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  1. I'm so late due to irl stuff but thank you a lot for the thought @Quicksilver !
  2. Doğum günün kutlu olsun ! @Erwin
  3. Quote from my last round: Admiral explaining SL to me : "Just have fun, don't take it too seriously, we only play to win"
  4. Best: Axis standing up after a harsh round. Worst: There was a plane to fly actually @Tore Funniest : Majority of the team at the first flag for 25 min, we lose, no shit happens and we don't attack. The Quote : Come ! We go make a quick Blitzkrieg @GABBOTTO @NightwingNot having any spot as Arty for some prolonged moments and complaining about it. Confusing @WOLFXL and talking about Sujuk to @krakki Most hated player: Anon Most loved/liked player: @krakki @WhiteSpirit @GABBOTTO for good teamwork. @Wasteland_Hero for covering our asses with the Puma. @alorbe @AdmiralBGfor the nice chill at Farm. Well played @happydays Other: Sneaky Americans
  5. Sir Kowskoskey : "What happens when @AdmiralBG and @Ombustman go into a forest?..." TBC
  6. Hahaha eigentlich spreche ich kein Schweizerdeutsch, keine Sorge, , aber ich kann so tun, als ob ich es ein bisschen spreche. Ich habe eine etwa französisch-russischen Akzent. Ich bin keine Schweizer, ich spreche nur täglich hochdeutsch wegen/danke mein Studium und Militär LG
  7. Bonjour la Compagnie ! Pour le moment je suis blessé, je me suis ouvert 3 doigts de la main droite donc impossible d'utiliser une souris pour jouer, jusqu'à fin mars en tout cas. Du coup pour l'instant je ne peux pas vous rejoindre même si Bocquier et Ray qui me grondent parfois me manque un peu. (Je travaille à améliorer mes performances)
  8. MIcrosoft's and Sony's home consoles. (For online play) Also SEGA dreamcast still has working internet capabilties Never had any nintendo home console
  9. Usually I never do Tea-bags. And suddenly I come across @Sir_Kowskoskey, naturally he kills me aaaaanddd Tea-bags me, wtf ?? So later in the game I got to watch him helplessly reloading is rifle, and pull the trigger, hitting right into his head. Guess what happened after that ?? : @Erwincommanding me to teabag him haha Yes, my first ever Koskey-Trophy! Thank You Sir, it was a shared pleasure ! [AFTER RPLY EDIT] @Sir_KowskoskeyI did not see you pulling the knive. only starting reloading. Otherwise I would had been glad to see if your sword is as sharp as your wit ! Gentleman manners is something only gentlemen can understand and it's getting lost.
  10. Dein Deutsch ist voll herzig ! @RayderPSG
  11. Pic for Contest : Going to a Canadian Brunch with the Boys ! @RayderPSG @CptBocquier Other pics for fun : @La-Hire flexing his rock skills German Village Rush Hour time Smoking Tiger !
  12. My Feedback : Wake Island : A classic and very nicely done, based on real photographs. Looking on Google it seems there are lots of rocky beach on the islands which could also provide some cover I guess. Aren't the US carriers much closer to the Island as the Jap ones ? Irrawady : it seems the Allies are under powered Midway : is mostly one-sided, it seems the Japs are never able to cap, there are far too much defense on the Islands And there was the endgame bug. Tulagi : (pronounced Too laggy ) I only saw this map from the air. The sun and fog make it very hard to be useful as air support. Is it possible to reduce fog at lower altitudes ? The Sub, very nice, I don't know how it can work on that map though. The planes take quite a bit to re spawn though. Most important : I really enjoyed them, thanks to the mappers and modders for their valuable work and gift to the community !
  13. Wow incredible job ! That looks incredibly dope and detailed from the smallest to the biggest scale
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