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  1. Most loved/liked player: - @Jager (Smoking hunter) For awsome dogfights and opportunity to dispence some pwnage. Worst: Felt bad leaving @Wasteland_Hero alone in the sky in the last round, and when I was rotated and fought for the axis. Worst2: No wing *bonks* this battle Funniest: - But I did manage to do this, So which one of you flipped his shit?(this is why I hate trees, when you crash into them they don't do cool shit like this!) And this...(I would say stay out of the runway but you were actually in the air so) asd.mp4
  2. Sluts, does it for FREE! I'm just Billig!
  3. Best: -My very first life in first round, Tipped over the tank but stayed around to kill a p4 with c4, two rally points and almost killed the KT with an gebalte. Best2: -So many Gebalte evasions! The very Last minute of the last battle I saved @mcpollo tank by hijacking it while he was reparing and killed the guy throwing a gebalte, then drove te tank away from the gebalte. Worst: -SO MANY KILLS LOST BECAUSE I WAS A NANO SECOND AWAY FROM THE TRIGGER! Funniest: - I killed KT the south of Wirt with 3 shots at point blank range with the 90mm! Last shot I basically ran around circles to give him a last look of his enema in progress. Most hated player: - @Hetzenhauer DON'T TELL ME TO CHARGE A KT I'M LOOKING FOR WIHTOUT BOTHERING TO SPOT IT FOR ME! Also railway lines...fuck those...could have had the KT if it wasnt for that.  Most loved/liked player: - @Spindrifter49 For looking out for poor widdle tanks! Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/3141-best-battle-photo-medal/ This man saved the stug from humiliation by being killed by one guy in an axis infested Wirt. Other: -
  4. Best1: I dropped a whole load of bombs on the bomber. Best2: I almost bombed the bomber when I raced to get in position over him, but it must have looked kick-ass from outside. Best3: I bombed the bomber in a turn with only ONE bomb, got caught in the back blast but..But HEY I only had one bomb so i had to get close. Worst1: I'm having PTSD from all the TKs I did, especially where I did some kind of fan of death and the bombs went whichever way. This was really fun, but Allied really should have tried harder, I only got shot down once by a tank. edit: Who said it was to foggy for a dogfight?
  5. Best Photo: THAR SHE BLOWS! Worst: @Hetzenhauer you were(edit: ARE!)my white whale....and the incident on the public game a few weeks ago...next round...you better go allied...or I'll hunt you down with a vengeance. Worst2/and Best: I was a pretty lousy cap'n but @Smashmachine was terrific clerk: next time we should share responsibility Terrific: I don't care about the scores, In my eyes we won the campaign.
  6. Fuck! Forgot this one! Oh shit...just realized this has to much undertones that I'm not meaning to express, eh good thing I'm drunk! Second edit: Eh fuck it its perfect!
  7. Happy New years all! And @HaLoAL It takes a while to do something about misery, its often close and easy to reach...just hard to realize. Its all cliches really. Just try to be grateful in what you do have, you'd be surprise how well it works, towards others and yourself.
  8. What is left for you to consider this as "release"?
  9. Would be better if I got the kubel to. Best: It was a pure air challenge. @HaLoAL and me worked very well together and there is room for improvements. @HalcoR-=|RUS|=- and @Wasteland_Hero sure put up a fight. Worst: - I cost us TWO flags singlehandedly by bombs released to soon at hilltop and a strafing which I never thought would hit anything but caught two guys in the HQ fountain. Funniest : My first kills happened when i tried my patented "Fighter surprise"tm move, (which didn't work well with the Mosquito, but ask @AdmiralBG he will tell you all about it) but by chance I got 3 kills when the bombs landed on the ground. I could say the position where i climbed was calculated so to not waste the bomb, but Ce'st la vie.
  10. Best: -I had fun and managed to vindicate myself a bit for my shitty air performance this campaign( I blame the new joystick) Worst: - Though I wasted the kitty plenty of times, there was at least 4-5 separate instances where I got the tiger only on it death throes and no more. I blame the fucking trees. Best Battle Photo - https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2128-best-battle-photo-medal/ (not really battle etc, etc) This is why they call it a photo shoot. (Alt: Wasteland pulled off the worst case of photobombing I've ever seen)
  11. It wasn't the first attempt in that battle, or the campaign. How close did I come?
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