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FH2 Campaign #7: Battle 12 - Hochwald - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: the first two minutes of round two!


Worst: all the Bazookas ...

Funniest: -

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: The Allies have prepared themselves for a long time, there was a noticeable amount of activity on the Allied training server. Fear of defeat was great. But for whatever reason, they could not turn their good preparation into a victory. There were many ups and downs, and sometimes a little frustration. But in the end it was a great campaign, thank you all! Thanks for this great campaign. I hope to see you all again for the next campaign!

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Best:  Nice map with a lot of good things

Worst:  need to ivent stuff to do on fridays... there is a woman sitting next me on the couch. Apparently shes my girlfriend.  She seems nice.

Funniest:  Papillon caving after his first beer. Fenno party on allied HQ

Most hated player: - Hawk just has the luck of the irish. Needed to give him a Commitee level warning to stop him from bagging me

Most loved/liked player:  i forgot  who he was. A true gentleman. Accepted the knife fight. Even though i forgot your name (booze) youre name will not be forgotten

Best Battle Photo -

Other:  Thats all folks. Thanks for joining

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Best: - Froggies rolling thunder, Spaniards being spaniards, and HQ being drunk. Axis & Allied teams having fun. This week high motivation on the team, pushed by @FunnyBombarik

Worst: - People misbehaving after battle. That really serves nothing.

Funniest: - Full retard strat for the win !

Most hated player: - People who decide to sneak on their own on a flag a whole squad is trying to prepare to assault.

Most loved/liked player: - Drunk @turbomursu @Sir_Kowskoskey & @Papillon, @0utlaw for deing such a great work, and all the frenchies who fought in a nice squad that kept up until the end ! @thunder493 @Heia Safari! @Garfield @MedicalWanderer @La-Hire @SputnikFighter @Druidix @_Arras_ @Master_of_Pain_25 @Temp3st02 @Faolan04 !! Also @BaskaBommi @caeno & @Ronid it was a real pleasure to fight with you ! @gen.p @TomTom39 & @Zabstone for their amazing work with the polish community  and their commitment in the team ! @kutuzovrusss @radiosmersh @Slepov92 for their hard work with the russians until the end and of course grumpy @Erwin for being grumpy @Erwin

Best Battle Photo - Currahee !



Other: - Hope to see you @jojosensei on the next campaign !

GG to all of you guys, a bit sad we lost, but it was a hell of a fight and we had so much fun.


@thunder493 polishing his melee stats

little @RayderPSG unaware of Rocketman @SputnikFighter

A strong opponent rekt by rocketman! gg @Ombustman you were great this campaign ! same for you @WOLFXL

@turbomursu's nightmare


Push it !!


Axis being real even after the campaign


@RayderPSG all the spaniards & @BaskaBommi ! Such a great regiment you have become




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Best: - Throughout this campaign we were shaping a new Polish regiment and though we had our rough moments, the last 2 battles showed how much we improved. 

Here's one example when in the last round I stayed behind as SL and asked @TomTom39 and @matyszg to lead a sneak attack on Tuschenwald. Their great coordination got us a cap on the flag. Gentelman, you and those who joined your assult desrve the highest praise.











Worst: - Having to step down from HQ due to the strain that task of leading the division coupled with increase in my IRL work was exerting on me. Thank you @Sir_Kowskoskey, @turbomursu and @Papillon for taking over and doing great job.

Funniest: - In the last round HQ calls Baska who was away for a moment so me and @Zabstone being on CC started singing Bohemian Rhapsody over the comms changing "Mamaaaa" to "Baskaaaa."

Singing "Gory, gory" in the first and last battles of the campaign! 

Most hated player: - No one.

Most loved/liked player: - The Allied HQ, @0utlaw for being the best artillerist in the whole game, @caeno, @CptBocquier, @BaskaBommi, @gen.p, @Slepov92 for exemplary lead of their regiments till the end. 

@caeno for doing lots of recon, participating in all discussions as well as being calm and level-headed in his command.

@CptBocquier for making the French squad (though limited in numbers) at many points the most effective force in the division. I'd really like to play in a regiment led by you.

@BaskaBommi for outstanding lead of the regiment, great CC communication and great effectivness in the field.

@gen.p for shaping along with @TomTom39, @Zabstone and others the Polish community.

@Slepov92 for great lead of the Russians, who under your leadership became our divisional steamrollers, pushing the enemy away wherever you went.

@RayderPSG for always supporting the Polish community and helping us to shape it. I'd like the play in your regiment too, the Spaniards were always the toughest opponents.

