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  1. Yes Indeed. My mistake, just corrected it
  2. Hello everyone! I am in great need of your opinion. For a project that I am "maintaining alive" I would need to know what you would be interested in watching or playing. As the topic of our project is oriented towards Military Campaigns and how it was done at that period, from Logistics to the battlefield tactics and campaign strategy; I would need to know which one piques your interest. The poll allows for multiple choices, feel free to choose any of the answers. Including that the topic does not interest you. Big thanks!
  3. On compte sur vous tous les amis! C'est vrai que c'est sympa de se retrouver tous les Vendredi et Jeudi soir. Au plaisir de vous retrouver sur le champ de bataille o7
  4. Video not disponible. Bravo @Druidix Because you guys need to hear my name more often (Joking)
  5. Retirer les russes pour mettre des américaines? AH! Traitrîse! Au traître! A l'aide! On est socialiste ici! Enfin..je parle pour moi ^^ Certains ici aiment les américains..
  6. Je ne jouerai JAMAIS l'axe si les russes sont disponibles! Vive Moscou! Vive la russie! GIP GIP HURRAAA! Info: Je viens de rentrer d'expat en russie. Mais j'accueil avec plaisir les gens au 172nd et sinon une prochaine campagne on peut voir pour se monter ça ouais
  7. Do we as a tolerant society (Speaking of France and European West countries) and as democracies let extremists do their ideas speech? As for me, it's obvious that it doesn't matter which idea they do speak of, but they are free to do it. Even though I may dislike it.
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