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Regarding the CMP FH2 Public Servers: If you are banned, it is most likely the autoadmin kickbanning you for too many tk's. You are getting automatically unbanned within a couple of hours.


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  1. Ombustman

    Extreme Sports

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    Community Music Channel

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    Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    Day of Infamy free weekend from April 26 to 30 http://store.steampowered.com/app/447820/Day_of_Infamy/
  4. Ombustman

    Community Music Channel

    Mount and Blade Soundtrack - Swadian Hall
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    Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    %66 sale for Mount & Blade series http://store.steampowered.com/sale/mountandblade/
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    Strategy Games anyone?

    I have Civilization V. but I'm not good at it : D
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    Community Music Channel

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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    Yesterday's pan kill.
  9. Ombustman

    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    I managed to get rank 14 once but going downhill ever since. And the key to get high rank is to play like a coward lol. Land somewhere as far as possible from everyone and just hide.
  10. Ombustman

    Game Deals / Sales / Freebies - Post Here

    I have 500 hours in Insurgency : D
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    PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Team

    When you try hard.
  12. Ombustman

    Battalion 1944

    It feels like Call of Duty 2 gunfight + Call of Duty 4 promod movement= Battalion 1944. Smgs are too powerful, maps are not as good as cod 2 and cod 4 maps such as Toujane, Strike, Crash, Crossfire and Backlot. Maps needs some tweaking but other than that It's good to see a cod like e-sport game after 10 years.
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    Community Music Channel

  14. Ombustman

    What Games / Genres Would You Like To See Played Within CMP?

    There is a weekly event for Mount & Blade: Warband every tuesday at 20:00 gmt. If we gather enough players (5-6) we can join. PM me if you are interested. This event consists of 100 - 200 players following their leaders orders on a large map using tactics and power to crush the opposing teams shield walls. Link : https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,360268.0.html
  15. BazBattles - https://goo.gl/UtstPB Animated battles from medieval era. Kings and Generals -https://goo.gl/7xdJdV Animated battles about Hundred Years' War, Napoleonic Wars, Ottoman Conquests and the Restoration of Justinian and some sci-fi. Historia Civilis - https://goo.gl/hdBNZH Rome freak. EmperorTigerStar - https://goo.gl/7jYXw4 Historical maps with timelapse. Reply History - https://goo.gl/GWWEP5 Historical events explained with simple diagrams. Historyden - https://goo.gl/AhrZQw Another rome freak. History With Hilbert - https://goo.gl/JAicoh Long documentaries from all eras. Jabzy - https://goo.gl/MhLSm7 Short documentaries, mostly military conflicts. The Great War - https://goo.gl/Cirm5t WWI documentaries. IT'S HISTORY - https://goo.gl/CMZrHV Same guy as above, short documentaries from all eras. Military History Visualized - https://goo.gl/HxeEst This channel features Military History ranging from Classical Times up to contemporary conflicts. AlternateHistoryHub - https://goo.gl/k8GWRi An entire channel dedicated to the 'What If?".