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  1. Damnit! We tested to see wheter it could be used as a gunship, but we only tried to sink the landing crafts. (how many did you get?) And in real life you only had an AC on the tail! SO MUCH OP! Yes I'm still sore!
  2. The Ambivalent: I was in a piss poor demeanor, mostly out of stress that I didn't to enough. I couldn't take out LCs, I had to do 7 passes to take out a tank and on the defense side the spawn rate was a nasty surprise that exacerbated that feeling of uselessness. Despite my better judgment I was trawling close to the ground just to find an attack of opportunity, often leaving myself open. And all my thoughts on the balancing in Peleliu was ignored and frankly exacerbated... basically I can find a million excuses but it all comes down to an attitude problem, and I got swept up in it. It's been over 15 years since I was in such organized competitive game, I've become what I hated back then team mates crying because they lost. Thing is though, it was a good game, it was a good campaign and the fact that the emotion ran so high makes it a great game. Loves: All Hates: None, except @radiosmersh and erschwin on the airport 75mm how the fuck was that possible. Worst: The 3rd GAVE up giving spots after the third battle, WTF guys?! Funniest: @HaLoAL defense mode with the Betty, especially when he crashed. Best: When It came to air sorties i gave the imperials a damn good thrashing.
  3. Funny: Well...at least my precision gave people a good scare. Funniest: The more accurate I was there more I missed, Which means that I was shit in the first 4 rounds and great at the 5 when @caeno kept owning me.
  4. Ok, so after reviewing footage from the battle I am both embarrassed and vindicated. The problem was I WAS ACCURATE! You think I haven't been gnawing on tanks and AA guns. Combined I've flown a kilometer towards a target while letting loose. The problem is that the damn thing not only has an annoying accuracy with no spread, IT HAS NO convergence at all! Everything was invulnerable because they were narrow and I was shooting straight angles right past it! What else am i suppose to think without the hit indicator. So yes I was given a bum plane, that needs to be fixed. Ignoring the broken aim, I do not think tanks for LCs is a fair trade of, The Hellcat and the Hien would be fairer and that would also give you an advantage. (Oh right, didn't test the Hellcat on the LC) Hopefully that will be a moot point in Iwo-Jima, I really want that to be just like Guadacanal. You, Halcor, Wlasow and Caeno .vs my Napalm Laden Vought Corsair. (and whatever else i can find when i respawn) You won't stand a chance. Eh, cheer up. I'm not here to malign or condemn. Just to bitch and complain
  5. I did not have the M2, in fact I thought until I did some anal research that the Wildcat had .30 Browning based on how it was in the game. There is huge discrepancy between the effect of the Wildcat and Hellcat though I don't know how CMP implements them whether they are different from the Fh1 specs(does have M2 and 2x AC, I don't know). But from what I've seen the Wildcat is flat out broken. Or there is something wrong with the tweaks of the type 96 and the landing crafts. Yes the M2 can fuck up a Shin, but have you actually tried it with the Wildcat? So ignore whats on paper, how its implemented matters. At that, I was severely hampered, like a Sherman without HE or a coax. The Wildcat and the Zero are not equal at all in capabilities, and the entire map was using AA guns the zero could destroy but my plane. Fuck the tanks, AA is the top priority for any BF pilot. If we are doing the Vanilla Bf1942 spiel at Iwo-Jima, Then just give us the Hellcat and change the Zero to a Hien. In fact I'm gonna insisted that I'll not see the Wildcats in the finale. But enough politics IT was still a great fucking game! Or what?
  6. Worst: We were given inferior planes: Their bomber could make 3 bomb runs until empty and ours two, which granted is negligible. But the overt unfair advantage over us was giving us a Wildcat instead of an Hellcat, the Zero could hit harder with ground attacks, it could destroy the AA and our landing crafts, I could not. I know I bitched about not getting to use the Corsair but we got actively screwed, because we were given a Wildcat and not an Hellcat (which has heavier machine guns), my utility and effectiveness was 1/3 of what it should have been. Flags were lost because i couldn't do shit against the landing crafts. What more the Wildcat is not tweaked correctly, my mg's was like lasers, there was no spread at all, I had to move the damn thing like a scalpel. Best: I still p4wned j00! Most loved/liked player: @caenowas a worthy adversary. Most hated player: I gotta check the stats first but it could be @caeno but better candidate is @kummitus and anyone else manning the AA at G-4 which interfered time and time again in the last round.
  7. Tore

