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  1. Quite silent here after the battle, so I will start: Best: -Numbers on Axis are getting better and better with every week I think -The way we improved in our small squad during the battle was quite impressive Worst: -often CTDs when placing the AP mine Funniest: -the guy who decided to get on top of the tower at Ruins just to take me out (I was sniper there), he succeed, but he stole my sniper and then decided to put AP mine... and well... he crashed to desktop because of that - Im still pressing "F" for that poor guy! Most hated player: - @Danielikus - he got me so often even in ridiculous long ranges that at some point it became frustrating!  Most loved/liked player: - @Enrik for his beginnings in his squad leading role - that was so charmful when he had typical troubles with setting up CC, or realised how life on CC looks like Other: - No more Photo from the battle? Well, I have one anyway: "Me with @Enrik taking a bath together"
  2. Monday 21 June 2021 Ukraine Austria | 1 - 1 | 0 points North Macedonia Netherlands | 0 - 3 | +3 points Finland Belgium | 0 - 2 | +3 points Russia Denmark | 0 - 1 | +1 points Tuesday 22 June 2021 Czech Republic England | 0 - 2 | +1 points Croatia Scotland | 0 - 0 | 0 points Wednesday 23 June 2021 Sweden Poland | 0 - 1 | 0 points Slovakia Spain | 0 - 1 | +1 points Germany Hungary | 3 - 1 | 0 points Portugal France | 0 - 0 | +1 points
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  4. Tuesday 15 June 2021 Hungary Portugal | 0 - 3 | +3 points France Germany | 3 - 1 | +1 points Wednesday 16 June 2021 Finland Russia | 0 - 2 | +1 points Turkey Wales | 2 - 1 | 0 points ItalySwitzerland | 2 - 0 | +1 points Thursday 17 June 2021 Ukraine North Macedonia | 2 - 1 | +3 points Denmark Belgium | 0 - 2 | +1 points NetherlandsAustria | 3 - 0 | +1 points Friday 18 June 2021 Sweden Slovakia | 2 - 2 | 0 points CroatiaCzech Republic | 2 - 0 | 0 points England Scotland | 3 - 0 | 0 points Saturday 19 June 2021 HungaryFrance | 0 - 3 | 0 points Portugal Germany | 2 - 1 | 0 points SpainPoland | 3 - 0 | 0 points
  5. Best: - Worst: -Big snoozefest for me... Almost fall asleep... not much action on flags where I was... -finnish rifles... -constant dying on the spawns Funniest: -this multiple tk with ammo truck Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  6. Best: -Dont know what happened this time, maybe the map was more suitable for our gamestyle, but what a decisive win that was!!! -Nice tanking firefights! Worst: -When @BaskaBommiyelled on us: "come on, its only T-50, so why it takes so long to destroy it? I was in that moment sitting in ISU-152, so: as a result T-50 was out, but also with 3 ours brave soldiers! Sorry about that! -I somehow didnt like this map, hilly and narrow maps are not in my taste - plenty of mg campers everywhere... Anyway, kudos to the mapping team - this version was much more fun, interesting than this stock one for sure! ;) Funniest: - 1. Me: "You can't balance 1 to 1 tanks in this game, its impossible!" Meanwhile Finnish campaign: "Hold my beer": 2. The moment, when @BaskaBommiwith me were attacking a new flag with a jeep - after setting up RP, we moved forward in a jeep towards flag and we suddenly crashed into enemy AA truck which was just going out of the forest (ubelievable, such a big map and we had to hit each other). The driver of the AA truck, quickly realized what hit him and he switched immediately to the AA gun and started aiming towards us, we seeing this, quickly got out of the Kubel - Baska went left of the truck, I went right!. That AA gunner jumped out of the truck and got Baska, and Baska started yelling to get him - that he is in front of the truck! I turned into BFV mode and took out this Finnish butter knife from my pocket and ran towards truck's front from behind! And imagine that we passed each other on the corner of the truck! When I launched my brakes and turned back, got MG burst from @Achtungsnow who had already spawned on our rally! That action was hillarious! 3. When @Achtungsnowwas driving his little light tank and suddendly he calmly announced with a little of disappointment in his voice: "Unbelievable, sb shot me in the ass with our PAK gun..." 4. When sb asked @BaskaBommi what does Konkkalanvuoret mean in Finnish, he answered: "vuori" is a mountain, but he has no idea what Konkkalan means, probably its sth in Karelian dialect". Then @Achtungsnow added: "it has probably sth to do with Brokeback mountain" 5. Beginning of a round @BaskaBommi enters one of the kubels, but it quickly turns out it belongs to @Erwin. He jumped out back, but Erwin had already started moving with it and as a result Baska was tked! Poor Baska's corps were laying on the road and our whole transport drove over them! Most hated player: -all the mgs hidded behind each rock!  Most loved/liked player: -Love you all! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  7. Ok, seems that everybody is waiting for me to start it again! So: Best: -Great attendance, we had almost 30 people at the round start in our international regiment? What an achievement for such an old game! - Its always nice to play a new custom map! - So many close rounds again! -Epic MG34 kills! Worst: - Having so high numbers, means that you have to rotate... Sometimes for 2 rounds in a row... Funniest: -about 30 players in 1 channel before battle, each when joined asked: "what is the server password?" - last round, for the entire evening rather calm, then suddendly @Achtungsnow blew up and started yelling at everybody... well I cannot deny that he was right in that situation and I cannot deny that I was guilty too! Anyway, that minute of silence after that was quite priceless! Most hated player: -hmm... nobody? Most loved/liked player: -Like you all! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  8. Ah, I forgot: Worst: I decided to drop for a "3-0" round as it turned out later
  9. Best: -MG34 and I was quite positively surpirised my k98 accuracy and good to have the tournament running Worst: -Cannot believe that we lost it after having 2 rounds winning so decisively... Funniest: -1st round, beginning of a round, @Tutvys: Thunderman and Kwiot are going me with me in Kubel and set up a rally to attack a trenches and remember to be quick. In the end, Tutvys got out from Kubel to set a rally and killed himself with Kubel sliding down from the hill - Flipping over tanks on both sides Most hated player: -Nobody this time Most loved/liked player: -Everybody Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3455-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -See you next time!
