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  1. What is left for you to consider this as "release"?
  2. Would be better if I got the kubel to. Best: It was a pure air challenge. @HaLoAL and me worked very well together and there is room for improvements. @HalcoR-=|RUS|=- and @Wasteland_Hero sure put up a fight. Worst: - I cost us TWO flags singlehandedly by bombs released to soon at hilltop and a strafing which I never thought would hit anything but caught two guys in the HQ fountain. Funniest : My first kills happened when i tried my patented "Fighter surprise"tm move, (which didn't work well with the Mosquito, but ask @AdmiralBG he will tell you all about it) but by chance I got 3 kills when the bombs landed on the ground. I could say the position where i climbed was calculated so to not waste the bomb, but Ce'st la vie.
  3. Best: -I had fun and managed to vindicate myself a bit for my shitty air performance this campaign( I blame the new joystick) Worst: - Though I wasted the kitty plenty of times, there was at least 4-5 separate instances where I got the tiger only on it death throes and no more. I blame the fucking trees. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ (not really battle etc, etc) This is why they call it a photo shoot. (Alt: Wasteland pulled off the worst case of photobombing I've ever seen)
  4. It wasn't the first attempt in that battle, or the campaign. How close did I come?
  5. Oh great, I'm absent in one battle and @HaLoAL thinks he's the cock of the walk.
  6. Worst: not being there Best: catching the last battle on thundermans stream Worst2: thundermans not using the damn binocs to spot a pnz4 from behind Worst3: 5 straight losses are Worst4: where the FUCK is everyone from the 6th?
  7. Best1: My wild ride in the third round . (that was a maneuver I cleared with @GeoPat 10 seconds before we started) Best2: Great tactical and strategic coordination for our division. Worst: - In the last round I had at least 4 encounters with IFV and turrets that was annoyingly close. Funniest: Not sure who but I was hammering at an RP east of Gatsa and the fiat decided to help me with it. Most loved/liked player: Maybe it was easy for being only 3 guys, but @Fumaca and @HeresMyRifle was like units in an RTS game, great teamwork. But I think @Matsku deserves this category for working with me when I was at airfield, since I've put them up for medals. Most hated player: No one. But I'll get insulted if you didn't hate me >:)
  8. I think it's in order to be a bit more forgiving for those lapses considering.
  9. Best: -Action Packed -Wiping out an entire squad the first round. Worst: -Tall grass and no HE -Last round we lost Forward Camp because I got the Daimler and its shitty gearbox stuck between two trees and a slight incline, frustrated the hell out of me. Funniest: - Best Battle Photo - "Trees are evil!" Most hated player: - -The guy on the 222, that crossed into the corner of the main base rectangle the moment I nailed him, as well as the guys camping at the borders at the last round. Most loved/liked player: - -All , for an intense evening. Other: -Apologize to everyone on CC i jinxed and annoyed.
  10. "BREAK! BREAK! BREAK! BREAK! *bump*" A Stuka and a Messerschmidt vs a Hurricane and this antique? Was safer down on the ground.
  11. Eh...cheer up just talking smack to rev up the competition drive.
  12. FINALLY! Best: Great maps and everything seems stable. Worst: Battle fatigue(maybe we should consider having an halftime break, because eventually become easily frustrated and tired) Funniest: So at Aerodrome I was chasing a panzer 3 with sticky granade, I managed to stick one to its bum and it was burning heavily and scooting away. I was out but I managed to sneak to it in the shrubbery. And I spent ALL the Boys ammo shooting at the tracks and ass. NOTHING. Whats worse is that I was ignored I even jumped onto it and just wailed on it with the revolver and knife. Eventually someone got another sticky out and blew it up alongside me. Most Hated player: @HaLoAL!!!! For bailing on us and humiliating me at Kesserine pass, I'm buying a new joystick that wont snap at tight turns. AND I WILL END YOU!
  13. @AdmiralBG I feel like i got to apologize but you had twice the numbers in your Brigade to the allied equivalent. So i thought it would be more fair.
  14. Can you make the bombs on the Wildcat a bit more effective against the destroyer, so the americans have an viable means to defend against it. Someone mentioned that they didn't have torpedos in wake so you wouldn't put it in.
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