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  1. FH2 - Which maps should be ported from BF2 or BF2142?

    Coral Sea you say? It was actually one of my favorite maps in good ol' 1942.
  2. Hell Let Loose... Under development WW2 FPS game

    Hmm, my company's engine can do graphics like that. I need to pitch a WWII game at some point.
  3. Universe is Expanding Faster Than Predicted

    Just goes to show how little we know even though we've come this far as a species. Cool stuff that we nevertheless have some possible explanations. Man, if Hubble has been this useful, I wonder what the several times larger and more precise James Webb Space Telescope will be able to detect! Too bad its launch is delayed until next year, I'm super excited for the first images it'll capture.
  4. BetterDiscord

    Don't worry about grammar, Halo. You speak English really well and you write it even better. I've never had trouble understanding you.
  5. Back to Battlefield 2

    I'm up for some BF2.
  6. What Games / Genres Would You Like To See Played Within CMP?

    I'm dreaming of a new IL2 Sturmovik 1946 campaign, but I doubt there's enough players for it.
  7. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    Absolutely! I've seen them pull off water landings before.
  8. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    Well shit. Was really hoping for a 3 out of 3 there.
  9. Falcon Heavy Test Flight

    Watched it live with a friend. The synchronized booster rocket landing was wonderful and I got some really strong Heavy Metal vibes from the whole Tesla in space thing. Did the 3rd rocket land successfully? Never heard any news about it. Here's that Heavy Metal scene I was talking about.
  10. Community Music Channel

  11. Nintendo

    I've been highly interested in the Nintendo Switch myself, but haven't gotten around to getting one. Not really a console guy, but we really would need one at the office for testing purposes. If we can get our games working on that as well it would mean more potential customers.
  12. Battalion 1944

    I'd call something like Quake 1/2/3 and the original Unreal Tournament an 'old school' FPS.
  13. I'll try to attend as well!
  14. Happy Holidays!

    I wanted to wish all you fellas happy holidays, whatever you might be celebrating! Thanks for making my 2017 a buttload better than it would have otherwise been. In honor of the shortest days of the year, I'll share with you my favorite winter solstice story. Stay safe, stay happy, thank you for 2017!
  15. New Dawn, New Frontier - Arma III

    Now that FH2 is on a break, we're playing on Fridays. Well, excluding this Friday at least, since Christmas is just around the corner.