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FH2 Campaign #7: Battle 3 - Juin 44 - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: That the game has recovered in terms of numbers

Worst:  That this might not last and long-standing players will lose interest because of not being able to play without waiting. I gave up last night. There needs to be another strategy for this, I think - where people can book slots. It's a bit ridiculous right now.

Funniest: I have no idea as I missed everything

Most hated player: Ditto

Most loved/liked player: Ditto


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Best1: Good and intense battle. Last round was very close. Good job Allies.

Best2: The numbers are nice, though temporary due to Corona.

Worst: Waiting rounds, got really tired after two waiting rounds (though I was already pretty tired).

Funniest: I was teabagging Erwinzz in the Hotel church..I think someone did a revenge, but I couldn't see anyhting, because my deathcam was outside the church walls.

Most hated player: No one (surprisingly not even the Allied bomber)

Most loved/liked player: Everyone.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: This issue with so many players has two sides. On the one hand it is very good and cool (though temporary!), but I understand that these waiting rounds can be frustrating and tiring. I don't know if anything can be done here? As I understood increasing the server capacity is (for example to 120 players) is not possible (stability issues?). Would it make sense to have another server where the waiting room people play Axis vs. Allies on a smaller map (maybe deathmatch like) and the score from there is also calculated in the total socre, but only with minor weight? This would give some purpose to this.

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Best: Even though we lost this battle, I think the rounds were quite equal. I must admit that battle was quite intense too (at least from my perspective) - we were constantly under attack and it didnt matter on which flag we were currently assigned to :)

Worst: This goddam rally is "harder" than it used to be... I need to adapt to this.... Standing 1m in front of it and firing from Springfield to this usually ended with getting shot in my back by an enemy who came back to protect it... 🙄 

Funniest: Axis squad who placed a rally next to our rally in a barn on Village flag! 😂

Most hated player: Achtung who always had an answer on my missed shot... 😏

Most loved/liked player: Lajtus with Gruby driving and cooperating with 2 tanks was something I would like to see more in these campaigns :)

Best Battle Photo: Obviously forgot to take one aż always...

Other: See you all next weeķ! 

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Best: - Intense and close fights. French squad being focus and with a good attitude ! Small chat with @RayderPSG after the battle

Worst: - Multiple Dc's on our worst round (where we loose 246 - 0). My squad was attacking an important flag and i couldn't help/lead it for like 10 minutes.  Solved by restarting the game

Funniest: - My squad getting full 7e Compagnie style. Multiple tks in a row and when i say "RP here" (we were all looking to enemy RP) someone come and put OUR RP at the exact position of the marker ahaha.

Most loved/liked player: - @RayderPSG & @Sir_Kowskoskey as always ! @Druidix was impressive !

Best Battle Photo - @RayderPSG's greatest nightmare / Welcome to the Fistinière !



Other: - French Squad !


Spanish regiment & French squad, a real pleasure to fight with/against !


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Best:  Intense battle, numbers, spaniards! 

Worst:  The defending from the frenchies @CptBocquier in Hotel and Factory and the Polish once we lost village @Ronid @gen.p . Man you defended very well!  Frustrating for me but appreciate it! 

Funniest: bagging @CptBocquier...Will that become a rule? Nah, he will get his revenge soon... Actually he already did in that tunnel!  

Most hated player:   no one! 

Most loved/liked player:  @Hawk @SgtAlex for performance. @Sir_Kowskoskey @CptBocquier too just because. @WOLFXL for sujuking when we needed sujuk. 

Best Battle Photo: not the best one but well. 

"Random pic with Raandom"



Keep the fun up! 

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Best: super nice battle on a huge map. Nice!

Worst:  Rotations didint really work imo. We will try to fix this next week.

Funniest:  Kummitus flipping a truck and us sliding slowly down the hill to our deaths 

Funniest2: Getting stuck in the same fence me and @Druidix where fighting to get over all those years ago

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -

Best Battle Photo -


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12 hours ago, wrenchorbinoculars said:

Best: Taking Bazooka in mainbase, the temptation was too strong.

Worst: Not finding any targets to shoot at with said bazooka.

Funniest: Shooting @caeno, our regimental officer instead.

Most hated player: @Tore

Most loved/liked player: AA

Best Battle Photo:  Too much concentration


What did I do? I never killed you?

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Best: Finally, being able to play a battle in this campaign!

Best 2: Numbers! Both divisions full of force!. Awesome!

Worst: Being rusty as hell

Funniest: I was defending Old Trenches and @Blander said: "Wualy, can you to Village?" "Of course!, should I suicide or have I to go on foot?", "Go on foot", "Blander, you owe me a new pair of boots for this!" "Well, it´s a good time to do some exercise!" 😂

Most hated player: Myself, as usual.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone!!

Best Battle Photo -

Other: Battle was so intense and fun in almost every flag. Hope all of you had a great night! 😉

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