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  1. Best: - capping and spotting. Worst: - K/D of me and the teamtotal. Lag spikes inhibiting movement, invisible walls Our own spots somehow leading our own tanks into traps. Funniest: - Erwin saying having fun is more important then winning (imagine his intonation). Seeing enemy form afar attacking my flag. 1) Activate plan A: give arty spot. Arty misses enemy closing in, PTSD kicks in. 2) Activate plan B: shoot rifle. 5 misses, aim worsens as enemy clsoes in. Hide in bushes and fire from the hip. Clip (10 SMLE) runs out. 3) Activate plan D :Bayonet stabbing. Bayonet stabbing fails and i get scared so i run away. Enemy steps on my random AP mine because you never activate plan D before setting up plan C. Shooting entire enfield clip from the hip in a duel, both running out of ammo and then start bayonet duel. Like true gentlemen we battled it out like ancient times. Got saved by a fellow riflemen, back to reality of ww2. Most hated player: - Tank camping A7/A8 Most loved/liked player: - Hispanic in a tank Best Battle Photo - Spotted stug seconds before death. Tank guarding the lower left corner. This tank killed me but a french collegue took revenge for me. Merci beaucoup :). Can you spot the snake in the grass? Plan A activated. Plan C completed. Other: -
  2. Best: - 6 kill streak with flakvierling, satcheling myself and seeing others satchel. Worst: - Double tk with flakvierling, people stepping on my mine. Funniest: - Cruising through the flagzone with my bren carrier Most hated player: - @Tore for waisting precious german KRAFTSTOF on strafing runs at infantry. Most loved/liked player: - @caeno for flawless rotation Best Battle Photo - Other: -
  3. Best: - Winning, see tanks used effectively. Worst: - Update issues Funniest: - Cormwell temakilling a sherman near manoir Most hated player: - M1 carbine Most loved/liked player: - all Best Battle Photo - Wounded tank helplessly waiting for the finish
  4. Best: - Great map, great battle. Worst: - Leaving trainstation to the enemy. Funniest: - Me and one other guy getting teamkilled by kowskoskey sitting on a 50 cal. Kowskoskey changes to drivers seat, no reaction just hiding. Most hated player: - Everyone that runs around with one of these: Gewehr 43. Most loved/liked player: - arty guy Best Battle Photo - "Oh really that's great, just perfect" Erwin talking to trainsign pole. https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/2786-best-battle-photo-medal/ Other: -
  5. Best: - Erwin encouraging his cannon fodder towards the flagzone. Worst: - Getting killed twice by static objects. Funniest: - The eternal dilemma: do i spot the enemy infantry or do i really try and shoot them myself. Most hated player: - I hate all players equally Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - / Other: - The plane being able to tank an 88mm shell is just stupid. I saw this happening in the training so i considered the bofor guns as ornamentation.
  6. You nearly killed me on 2 occasions. The noise of the plane got on my nerves, further deteriorating my aim.
  7. Best: Taking Bazooka in mainbase, the temptation was too strong. Worst: Not finding any targets to shoot at with said bazooka. Funniest: Shooting @caeno, our regimental officer instead. Most hated player: @Tore Most loved/liked player: AA Best Battle Photo: Too much concentration Other:/
  8. Best: - Capping bunkers in kubel Worst: - Server crashing Funniest: - Everyone getting lost in the hedges when driving from farm to bunkers, getting out and go alone on foot and arriving second. Most hated player: - Panzerschreck guys Most loved/liked player: - / Best Battle Photo - Cap bunkers they said.
  9. Best: - See my regiment/divison have an outstanding performance. Worst: - Firing 10 carbine shots at point blank range to an axis soldier facing away from me. Missing all of them, then getting shot as he turns around and finding out of all people it was @Tore. - Killing an officer @Erwin in a frontal car accident. - Failing to protect @Ronid from a bayonet when trying to get an rp for our entire team. Funniest: - @Erwin killing me with jeep when trying to pick me up after some fast&furious action vs en enemy PAK. Most hated player: -Bayonet guy. Most loved/liked player: Our officers @erwin and @caeno Best Battle Photo - A familiar sight that brings fond memories of the previous campaign.
