday 21 June 2021 Ukraine Austria | 1 - 1 | 0 points North Macedonia Netherlands | 0 - 3 | +3 points Finland Belgium | 0 - 2 | +3 points Russia Denmark | 0 - 1 | +1 points Tuesday 22 June 2021 Czech Republic England | 0 - 2 | +1 points Croatia Scotland | 0 - 0 | 0 points Wednesday 23 June 2021 Sweden Poland | 0 - 1 | 0 points Slovakia Spain | 0 - 1 | +1 points Germany Hungary | 3 - 1 | 0 points Portugal France | 0 - 0 | +1 points
  13. Kwiot

    Happy Birthday

    @Quicksilver Thanks!
  14. Tuesday 15 June 2021 Hungary Portugal | 0 - 3 | +3 points France Germany | 3 - 1 | +1 points Wednesday 16 June 2021 Finland Russia | 0 - 2 | +1 points Turkey Wales | 2 - 1 | 0 points ItalySwitzerland | 2 - 0 | +1 points Thursday 17 June 2021 Ukraine North Macedonia | 2 - 1 | +3 points Denmark Belgium | 0 - 2 | +1 points NetherlandsAustria | 3 - 0 | +1 points Friday 18 June 2021 Sweden Slovakia | 2 - 2 | 0 points CroatiaCzech Republic | 2 - 0 | 0 points England Scotland | 3 - 0 | 0 points Saturday 19 June 2021 HungaryFrance | 0 - 3 | 0 points Portugal Germany | 2 - 1 | 0 points SpainPoland | 3 - 0 | 0 points
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