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  1. Usually I never do Tea-bags. And suddenly I come across @Sir_Kowskoskey, naturally he kills me aaaaanddd Tea-bags me, wtf ?? So later in the game I got to watch him helplessly reloading is rifle, and pull the trigger, hitting right into his head. Guess what happened after that ?? : @Erwincommanding me to teabag him haha Yes, my first ever Koskey-Trophy! Thank You Sir, it was a shared pleasure ! [AFTER RPLY EDIT] @Sir_KowskoskeyI did not see you pulling the knive. only starting reloading. Otherwise I would had been glad to see if your sword is as sharp as your wit ! Gentleman manners is something only gentlemen can understand and it's getting lost.
  2. Dein Deutsch ist voll herzig ! @RayderPSG
  3. Pic for Contest : Going to a Canadian Brunch with the Boys ! @RayderPSG @CptBocquier Other pics for fun : @La-Hire flexing his rock skills German Village Rush Hour time Smoking Tiger !
  4. My Feedback : Wake Island : A classic and very nicely done, based on real photographs. Looking on Google it seems there are lots of rocky beach on the islands which could also provide some cover I guess. Aren't the US carriers much closer to the Island as the Jap ones ? Irrawady : it seems the Allies are under powered Midway : is mostly one-sided, it seems the Japs are never able to cap, there are far too much defense on the Islands And there was the endgame bug. Tulagi : (pronounced Too laggy ) I only saw this map from the air. The sun and fog make it very hard to be useful as air support. Is it possible to reduce fog at lower altitudes ? The Sub, very nice, I don't know how it can work on that map though. The planes take quite a bit to re spawn though. Most important : I really enjoyed them, thanks to the mappers and modders for their valuable work and gift to the community !
  5. Wow incredible job ! That looks incredibly dope and detailed from the smallest to the biggest scale
  6. Happy Birthday @CptBocquier
  7. OK, je peux passer dans l'escouade FR si tu veux @RayderPSG
  8. Client : all Gog, Steam, Origin, Uplay, PSN, XBL, etc Solarriors 300+ games so...by occasion I'll play any of them Mostly Action, Adventure, RPG, Sandboxe games, Simcade (Racing&Flying) of course Shooters and Strategy
  9. Salut à tous ! Et merci de l'acceuil
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