  10. Best: - 1. Good attendance on both sides till the last battle - there was no need to rent other players from other team during battle or even switch people during camp as it often used to be in the past! 2. Maps generally without major problems, so the campaign ran quite smoothly. 3. We had equal battle between both teams on the campaign scoreboard till some point of the campaign. Worst: - 1. Winning as Allied in campaign still remains as a problem here... 2. I dont know what is your perspective, but mine is simply ending the campaign with at least 12 rounds lost in a row, which is quite frustrating... 3. My performance during 1st half of the campaign, fortunately later I found myself better in the heat of the batlle! Funniest: -Easy company and TS chatter! Most hated player: -G43s and MG42s - I swear I will join next time the side with these weapons... Most loved/liked player: -All Easy company, especially these in Easy II under @BaskaBommi command! It was a real pleasure to play under your command! Best Battle Last Battle Photo - "Double teabag on @Sir_Kowskoskey and his teammate @Pozzo (if I remember right) In the end I would like to say big thank you to all of you for making this campaign possible - to all who spent so much time on preparations (admins and mappers) and to these who joined this campaign as a player - without such big playerbase it wouldnt be possible to happen! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you all in the next camp!
  11. Penne gratin with chicken, spinach and dried pomatoes Main ingredients: 2 chicken breasts: Dried tomatoes: Spinach: Penne: Chicken marinade: Olive oil: 2 cloves of garlic: Spices: -curry (1 teaspoon) - hot pepper (1/2 teaspoon) - sweet pepper (1 teaspoon) -turmeric (1 teaspoon) -salt (1/2 teaspoon) -pepper (1 teaspoon) "Filling": -Mozarella -Camembert -cream 30% - nutmeg 1 teaspoon (only if you would like) Additional ingredients: -grated Grana Padano 1. Cook penne 2, In the meantime, prepare chicken and its marinade - wash chicken, clean it out of white membranes and cut it into pieces. Mix spices with olive oiles and garlic: And mix it with chicken by your hands: When your penne is ready, immediately drain it off and wash it under cold water. In the same pot (however maybe pan would be better), put a spoon of olive oil and fry the chicken shortly. After that, turn off the gas jet and mix the chicken with spinach and dry tomatoes in the pot. And here is your choice if you want to add this oil from dry tomatoes in or not, maybe it would be better to leave it for salad? Now time for "the filling sauce" and at this point you can launch your oven at 200 C - cut camembert and mozarella into pieces and put into saucepan with 30% cream and add 1 teaspoon of nutmeg (if you want); heat it and melt it: Then mix the sauce with chicken in the pot. Put Penne into gratin dish greased with butter, and pour the chicken on it: Drop greased Grana Padano on it and put it into oven for 15 min: In the meantime you can clean your pile of dishes When your meal is ready you can put greased Grana Padano on it too: Bon appetit!
  12. Best: Great map - one of my favourites - intense action all the time! Even though I played only 3 rounds I was on every flag (maybe except Lumbermill), doing something useful! Also Bazooka and AT mine action! Worst: -Played only 3 rounds Edit: - The amount of glitches this map received since last time I was working on it... Funniest: -Beginning of a round, spawned in main to grab some nice pickup kit (sniper rifle or sth), but when I reached tents, it turned out that everything what could be grabbed was grabbed (except Brownings, but meh...). So I looked around, everybody has gone already, and I noticed stationary AT gun and ammo truck: "hmm, lets try this deployable system for the 1st time in this campaign" - I thought. So I packed the gun and moved to River Crossing where my squad was attacking. I wasn't sure if I find a good spot and if I reach the objective alive. Anyway, reach the river bank on our side and deployed the gun well hidden in the forest. I turned it towards flagzone and I had really good view on the flagzone. When I aimed towards flagzone, it was already greyed and tough fightings were going there. I noticed 1 lonely Axis soldier running towards it, so I fired - BOOM, @Sir_Kowskoskey got hit! Then, after a few seconds a small squad of Axis soldiers were running towards the flag - BOOM! Kowsky squad down! We capped the flag and my squad rushed forward leaving another defending the flag, but I knew Kowsky squad had still a rally south of the flag somewhere in the forest - well hidden, because nobody could find it and I saw disappearing arrows on the minimap, so I knew they would come sooner or later, so I waited patiently... After a while, @Heyna (his battle orientation often amuses me) woke me up, yelling to shoot inside the bunker, cause Axis are there. And I looked carefully towards the bunker and I thought: "yeah, these firing mgs towards us look quite suspicious" so I fired a shell inside, wiping out 2 guys with of course - Kowsky In the end, sb finally came for me on foot Anyway, I might consider using deployables more often - they might be really useful if placed in appropriate location! Edit: - Stoumont/Stormont/Sturmont/Stourmont Most hated player: -nobody Most loved/liked player: - @ShadowNick and @Heyna for their Bazooka action and also @BaskaBommi for another great performance as SL of Easy II ! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -It's already 8 battle and the battle score is really tight! Looking forward to next battle!
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