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  1. I was playing Wake Island earlier today. I spawned in a house without and exit at Airfield.
  2. Funniest: - The guy signing up for the campaign at 11:59 PM, asking for the password. Sorry we didn't get to play with you @Paish. Hope to see you next campaign. Best Battle Photo - I just thought this was nice. However, I'll be voting for the beautiful, symbolic photo by @CptBocquier. Other: - The Japanese field dressing literally says: "Fiirudodoresshingu"
  3. Who was the "British" guy speaking at the end? He is really getting into it. Nice.
  4. It seems like you don't have the same version of the maps that the servers are running. Here is a link to FH2 support: http://fhpubforum.warumdarum.de/index.php?PHPSESSID=ouuna9e22t15mdlcnskdv180e1&board=18.0
  5. Star Wars Rebellion (Supremacy) and the Galactic Conquest mod for Battlefield 1942.
  6. Best: - Playing a battle again with my old comrades from FHT, after all these years. Worst: - The server crash, but these things happen. Funniest: - The Ger... Finnish HQ telling us they were Finnish, not German, when we joined their side to help out. And promising a medal for killing @GeoPat and @Pr0z4c. I doubt I will get that medal. Most hated player: - @Achtungsnow Most loved/liked player: - @SturmFlim Best Battle Photo - Not sure what to put here, so here is a photo of one of the few duels I won against @Achtungsnow. He was sitting in the windmill. This also shows off my neurotic need to reload my rifle when I still have bullets left.
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