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FH2 Campaign #6: Battle 4 - Avalanche - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best:  The numbers. Its fantastic to play a campaign in a full server. 50 x 50

Worst: Nothing for now.

Funniest: My lack of skill

Most hated player: No one

Most loved/liked player: Everyone!

Best Battle Photo -

"The Mighty Tractor Attack Tactic! LETS GOOOOOO!  .....and then i died...."

Other: -

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Best: - very close game and excellent numbers

Worst: - nothing actually. Maybe getting knifed in the woods by some noob

Funniest: - getting teabagged by the same noob and also receiving PM thru Discord

Most hated player: - no one. 

Most loved/liked player: - All Axis

Best Battle Photo -  

Other: - I was at church and saw someone driving the civillian truck like drunk. Started shooting at it but it ran away. Moments later I hear it driving again and stopping south east on the hillside. I shoot the guy and see I got @Sir_Kowskoskey. Of course I have to get there so I run down the hill and look for the corpse in the bushes hoping it does not disappear befor I find it. Luckily he did not get far from the truck and the he was laying on his back. So while admiring his moustache I teabagged him well and ran back to church. I thought I took a screenshot, but could not find it :(.

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On 11/8/2019 at 8:05 PM, RAnDOOm said:


Best: Hunt in the forest between Bridge and Lumbermill. Geballte Ladung kills

Worst:  Getting hunted in the forest. Drifts with Civilian Truck

Funniest: The Amount of teamkills with Arty, that Inactive Sherman.

Most hated player:  ???

Most loved/liked player: the guy at Arty

Best Battle Photo 
See attached pictures

Other: Sorry for the S-mines at Church, Ray 😅



Pic for Contest : Going to a Canadian Brunch with the Boys ! @RayderPSG @CptBocquier

Other pics for fun :

@La-Hire flexing his rock skills



German Village Rush Hour time

Smoking Tiger !


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Best: great numbers, even teams, both teams having equally good attendance, what else can I ask for?

Worst: not being able to get a shotgun kill

Funniest: the round I noticed the Tiger driver had 0 deaths and first in the scoreboard

Most hated player:  nobody

Most loved/liked player: everyone who played today

Best Battle Photo -

Setting up defensive positions


Other: -

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Best:  we might have lost the fight but they sure have a nose bleed after that one. Ive never heard people so positive and happy after a lost map. Allieds will be slapping axis around next week

Worst: 2 Points.... 

Funniest:  trash talk with @WOLFXL. @knokworst breakdance bren carrier at lumbermill. Tiger pooping axis soldiers. Crazy sklep born polaks on the march again

Most hated player:  no one

Most loved/liked player: @knokworst,

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: - Really close battle that just barely got in favour for the axis. Probably most balanced battle I've played so far.

Worst: -  Bloody 2 points.. 😅

Funniest: - Baska's shouts time to time. Bren carrier patrolling.

Most hated player: - Pantyfas' artillery was scary, every incoming shell caused a small heart attack.

Best Battle Photo - Not exactly a battle photo, but this one sat on my lap through whole battle - a mascot so to say (It's just sterilized thus the clothing on it).


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Best: - Finally lovely balanced teams, fierce fighting, Polish squad coop, lovely killing spree in Sherman and Bren Carrier and with sniper rifle

Worst: - that bloody 2 points, and being bayoneted twice by some crazy jerry

Funniest: - the crazy hurra! rush in last round with my Poles and taking a flag giving team a victory just to few seconds later heard that we lost to 2 points! 

Most hated player: - no one luckily 

Most loved/liked player: - @Ronid for great help with leading the squad. @Lajtus and other Pole the name i can't remember for that lovely tank                                                                       support during my time in Sherman.

Best Battle Photo - My face after taking that last flag last round 


Other: - It's lovely that all issues got mostly fixed properly and now we got lovely enjoyable battles. Good job guys!

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Best: - Taking the daimler and supporting squad attack on lumbermill. Driving around like crazy with machine guns blazing killing lots of germans, Friendly units running in between miraculously missing every bullet. Thinking to myself it's a wonder i have no TK's yet.

Worst: - Machine gun reloading of said daimler, spotting a suspicious civilian truck driving towards the freshly captured lumbermill flag. Trying to kill it with 40 mm, misssing every shot as it drives past me 3 meters away, thinking if i can't hit that i'm of no use in a tank.I try harder. It crashes into a tree and i finally kill it. Triple teamkill.

