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FH2 Campaign #7: Scrim 2 - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: Full server once again.

Best2: Giving my slots for others members to play.

Worst:  Not playing.

Funniest: Checking the server and helping people from outside.

Most hated player: No one.

Most loved/liked player: Everyone.

Other:"all the people dont even fit 4k portrait mode" - @kummitus

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Best: - Full server and 9 player french squad, encountering old chaps in the battlefield like @Sir_Kowskoskey @Ombustman @WOLFXL @RayderPSG and all the others from 71ID and the other campaigns !

Worst: - Full server dark side !

Funniest: - Melee sessions !

Most hated player: - 

Most loved/liked player: - @Temp3st02 @MedicalWanderer @Garfield @thunder493 @Heia Safari! @La-Hire @SputnikFighter @Druidix

Other: - French squad with @McCloskey & the infamous FARMER KIT






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Best: Full server with waiting rooms. Really nice!

Best: Fighting against Spanish on St.Marie du Mont. That flag changed hands until the end of the round. Well played, Had real fun.

Best: Germans going after us on Dutch Border. We had a good action for 15 minutes.

Worst: Not being able to bag @Sir_Kowskoskey :tappingfoot:

Funniest: Bagging players in the middle of firefight while bullets flying around me. 

Most loved/liked player: Since it's a scrim I love you all.

Other: @Papillon needs to work on his road building skills.

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Best: Full server with waiting rooms. Really nice!

Worst: - Only 2 maps with plane, P51 mustang on metz takes around 15 min to respawn <crying>

Funniest: - Good 

Most hated player: -not even one

Most loved/liked player: - everyone

Other: - Random bugs on some maps - (not working ladders or invisible pass in bushes) as posted below. AND PLZ FIX THE PANZERFAUST INBALANCE ON SOME MAPS FOR GERMANS, the entire team can spawn with those and they have got even pickup kits as well (inc Bloody marshes for example) 






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Best: Full server, was fun!


Funniest: getting served random russian tea. I laughed my ass off when i got shot on st Julien road and just before spawn i get bagged. Well played sir! 

Most hated player: @AL-SAHAD not accepting my knife fight challange

Most loved/liked player: @Anguita36, joder my friend. Two Times! 😀

Other:  booooring sniper action with wolfie. But we held the flag!

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Best: The French squad at his best ! A real team of Zouaves !

Worst: My very bad aiming sometimes... 

Funniest: Teabagging @Sir_Kowskoskey with pleasure,  a little boom from a satchel with @thunder493 enough powerfull to destroy the Tiger and some bazooka sniping on Juin 44 against the spanish guerillos. 

Most hated player:  @RayderPSG el grande pistolero 

Most loved/liked player: The baguette teamates @CptBocquier @Druidix @La-Hire@MedicalWanderer@Garfield@Temp3st02 @thunder493

Other: Sneaky Zouaves one day,  sneaky Zouaves for ever ! 

Thriumphing the Panther with @CptBocquier and @La-Hire on Juin 44




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Best: - 100 players and people waiting to join 

Best2: my squad @Anguita36 @Darkpotato @sergioten @TheNoiSe @KrazyDogui @mcpollo @VINCE_ITA 

Worst: - nothing

Funniest: - I die and for some reason I get  @Sir_Kowskoskey' s cam, he kills  and start bagging hard @Trigger Lock.  Someone else joins the party, i think it was @Hawk. 2 secs later a 76mm HE shell destroy their asses


Funniest2: Fighting  all the night against my polish buddies @gen.p @Ronid and his guys, @BaskaBommi as my toy, frenchies beating my ass , specially @CptBocquier. The bagging was real. 

Most hated player: - no one 

Most loved/liked player: - everyone, but again, specially those who were new or oldies coming back such as @0utlaw @Hispanec @Not-So-Civil-Engineer @alorbe @LEGION-XV @DONALD TRUMP @beavis_aka_ostwind @Loctoc . And definitely @Pyradus , already leadng a squad ! 

Other: -

@Darkpotato you're so handsome with that MG, looking to the horizon...


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Best: - So much players - old and new ones, great! also map with parashooters

Worst: - in half my game crashed so i was only able to stay at TS

Funniest: - Tractorfahrer charged again 😅 I got You @svakidan!

Most hated player: - Error 404! Player not found!

Most loved/liked player: - I would say @TomTom39 for his organization skill when my FH2 crashed, but I think everyone was great and was playing fair and well!

Other: -


screen007.thumb.jpg.db437ce7fdfe113780bb0fbb164f5fd9.jpg screen008.thumb.jpg.9a870ea371637f1d4f0b7fc393cb60b9.jpg



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Best: Landing with parachutes - that's cool. 🙂👍
However, this does not make the map itself any easier, but even just having one such map makes the Campaign interesting and desirable.
Thanks to those involved for having it.

Worst: Drunk driving. Do you see the consequences of non-compliance with safety and traffic rules?!.. 👮‍♂️



Funniest: In previous campaign, I had a case when using a StuG I could not destroy a "Stuart" with two hits, only third hit destroyed it.
This time it turned out something similar, only opposite - @Awisko on "Tiger" fired at my "Sherman" three times, without causing significant damage. 🙂



Most hated player: Nobody. All well done, played well, within their capabilities or desires.

Most loved/liked player: Was CMP-server completely full? And were there any players who were not able to participate in this event, although they were ready, and were in waiting room?
If so, I personally express my gratitude to those who showed attention to event, and who were ready to participate in it, but who may not have had opportunity to be at least a couple of rounds in game.

Other: I'll just leave it here...




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