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  1. Best: - 2 rounds of commanding a division after ~4 years of break and we won. Worst: - My K/D ratio. I'm too old to shoot straight :(. First round when I am commanding a div and half of the players drop, few seconds later the server crashes. Yup, sounds about right when I command. Funniest: - Winning the battle by 1 point. Most hated player: no-one Most loved/liked player: - everyone in HQ squad for the funny shit-talk Best Battle Photo - Poland Stronk! Other: -
  2. Ronid

    Pomoc techniczna

    Próbowaliście DX9 zainstalować? Mówię serio. Mi kiedyś w podobnym przypadku pomogło.
  3. Pewnie, to by nam bardzo pomogło. Dzięki! Sure, that would help us a lot. Thanks!
  4. Miejsce na „luźne" pogaduchy.
  5. Ronid


    W końcu udało się otworzyć polskie subforum. Ten temat służy wyłącznie do przywitania się. Każdy kto się tu wpisze będzie dodany do listy polskich graczy w CMP, którą zamieszczę w tym poście. @Ronid @Cpt.Poland
  6. Dublin, National Museum of Ireland - Decorative Arts & History Landsverk L-60 Ford Mk. VI Armored Car Your favorite! - Universal Carrier Panhard M3
  7. I still think this is the best.
  8. Best: - I missed such a big player base in FH2. Some epic defences. Worst: - Is it me, or have the player hitboxes in FH2 become worse then they used to be? I shot a guy from 1 m and saw the blood splashes, but he didn't die and oneshot me back. Funniest: - First round, second attack on the flag and I am to drive a Bren Carrier (I hate driving in this game, and Bren is the worst), half way through my Bren goes side wheely and I can feel how everyone in the damn thing is holding his breath waiting for it to flip over. It didn't I manage to keep it in this position for 100 m and then go back to both tracks on the road. Most hated player: - None. Most loved/liked player: - whoever is reading this thread Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
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