  10. I don't think you should take this article too serious. Especially the link to the detection of gravitational waves is very questionable. The space time deformation that gravitional waves produced in a detector of 1 km long perpendicular vacuum pipes were on the order of 1 picometer (10^-15 m). The source of these gravitational waves were 2 rotating black holes that merged together. Just to put in perspective how weak the gravitational force is and how hard it is to deform space. Imagine the capabilities of moving matter around you would need to move even a rock of 1 Kg. The Alcubierre warp drive is just a space-time metric postulated by a mexican theoretical physicist that has these faster then light properties. The metric of space however is determined by the mass-energy tensor. The mass and energy distribution determines the shape of a space(metric) and once you know how the space looks you can calculate orbits etc... . Similarly to wormholes the Alcubierre Warp Drive was just a guy saying this is the metric with all the properties i want with no regards how a mass distribution that would produce such a metric would look like. Turns out the mass distribution that is needed to make this magical metric would be on the order of galaxies, compressed in a thin shell of aorund the planck length and oh some of the mass has to be negative. No particles with negative mass have been observed and there are no good reasons we think they exist. Not only does the matter it requires not exist, the mass distribution is not stable either as the mass will move according to the metric. Massive objects tend to be spherical for a reason and a metric with cubic symmetry would be impossible for the same reasons. Not only the existence of such a drive is questionable but the creation, time evolution of a flat space time into such a warp bubble has serious problems. The creation of a bubble from flat space time requires particles moving faster then light, so called "tachyons". Again these particles have not been found and cannot exist on a theoretical basis as lorentz invariance is a pretty serious thing. There is another option that does not require tachyons but it involves accelerating particles in advance along a "railroad". Since signalling these acceletations can only go as fast as the speed of light, the spaceship cannot steer and the decision to embark on a journey has to be made well in advance which elimantes the whole faster than light thing. The article sounds serious as NASA is apparantly involved. The researcher is an engineer in a university in alabama and NASA gave him a grant (~100 000 USD). NASA hands out litteraly thousands of these grants, also to some more "remote" areas partly as eductional welfare/aid. There is no NASA team working seriously on this device. Sorry to be negative, i liked the subject tho.
  11. Best: - Spotting in coordination with caeno. Worst: - Server crash on an attacking round where we were in the lead. Ihadn't died yet and was guarding my bridges :(. Funniest: - Spotting near villa vino, i try to sneak the hill up to monastery to get a good view on village and spot for my team. Being super carefull i sneak towards the PAK bunker to check for enemies and mine the gun. I then have to cross a barren wasteland to get to my preferred position. There is a machine gun bunker along the way were i can take a break to check for enemies. I see a guy walking and freeze, luckily i spot it is an ally (i walk around with binoculars by default instead of a rifle because shooting is a last resort for desperate people). I think nice, i have comapny and run towards him and get cozy with him next to the bunker. I go prone to take a look behind the corner and get shot. TK by said ally. I was prone 30 cm away from him. He shot me with a scoped rifle. That was funny. Most hated player: -/ Most loved/liked player: - caeno and our pilots Best Battle Photo - Caeno doing work with the chaffee shooting an enemy panther. A safari tracker/spotter captures the last moments of this big cat. Bomb runs look best from a distance. Other: - I will be sad that i can't play these maps anymore, they so good.
  12. Best: - View from the hills Worst: -Computer crashed halfway during the last round Funniest: - The last round we were wondering why the enemy did not want to enter the west part of the map. Most hated player: - The guy who stole our AA vehicle Most loved/liked player: - The tank that shot him Best Battle Photo - Other: This is my first photo ever i took during a battle. How do you guys think about this in the midst of battle??? In this case i was far away and saw it coming.
  13. Best: - Taking the daimler and supporting squad attack on lumbermill. Driving around like crazy with machine guns blazing killing lots of germans, Friendly units running in between miraculously missing every bullet. Thinking to myself it's a wonder i have no TK's yet. Worst: - Machine gun reloading of said daimler, spotting a suspicious civilian truck driving towards the freshly captured lumbermill flag. Trying to kill it with 40 mm, misssing every shot as it drives past me 3 meters away, thinking if i can't hit that i'm of no use in a tank.I try harder. It crashes into a tree and i finally kill it. Triple teamkill. Funniest: - Getting team killed by the 25 pounder while camping the river bank at the forest between factory and the bridges. I'll clarify, i was not on an artillery spot or anything, inside a full health sherman. No barrage, just one shot => one (team)kill. Out of nowhere like a sniper. Most hated player: -tiger Most loved/liked player: - the guys spotting the tiger Best Battle Photo - / Other: - It was really fun, i did not perform well but i felt like fighting a battle with a plan and command structure.
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