Funniest: - Getting team killed by the 25 pounder while camping the river bank at the forest between factory and the bridges. I'll clarify, i was not on an artillery spot or anything, inside a full health sherman. No barrage, just one shot => one (team)kill. Out of nowhere like a sniper.

Most hated player: -tiger

Most loved/liked player: - the guys spotting the tiger

Best Battle Photo - /

Other: - It was really fun, i did not perform well but i felt like fighting a battle with a plan and command structure.

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Best: First round momentum. The fighting around the town was intense, as was getting attacked by multiple squads from multiple directions at the Lumber Mill. Incredibly close game.

Worst: The Daimler harassing our infantry.

Funniest: @Sir_Kowskoskey stabbing me in a bush at Lumber Mill.

Another highlight was me shooting somebody from a bush near that same flag and one of our teammates turning around, staring at me for 5 seconds and then teamkilling me. I always love seeing the cogs turn in people's heads when they try to figure out if you are friendly

My sincere apologies to @Incognito for stepping into his s-mines thrice.

Most hated player: Daimler. :jumpinganger:

Most loved/liked player: All the 100 people who showed up.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: It was a fun match even if we didn't get to go to the active flags all the time.

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Best: - Numbers, spaniards numbers, Allied back to the race.

Worst: - Not having a 150 people server to let in all the people waiting to join.

Funniest: - Hunting the hole frenchi @RayderPSG squad at lumbermill destroying their first and second RP by my own. Roma traditoribus non praemiat

Most hated player: - @Ombustman and that cute Puma

Most loved/liked player: - @mcpollo with his spots @kirbyris-cafe with his arty

Best Battle Photo - / 

Allied visiting the dentist before battle

Other: - Good battle guys, can't wait to our next victory on friday.

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Best:  100 players again. Fantastic! 

Best2:-Close rounds! 

Best3: the poles are definitely regrouping! nice 

BEst4: @Quicksilver for staying with us learning some french 🤗

Worst: - the random crash and other details...

Funniest: - @Sir_Kowskoskey bagging me I don't know how many times. Same for the spaniards

Most hated player: - hope they know it.

Most loved/liked player: - everyone but those. 

Best Battle Photo -



Other: - keep it going people! 

I wanna thank all the admin team involved on the changes made recently but specially @Sir_Kowskoskey @BaskaBommi @Mr.ThunderMan @Humledrik and @GeoPat and his guys. Seems it was the correct move. Hope to have a great campaign. 

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Best: Awesome numbers all night and full server with people enjoying an amazing battle!. Nothing more to say!

Worst: - @RayderPSG complaining about resolution of some pics I made. Damm, you made me change everything again! :D

Funniest: In Factory, I saw an Allied soldier running around three wooden boxes and an Axis player following him. After two tournarounds, Allied soldier decided to go another place but Axis guy still completed two turns more. Imagine this with the "Benny Hill show" music, and you will understand why I laughed a lot... 🤣

Most hated player: No one this time (neither me, as I didn´t played)

Most loved/liked player: Everyone who showed up! Thanks for coming!

Best Battle Photo:


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Best: The command sent our "Italiano"-Russian battalion to capture and defend the Factory. We did it, but it is not the "best".
The Allied infantry attacked us from all sides like devils, and we held a circular defense in this hellish maelstrom, firing at the "demons" in green uniforms, in which it was easy for them to hide in the bushes of the local swamps, like ducks in the game "Duck Hunt". We survived, but this is not the "best".
To the south-east was the bridge, which had already been blown up in one section by our arrival, but i decided to blow it up in the second section as well. The bridge was blown up twice, but this is not the "best".
After the battle with the Allied infantry, we repaired the bridge by order of the command to ferry the Tiger, but it was not necessary, and we again returned to the Factory to guard it. At this point, as we left the bridge, @HaLoAL drove up to it, and blew it up again, for the third time.
This bridge was blown up three times, with which i congratulate the Axis side and the Allied side. It's done, guys, we kicked that bridge's ass, hip-hip-Hooray! 😃

Worst: The most unpleasant thing for me is that i fell under an accidental violation of the rules. 😐
Given my activity and communication on the site, the command in the person of @turbomursu and the moderators in the person of @RayderPSG can understand that i am not the kind of person who would do something so dishonest intentionally.
For them, i will describe the situation in more detail in the report, and here i want to clarify that the 2-3 moments are not intentional, and if my actions seemed suspicious, then i hasten to assure that they were not.
In such events, which are held by the CMP community, the main goal is to enjoy an interesting and collaborative time for all participants of the event, and not for the sake of scoring points for a couple of people, and i understand this, and support such activities.

