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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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  1. Balance, maps and especially the mood. Oh, and the use of bloody bugged assets, like the light tank Stuart with armor like a Maus. The assets, weapons etc. were so unbelievably imbalanced that everyone was annoyed, angry or straight-up pissed off 24/7 when playing, and reading the best worst funniest threads did nothing but fuel the flames. And nobody seemed to care or do anything to fix it. Then again, it was the death throes of FHT, but the campaign left such a bad taste in my mouth, that I refuse to play a single pacific map again.
  2. I second this. The last Pacific FH2 campaign was toxic and absolutely horrible. If CMP wouldn't have started after it, I would have probably quit playing campaigns for good.
  3. Best: Intense and violent battles at the church flag. Worst: The constant lagging and rubberbanding. Funniest: #1: APC tries to drive over me, I slip between his wheels. He tries again with the same result. One guy jumps out with an SMG - my STG took him out. The driver is still sitting in the APC with the windshield hatches open. Took him out as well. #2: Clearing a house and I run into <an enemy player>! I was still reloading and I was certain he'd shoot me, but he didn't. Instead, he just turned around and ran out. I was a bit confused, but I reasoned he thought I didn't see him and he's running around to stab me in the back, so I head out and walk around the house and he runs right into my STG. #3: Playing high. Running around with the STG felt just like playing airsoft! Most hated player: Myself. Definitely myself. Had a couple of reactions like this when some simple tasks failed. I'm not proud of this. Most loved/liked player: The guys in the squad for putting up with my shenanigans.
  4. Ensign_Steel

    CMP password

    The password for the battle server changes each battle and you need to get it from your company officer before joining in.
  5. I'll spoil it for you. He most likely felt scared, stressed out and depressed in the hell on earth called the eastern front.
  6. Because Africa hasn't been played much and it's still an interesting theater!
  7. As much as I hate Africa maps... I'm gonna vote for Africa.
  8. Ensign_Steel

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #7 Strongpoint Joki

    Bro, that update file leads to Sinimäed. :E Here is the correct file for anyone not on Discord. https://fh2.cmp-gaming.com/cmp_file_share/battle_7_strongpoint_joki.zip
  9. Ensign_Steel

    FH2 #3 - Into Darkness - Sinimaed Stats

    Perfectly Balanced And Totally Equal Air Assets 5/5
  10. Best: Friday night FH2! Worst: Getting heckled from the office about stupid shit -.- Funniest: Not sure Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Other: Okay... I've been saying this since the FHT times, but apparently nobody has heard or listened before, so I'll make it clear. STOP. FORCING. THE. FUCKING. 190. ON. THE. AXIS. TEAM. THAT PLANE IS NOT A FUCKING FIGHTER. IT'S JUST AS CUMBERSOME AS THE GODDAMN STUKA, IT'S SLOWER THAN MOST PLANES. NO, ENERGY FIGHTING DOES NOT WORK WITH THE BF2 ENGINE. NO, OUTRUNNING IS NOT POSSIBLE WITH THIS SETUP. JUST STOP FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! I know pilots are more like an afterthought, but SOME GODDAMN BALANCED ASSETS would be appreciated!
  11. Ensign_Steel

    FH2 - Into Darkness - Battle #5 Sinimaed

    I can confirm this.
  12. Ensign_Steel

    Enlisted WW2 MMO

    Considering the mess Soviet Thunder is, I'm not gonna get my hopes up.
  13. Here here! Well, this week I'll be prepared...
  14. Best: The map and the gamemode! Switching defenders/attackers between rounds was BRILLIANT. Worst: The server. Definitely the server and the lag spikes. Funniest: Nothing particularly funny happened Most hated player: Went on a childish rant about one guy, but that's just because I hadn't had my medicine for the evening. Most loved/liked player: Everyone in the squad. Kept teamkilling the same guy by mistake, but he was a good sport about it.
  15. Ensign_Steel

    A better place to live

    Finland also has a shortage of highly skilled programmers.

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