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  1. Best: - Suomi Laser SMG when I could get it (that thing is awesome) Worst: - Dying... a lot Funniest: - ... Most hated player: - Whoever on LefH - this thing was majorly OP on this map. Most loved/liked player: - ... Best Battle Photo - ... Other: - ...
  2. Ronid

    A better place to live

    Hi! First of all whenever you want to go it is important what skills / education / work experience you have. Knowledge of Spanish and English is not sufficient unless it would be ok for you to do volunteer work (which most of the time mean that you have to pay for many things on your own - i.e. YOU PAY for your work). It's tough to get any work permit in Canada unless you have skills that they need + know perfect English AND French. Despite of what some people may think I would say Germany may be a good start if you would be aiming at working anywhere in Europe (Berlin has loads of people from all around the world), after getting some experience and money you could look somewhere else. Do know though that without any specific skills being a waiter would be the highest that you can aim for at the beginning. Also, I heard from some people from South America that they met with some racism / biases in especially eastern part of Germany.
  3. Ronid

    Military Tourism.

    Time for my totally bad photos from visit to the Polish Army Museum (7 years ago):
  4. TIK - I found this guy when I was looking for documentaries about Market Garden. He doesn't have that many subscribers, but his Battlestorm documentaries are well worth watching.
  5. Ronid

    Community Music Channel

  6. Ronid

    What does Battlefield became

    Not to get into any specific political discussions, but people generally get increasingly more angry, stop talking and start yelling at each other. Video games one of very few "safe" ways to blow off steam, which in turn makes communities playing them shite. It is places like CMP to keep up old style communities, but even here there are lot's of frictions as I heard (also, don't want to discuss specifics). What is a problem now, is that people are getting estranged. I started playing in FH2 tournaments quite a few years ago first because I was curious and then because I met some awsome people, with whom I could talk on TS or at least share views on forums. Now, except for the furm here, I didn't experience much casual talk on CMP TS. Granted, most of you guys know each other back from FH and this makes me as ex-WaW person more difficult to fit in. Still, there was much talk about lack of communication on the allied side this campaign, but I get a feeling that people ignore one important thing. In order to have good tactical communication, people should be used to talk to each other in general, know each other voices and engaged in small-talk. As a person who used to live in a real backwater, it was awsome to me to be able to talk with someone from across the globe about a hobby, history, or other interests. The best way to build every community is to base it on interaction such as this. And this is what is generally lacking, though I still hope there will be a way to bring it up. Sorry for going a bit off-topic here, but I do see a relevance in my ramblings when it comes to playing BF, espcially as it becomes more and more "single-multi player game," because you may be playing with other people, but you are not playing in an actual TEAM.
  7. Ronid

    Community Music Channel

    Some Balkan tunes for ya!
  8. Ronid

    Arma III

    Thank you Tutvys! Will do when I will have some questions.
  9. Ronid

    Arma III

    Hi guys! Got Arma III on recent sale and was wondering if there is a chance for a total noob to play with you sometime (haven't played Arma ever, but am willing to catch up asap).
  10. Ronid

    Favorite WW2 Pistol

    FB Vis (aka Radom)

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