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Announcing the launch of CMP's Third FH2 Campaign - "Into Darkness". Join the battles in the Winter and Continuation War fought between Finland and the Soviet Union.

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  1. Ensign_Steel

    A better place to live

    Finland also has a shortage of highly skilled programmers.
  2. Ensign_Steel

    The Paradox of Tolerance

    I absolutely agree with you on the problem regarding the so-called game rigging. For example, our politicians love to flaunt with the generous grants our government gives to businesses in order to help them grow, but the truth is that these grants only go to the largest companies. All contract work etc. goes to the companies owned by the friends of the people in charge. I wouldn't call myself a member of any wing. As you might know, I'm a small business owner as well and I support some evil lefty-socialist ideals, like providing everyone with basic income, no matter if they can or can't work, free healthcare and free education etc. while at the same time I support an optimized, heavily automatized and small government.
  3. Ensign_Steel

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday, @Pichu1199!
  4. Ensign_Steel

    The Paradox of Tolerance

    I don't care what wing someone stand for If their modus operandi includes violence or destruction of property. In my eyes, those guys are automatically scumbags and should just stay at home, wrecking their own shit. I mentioned antifa since they tend to be the violent cunts here and so many douchebags in charge turn a blind eye to them while keeping the low-iq monkeys with shaved heads under tight scrutiny. There are of course those that do the exact opposite - keeping a close eye on antifa while letting the Nordic Resistance off the hook. Then again, it's nothing new that politicians do everything half assed.
  5. Ensign_Steel

    The Paradox of Tolerance

    That is indeed strange and I see the same kind of special treatment being handed to those violent scumbags in antifa. I'm all for tolerating stuff that doesn't (or at least shouldn't) cause trouble to others. You know, like what ethnicity you are, what sexuality you are, what your political views are and so forth. Violence, destruction of public or someone else's property and ideologies which include discrimination and/or killing others on the other hand are things that I feel shouldn't be tolerated.
  6. Ensign_Steel

    CMP Quotes

    They don't make sense for the majority of us anyway since we can't understand the language.
  7. Ensign_Steel

    The Paradox of Tolerance

    Sheesh, I fucking knew this was gonna start all over again... Well, one part made me kek and it was this one: Seriously, what on earth is your problem with naked people? I just can't see what the big taboo is. I mean, nobody is born wearing clothes. Then again, I'm from the country whose biggest gift to the world along with dank memes is the sauna. While bathing in a sauna, everyone is naked, all ranks and titles disappear - some say even gender disappears and for a short time is replaced with one universal gender - 'the sauna bather'. In a sauna, business partners, bosses and subordinates etc. can relax and talk freely - get to know the real person instead of the puffed up and stone cold businessman.
  8. Ensign_Steel

    FH2 CMP Campaign #3 - "Into Darkness" Launched

    I sure hope the "what you need to play" post will be done before it...
  9. Ensign_Steel

    US Army Develops 'Third Arm' Exoskeleton

    Hue hue hue hue look at the robot penises hue hue hue
  10. Ensign_Steel

    FH2 CMP Campaign #3 - "Into Darkness" Launched

    Yes I can! Thank you!
  11. Ensign_Steel

    FH2 CMP Campaign #3 - "Into Darkness" Launched

    Question number 2, why can't I see the regimental forum after I've joined and been accepted?
  12. Ensign_Steel

    FH2 CMP Campaign #3 - "Into Darkness" Launched

    Please make the "FH2 Campaign "Into Darkness" Is Now Open" text in the top of the page take you to the sign-up page.
  13. Ensign_Steel

    Community Music Channel

  14. Ensign_Steel

    Forgotten Hope 2.53 Launch Party!

    I need to hit the gym today after work. Then I need to update FH2. I'll do my best to attend.

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