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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, CMP Community.I had the idea of real badges and awards in the last FH2 campaign.I would be interested to know if there is any interest in it, that's why I added a poll. Due to the prices and the logistics (shipping to the users), I thought of a badge for participating in a campaign. Of course it would also be interesting to make an extra for the winner of a campaign. But you always have to think of the prices and the minimum order quantities. If interested, I would take over the organization for the real badges and the financial and logistic processing.Personally, I would be happy if there would be interest in the community. To give you an idea what I mean, I've picked out a few examples here. I have not fixed on any provider. The prices and acceptance are everywhere almost the same. What do you say?Are you interested and willing to spend a maximum of (Europe-wide shipping, the badges themselves are cheaper) spend 5 euros per campaign. Virtual badges are nice, but transient and not binding. Such a commemoration of the community and the campaign you can touch and it will always remind you of your good time here. the dealer, the examples and the prices are not yet final. It is about me first to find out if there is an interest . https://www.aufnaeher-express.de/aufnaeher-showroom/ http://www.online-stickerei.de/stickerei-showroom.html https://www.aufnaeher.de/ Just take a look around, I have not chosen the most beautiful, there are much nicer forms and Matrials possible. Since I did not know where it fits best in the forum I chose the off topic corner to reach all. Myself, I would be very happy about such a memory. Please take part in the survey and post your opinion here. Many Thanks
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