@TomTom39 and @Zabstone I additionally want to praise your coordination when you were playing and commanding together. The synergy between you was evident and helped us a lot in achieving our objectives.

I also want to thank all Polish players who participated in the campaign. I will see you soon!

Best Battle Photo -


In preparation for the last battle Allies are inventing new vehicles to bring us victory. Here is a brand new jeeparmored M1A1 Choo Choo Train.

Other: -

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Best Battle Photo -

Flip"finny" means: All Finns are crazy drivers!


@Gameplayer500 you are famous now :)  Hey, this photo embraces @Sir_Kowskoskey too. We know how he love driving! ;)


Funniest: - My sujuk videos!

And here is your gift to my sujuk brothers:


And bonuses:

Now starring "Ohh Papi!" (@Papillon)



And special one goes to @Gameplayer500






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Best: - Arriving to the last battle with everything to be decided. Numbers trhoughout the campaign being awesome. bringing it home for the spaniards! 

Worst: - this is over!  Getting the feeling i didn't bag enough...not a bagging champion. 

Funniest: - Anguita's rage, @Nightwing and @mcpollo leading the spaniards

Most hated player: - myself flipping that half-track...

Most loved/liked player: - everyone! specially @Nightwing @sergioten and of course @CptBocquier 

Best Battle Photo -

About to visit my PL friends...


Other: - franco-hispanic pic



-Wanted also to say thank you to everyone involved in the admin and allied team:

-@CptBocquier for perfectly leading the frenchies once again and making decent and stable numbers on his squad (and for being our photographer, of course). It's really nice to see the camembert definitely in! @Heia Safari! for leading the tanks, it wasn't nice to meet you while trying to sneak around! 

- @Ronid @turbomursu and @Sir_Kowskoskey for HQ duties.  Loved your early work Ronid! About suomi tandem, Being bagged by you was a real thing. I still have nightmares thinking about Turbo's laugh while he jumps in my face.  Thanks kows for stepping up as always in what you think is best for the good of a campaign

- @Ronid @TomTom39 @gen.p for the outstanding job you're doing with reviving the PL community! I never saw before a faster growing from a language regiment. You improved a lot on this campaign from what I could see !  keep it up! 

- @Slepov92 for leading the russians for his I think 1st time! well done mate!  

- @caeno @Erwin @Spindrifter49 @BaskaBommi for leading the biggest allied regiments, introducing lots of new players!  

-To all the new active players in allied I hadn't seen before! : @Allealle @Hugo22 @burakthelion @BigBigMonkeyMan @jojosensei @CrazyReese @DONALD TRUMP @_Arras_ @Andrew558 @Guinho @thedude1234 @DepthCharge55 @kubotaisnice @Robin @Doktor @Otto Waltz @FranzKruger @Minnie @Nickie @Akikyo @Menuen @Fellafi @IVAN_88 @Diegothic @The_Green_Bunny @TheBlackReaper @Th3rioN @matyszg @Evgeny583 @theUg @beavis_aka_ostwind without new blood this wouldn't make much sense!  hope to see you in the next one too! (maybe there are some oldies here but I didn't see them before, so...😁)

-To all the scorers who accepted to be in the said team! 

-to the involved admins who worked hard to make this possible ! @kummitus @Quicksilver @Papillon @RAnDOOm @Wualy and of course the mappers @Watchtower @SgtAlex@Blander @GeoPat @Pr0z4c 

It was a pleasure ! 

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-Great last battle with full server the whole evening and with a good chance for both sides to win the whole camp!

-Not really worst, but of course winning the camp would have been nice :D

-There were some funny moments during the battle, but I have to admit that the stuff after the battle was funnier with the trains etc. and the chatting in TS :D

-Thank you all on both sides for a great campaign! (Too many to link all, but all means all :D) And especially thanks to the admins and mappers and behind the scenes people that make this possible! 

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Very good numbers throughout the campaign, hunting the tanks, almost everything. This was a good campaign. Thank you people!

Not having enough time for strats and practices. Losing is never nice, even to a very good opponent.
Midsummer party with @Sir_Kowskoskey. Also making the song was quite fun. Even thought about rapping myself, but the TS clips sound better.... Oh, and bagging them tanks and AT guns took the whole hobby to a new level.

Other:  Thanks to @Ronid and Kowskey for doing most of the HQ duties, our squad leaders and our players. Also thanks the Axis HQ and Axis team for being a worthy opponent. If you were even a little bit less good, we would have won. Well done!


One would think this is a sure hit. Well guess what, the train swerved.


@Ombustman is practically dead meat. Well, no. He decides to drive forward.


When teabagging is your second nature....

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