Funniest (1) : From our base, i arrived with a mortar in the middle of our "triangle" of positions held, in order to support the entire team with fire in a timely manner. When there was a second attack on the river bridge, i needed to move forward to reach the target.
Here is here the i and heard characteristic shot... another mortar that was in the bushes ahead. 😀
Hey, buddy @gen.p, what are you doing here, at the rear of the enemy? 😉 



Funniest (2) : Not know why, but in mid-battlefield Fraps stopped work, and part of combat screenshots not persisted, and not persisted also screenshots with common Assembly on the bridge (on the end of the battle), and screenshots in pond have mothers goose and its ducklings (including @Wualy, who helped us take the picture), and in Church, where "wolves" Lupo staged a "evening mass", and on southwestern coast, where is "satanic sanctuary" (including @AdmiralBG, who oversaw our witch flights).
The very fact of this saddens me, but the time with the ducklings, in the Church and the Satanists, we spent great, with fun (already all left the server, and we still remained), and i recommend that other teams also try to fool around with their company in different parts of the map. 😉

Most hated player: Nobody.
(I'm kidding. The most villain was the one who killed mother goose and ducklings, and suppressed all the mushrooms in the forest! 👺)

Most loved/liked player: All those who played quietly that evening, and enjoyed themselves and helped others.

Best Battle Photo: Oh my God, i just love these guys! 😃
Who ever managed to do this to them - put them in the car, make them sit there silently and uncomplainingly, waiting for the "mother" will come back for their "children", when at this time
(right around them, because they were in the center of all the traffic) around them all the other players are running, jumping, fussing, ramming each other, select equipment... but at the same time, do not touch these two guys who do not even change the place in the car, but sit quietly in the same places? 
They look so poor and miserable that i want to feed them something while they wait for "mom", or to pat the cheeks of these potbellies. 😅

   ("Sit here, kids, mommy will be right back.") :

Other: Given the reshuffle of the Allied team, a two-point difference is normal. Not fact, that the next battle will successful for Axis, after all have us still half of campaign ahead, plus have all there is personal life and work, so someone from those who issued a good outcome in first battles, can simply not find time or opportunities for participation in past.
Also, the maximum turnout is very good, and it is hoped that this will continue, and not so that from the 6th or 8th battle the number of players will be 50-70 people for example.

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Best: - 50 Vs 50 , thank you all for coming to play.

Worst: -I killed a lot of mine . Ich bin schlecht.😅 

Funniest: -1661188290_ForgottenHope22019-11-0902-38-01-333.thumb.jpg.f18f6f09ef7db53f6724c869fbe04ae6.jpg

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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Best: - Great battle with epic charges, scary silences and impressive actions.

Worst: - Some mistakes in my squad not understandable at all that kept going on and on during the whole battle. Made me and @RayderPSG to not really appreciate this battle. I'm a bit sad and frustrated about that, it was really epic.

Funniest: - A pure signature move : at the beginning of the round, manage to drive a opelblitz from the north main between the Church and Persano, then go south of Persano, pass in front the enemy mainbase and rush a fording point at the extreme South-West of the map. Say to myself that i must make my opel explode in the river as i bail out of it, and then i die in the process while my all squad is counting on me and @turbomursu is asking me how my sneaky goes. But that's not the end ! I take a kubel at the main, take the same route when @Druidix says that a M10 might be South of Persano, so i rush through the town while my squad is fighting here, i scare @Druidix in the process, I then start honking and a wild @BaskaBommi appears from behind a house and dies under my wheels ! I then manage to successfully cross the river, set an RP and we then captured the Factory !

Most hated player: - I don't usually hate people during a battle. But this time i got some in my mind, and that's not really good.

Most loved/liked player: - @Druidix @thunder493 @RayderPSG @La-Hire with some intense tank hunting. The defense of Persano against  3 shermans, a daimler and two squads at the end of a round was pure epicness !

Best Battle Photo -  Quack !


Other: - Couldn't finf @Sir_Kowskoskey during the battle, even rushed with a kubel through the bridges at the last round hoping to start a fight with him !

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