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  1. Best: -MG34 and I was quite positively surpirised my k98 accuracy and good to have the tournament running Worst: -Cannot believe that we lost it after having 2 rounds winning so decisively... Funniest: -1st round, beginning of a round, @Tutvys: Thunderman and Kwiot are going me with me in Kubel and set up a rally to attack a trenches and remember to be quick. In the end, Tutvys got out from Kubel to set a rally and killed himself with Kubel sliding down from the hill - Flipping over tanks on both sides Most hated player: -Nobody this time Most loved/liked player
  2. Best: - 1. Good attendance on both sides till the last battle - there was no need to rent other players from other team during battle or even switch people during camp as it often used to be in the past! 2. Maps generally without major problems, so the campaign ran quite smoothly. 3. We had equal battle between both teams on the campaign scoreboard till some point of the campaign. Worst: - 1. Winning as Allied in campaign still remains as a problem here... 2. I dont know what is your perspective, but mine is simply ending the campaign with at least 12 rounds lost
  3. Penne gratin with chicken, spinach and dried pomatoes Main ingredients: 2 chicken breasts: Dried tomatoes: Spinach: Penne: Chicken marinade: Olive oil: 2 cloves of garlic: Spices: -curry (1 teaspoon) - hot pepper (1/2 teaspoon) - sweet pepper (1 teaspoon) -turmeric (1 teaspoon) -salt (1/2 teaspoon) -pepper (1 teaspoon) "Filling": -Mozarella -Camembert -cream 30% - nutmeg 1 teaspoon (only if you would like)
  4. Best: Great map - one of my favourites - intense action all the time! Even though I played only 3 rounds I was on every flag (maybe except Lumbermill), doing something useful! Also Bazooka and AT mine action! Worst: -Played only 3 rounds Edit: - The amount of glitches this map received since last time I was working on it... Funniest: -Beginning of a round, spawned in main to grab some nice pickup kit (sniper rifle or sth), but when I reached tents, it turned out that everything what could be grabbed was grabbed (except Brownings, but meh...). So I looked around, everybody
  5. Best: -Intense action all the time, doesn't matter which flag! - Finally BAR for the win!!! Worst: -Sorry for the hanomag kill inside the mainbase perimeter... I lost my orientation and this Sdkfz looked so tasty... Couldn't resist... On the other hand, main base perimeters were too big on such small map, there should be simply no-go area blocking infantry effectively and that's all! -wanted to make a screenshot with Hanomag bazooka kill for Best Battle Photo, but before I could manage to that I was kicked... meh, meh... -Meh, this battle evenings run so fast, let's
  6. Best: -Action all the time! Worst: -Flags without spawns, changing the whole idea of Battlefield - we don't go for the flag, we go for the enemy rally first! It was quite difficult for me to adapt to this new situation... Funniest: -My throw by 3 points with satchel over Panzer IV - standing behind Panzer IV, I threw it and it landed in front of it somehow... - this rolled over running Heinkel on the street was quite WTF moment Most hated player: -well enemy arty, bomber bombs generally avoided me, maybe because I usually dont stick to flagpole on defence? Mo
  7. Best: -Map turned out to be possible for us to win in the end - what a nice surprise! - The round with 6-0 or 9-0 in the last round! Worst: -My performance - apart 1st round I was below my average and didn't make big input into the win, fortunately others did! - Our task was to defend crossing. I thought - "easy peasy, I will mine the round - have some time until they reach us!" It took me a while to come to my mining location from the furthest spawn, I lied down on the road and before I started minig, I noticed charging Kubel on the horizon - "holy shit! I don't have
  8. Best: -Full server, action all the time! 3-0 round!! Worst: -My performance. Also Browning LMG - I somehow missed the moment when one of the FH2 devs decided to fuck it up, making this weapon simply useless. Have you noticed that when you start firing it automatically immediatelly turns left? This is ridiculous! MG42 doesn't have that! Can we tweak it and make our own CMP version of this weapon? If not, can we change it to BAR for next battles? I decided to make a drop for a round which turned into 3-0 later... Pity that I missed that! Funniest: -My duel vs admins' Hetzer -
  9. Best: -Nice battle and nice attendance! The 2nd round which ended 6-0... Ah we pushed too hard in the end... Worst: Apart 1st round my performance... And the fact that we played only 4 rounds... I think we should stick to 6 rounds... It's also easier to plan the rotations if we know how many rounds we play... I don't get it... We have nice attendance, people waiting in the waiting rooms and we end it because it's midnight... meh... I missed these times when we played it till 3 AM... Funniest: Waiting for our SL to drop a rally in the beginning of a round... We had 2 jeeps... None o
  10. Best: -1st round Worst: -only 1st round where my performance was ok, rest rounds where worse and worse... 3rd round was an epic failure... so many stupid tks... example: group of enemies sprawned just in front of me - so without any hesitation I threw the grenade in to that hole to destroy enemy rally, but before it blew up some of allies already reach the rally and was destroyed it with rifles... Result? 2 or 3tks... and Yes.... I killed myself too with that grenade... or another one - I spotted enemy rally, was really close to it and I was about to destroyed it, but @Heyna tked me...
  11. Haha! To do usłyszenia zatem! :D
  12. What are the other 3 maps? In the announcement there is mentioned to be 7 maps in total.
  13. Best: -Such victory is a great answer for previous week defeat! Well done allies! That was great teamwork and cooperation between units! Worst: -Spending most of the time in a tank in a sector where mostly nothing spectacular happen. But sometimes there were attacks, so my presence was required there. I was also bad luck to fight against Panther frontally with my Sherman 76. Fortunately, sometimes I got support from my tanking mates (see best battle photo). Also getting stuck with Greyhound in groundholes was pretty annoying!!! meh, and the fact that we played only 4 rounds... I'm expecti
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