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  1. Community Music Channel

    Tali-Ihantala 1944 (2007). The English title is "1944: The Final Defence" http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0378848/
  2. Community Music Channel

    Suomi 100 - Finland 100 Have some music, fellas. First some tunes of war in the form of march music. How many translated German marches can you recognize? Vöyrin Marssi... Some of the lyrics can be a bit controversial, but it's still something we used to sing a lot while drinking. Not music, but some tank combat! Finally the Finlandia hymn. This one is beautiful.
  3. Relationship Advice Thread

    When haven't we (CMP that is. Some of the shit written and stated on a certain other similar gaming community website was beyond toxic) been accepting of all gamers? You aren't suffering from self-hatered or loathing due to your race or gender, are you?
  4. Battlefield - The Revive Network - Closed ?

    Because I'm a sad, sad waste of space with no joy in my life except for off-color language.
  5. Star Citizen needs you

    Tried it out, still won't run even at 10fps on my system. I guess I'll look into SC again when I have upgraded my rig.
  6. Hi guys

    Why would you care what they think?
  7. TV Shows / Movies Review

    If you click on the closed captions [CC] button, you'll get English subtitles for the trailer. The movie is currently shown only in Finland. Sweden will get it on our independence day (6.12) and after that... I don't know. A DVD/BR rip should appear later on.
  8. TV Shows / Movies Review

    Saw The Unknown Soldier (Tuntematon Sotilas, 2017) on Saturday. Holy fucking shit. The old black and white one from 1955 had some kind of positive vibe and message in it, but this one doesn't play around. There is no positive message, there is no hope. It shows how fucking horrible war is in a way I haven't seen before. It's tough to say what exactly they did what I experienced as especially powerful. It might be the fact that I was kind of expecting the morale boosting banter and 'don't worry guys, we'll be fine!' mentality from the book and the old movie but all I got was gritty scenes of wounded soldiers screaming and crying in pain in bloodcurdling voices, a thick atmosphere of constant fear and anxiety and the pain of losing friends and fellow soldiers you count upon. And it was three hours long. An even longer series is coming out later. The battle scenes were shot beautifully, mostly from the viewpoint of the soldiers themselves and they even got some real T-34's driving around and wrecking shit. A couple of really nice Allahu Akbar scenes as well! I'm giving the film 9/10 points, but I might be biassed though because Finland, the continuation war and all that. However, I honestly think most of you guys would really like this film. Edit: Actually, I think I'm gonna go watch it again...
  9. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @BorderLive
  10. Mysterious Void Found Inside Great Pyramid

    And the mystery deepens!
  11. Community Music Channel

    My go-to song when flying fighters or bombers. "Radar! Riding radar!"
  12. Arma III

    Just driving the car towards enemy territory was a rush. My heart was beating faster and I was annoying the others in the car by singing something stupid like I always do whenever I'm nervous. You could really feel the tension. It was simply intense the whole way through.
  13. Battlefield - The Revive Network - Closed ?

    Well fuck. How to get BF2 now?
  14. China develops way to grow rice in salt water

    Highly interesting! I'll be following updates on this!
  15. Arma III

    This is one of those gaming experiences you try once and get addicted right away.