    FH2 #4 - Irrawaddy stats

  8. Tore

    Dunkirk - France 1940

    An idea...create a kit with a special(non military gain attack) and create objects on a ship or at the cliffs of dover that can only be destroyed by said kit attack. Like objectives. And add the German fighters and fishing boats...and A LOT of the objectives mind you....to escort 1 specialized piece of kit to represent the evacuation and to prove it you must destroy an objective. 1 objective destroying attack per kit and the dilemma will be to i help defend or destroy objectives.
  9. Tore

    FH2 #4 - Irrawaddy stats

    Are you saying its unfair because they had better performance or are you saying they intentionally diminished the foliage. I had to boost the clock frequency on mine and that helped a bit. Either way I don't think complaining about it is good form. The top players where at the temple which was a hard fight and their ratio was as mine 2.0, and I did a shitty job camping with a tank teamkilling 1/5 of my kills.
  10. And of course you took a snapshot....jokes on you though...you missed with the turtlemine.
  11. Best: My directive was basically to camp at the western flags. But I manage to pull of a couple of Wittman maneuvers with the help of team spotting and advances. -of couple of very risky maneuvers alone in the jungle to surprise a tank at the other side of the gorge or behind an enemy flag. -Me and Smash was on a shelf trying to support an attack on the south most flag, The attack failed and there was an counter attack immediately. But I just positioned my tank so the radio gunner covered 1 climb and I turned back to cover another. Smash took out so many trying to get through or to "Hello!" our tank. If his gun didn't overheat we'd be there still. Best2: I was only killed by turtle mines 3 or so times, my teammates really covered my ass this time, like I'm surprised I wasn't annoyed by turtle mines this battle. Worst: I think I provided shitty support overall, when I did try to support an assault on a flag I never managed to sync it correctly. Either I was to late or to careful and I was left alone and had to hightail it. Funny: After fumbling through a rear attack at INO to take out a tank, I was panicking and hitting all kinds of obstacles to get out while hearing the digging going on under me. Thought it was good slapschtick when I was scrambling to get out, a Jeep with ( @thunder493 or Thunderman if i recall correctly) was scrambling to get in and rammed into my tank. Funny2: I was surprised by a guy wielding a type99, and he must spent well over half his clip trying to shoot me at point blank range, before I manage to get him with the Enfield. Funny3: I'll let the other guy tell it. Most loved played: My Dawg @Smashmachinewho rode shotgun and saved the tank more then once. Most hated player: Most Finnish players: HQ.
  12. I compare this experience as being pecked to death by a duck. I blame myself though...why, why! WHY! MUST I ALWAYS GO INTO A TURNING FIGHT?! Best: The amount of good spots I got on the first couple of rounds. Worst: The murder fog. Worst1: The murder fog, and no spots forcing me to go trawling through the landscape, giving an endless amount of near misses because the fog only makes me distinguish 50 meters ahead.(hope you enjoyed your 250 kilo bomb). Worst2: The type 92 AA gun the Japanese side was for reasons granted during your defense. Most hated Player: Me for bitching and moaning to much about lack of AA support which was always down when i needed it to escape from @HaLoAL Not so deadly bill.
  13. I was about to retort that the Achi-Val isn't that different from the Hien, which I tested out at Sittang Bridge........ Then a moment passed and something finally clicked into my dense head. I didn't realize until now that there is the ki-27 ...and the KI-61. Holy crap that explains a lot. I couldn't under stand how you could get me so quickly with the peashooters from the Nakajima ki-27.
  14. Worst: -Found out that all my recordings was hooked onto some grey bars and not the game itself. Absolute Worst: -The Battleship-for-artillery fuckup. Funniest: -I was dealing with two planes at once and @HalcoR-=|RUS|=- decided to help me out with one of them. Most hated player: In the fourth round(third?) Round @HaLoAL REALLLY! got under my skin. Most loved/liked player: - @HaLoAL in the fifth round because i manage to pay him back ❤️ Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1573-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -Just an hour and a half before we started to play, @Smashmachine and I tried our best to make the most of the battleship fuckup work and we practised to dead aim both Green beach and Coastal Guns.

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