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What would you Play/Watch: POLL

Heia Safari!

What would you play/watch  

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  1. 1. What Strategy Video Game or Documentary would you like to play/see? Main theme is around the military campaigns during a certain period or war

    • About the Roman Empire Military Campaigns from creation to end of Augustus reign
    • The 30 Year War in Germany/Central Europe - Military Campaign, logistic issues, warfare and battle tactics
    • The Ottoman Empire Campaigns during the Long Turkish War and Great Turkish War - Military Campaign, logistic issues, warfare and battle tactics
    • France/England/Spain/Austria Battles and military campaigns during the Nine Years War, Spanish plus Austrian succession war and the Seven year war?
    • French Revolutionary War, including Revolution fight, Vendée civil war and the first coalition war? (Maybe add second coalition war too)
    • U.S. Independence War
    • No one. Military Campaigns, strategy and etc is boring.

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Hello everyone!

I am in great need of your opinion. For a project that I am "maintaining alive" I would need to know what you would be interested in watching or playing.
As the topic of our project is oriented towards Military Campaigns and how it was done at that period, from Logistics to the battlefield tactics and campaign strategy; I would need to know which one piques your interest.


The poll allows for multiple choices, feel free to choose any of the answers. Including that the topic does not interest you.


Big thanks!

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