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  1. gerul

    FH2 freeze

    Unfortunately I was wrong. Next suspect is "Windows Hello" service. By the time the game crashes, there's always entry in Event Viewer with the same time stamp.
  2. gerul

    FH2 freeze

    Played on public server yesterday - one freeze. But I've got a suspect now. I need more playing time to confirm it.
  3. gerul

    FH2 freeze

    Hi, since a few weeks I've encountered an issue that makes me unable to play battles in campaign. Joining the game. Map is loaded. I start playing, joining the squads etc. Then at random, game freezes, I can still hear guys on TS, system is still running in the background and I am only able to call ctr+alt+del and logout from Windows. Alt+tab is not working, I see other windows opened in the background but I'm unable to swtich to any of them. This issue happens at random, a week ago I played whole battle without problems. Yesterday every 10 minutes. Sometimes it happens after 3 hours of playing, sometimes not at all. There's no rule. Things I've tried already: - reinstalled BF2 from the scratch, helped for 2-3 weeks, then it re-appeared - cleaned cache from My Documents - tried 2,3 versions of GPU drivers - checked Windows Event Viewer, nothing suspicious, only Info entry about "ForgottenHope2.exe hung up". - comp specs well beyond requirements. I play DCS for hours without an issue. This is a real monster hungry for resources Is there any log available? Or maybe some magical debug switch to locate the issue? If anybody knows, please reply. Thanks
  4. Overwolf is working. Everyhting in post 1 is correct except Gameslist.xml location. In my system I found it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Overwolf\\Resources location. Try your luck there.
  5. gerul


    @CLavish ! Jednak wśród żywych! Witaj brachu! Musisz teraz uważać bo @Kwiot wyemigrował do Wrocka...
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