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FH2 Campaign #5: Battle 4 Chania Aerodrome - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Beautiful map, beautiful battlefield to water, to the air, on the ground. The number of players.

Worst: - The servers are collapsing too often this evening, personal Performance,

Funniest: - The own comrades who stream and record the match and present their misbehavior on video to our leaders and are even punished for 1 round. @NUKE :D

Most hated player: - nobdody this time. 

Most loved/liked player: - All who participated in this battle

Best Battle Photo - If the Germans want to take your place for sunbathing



…. If the Germans want to take your place for sunbathing ...

Other: - As always, a thank you to all who have organized and made this evening possible for us. :thumbupleft:

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-First Axis victory hurray! I have to admit that I really really didn't expect it to happen on this map...
-I feared the worst after the 2 crashes in the beginning, but the admins found possible cause for it and we got to play the battle!  A big thanks for the admins for that! Great job :)

-The crashes of course.

-"CC, yesyes, over." And the whole CC chatter during some of the waiting times.
-Before the 2nd crash, at round start there was some mixup with orders and people were taking the wrong vehicles and everything was slow as hell... well, in a way, we were lucky that the server crashed. :)
-"Did you know it's global masturbation day?" on all chat... :D

Most loved/liked player: -
-Everyone who stayed for the whole battle despite the few crashes!

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Best: - Nice map, nice, squad and good evening. Fights on harbor were especially great

Worst: - Having to relaunch twice my game because sound stopped working

Funniest: - Beeing the only who survived on harbor, and annoying the enemis for 5 min  Destroying the spit with mg

Most hated player: -

Most loved/liked player: -@CptBocquier for his sneaky landings behind th enemi lines

Best Battle Photo -
Frenchies in action

Other: -

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Best: - French missions for the win ! Assaults on Harbor, Hill64 and Vigla were epic ! A little pic here after landing the storch behind enemy lines, i stopped everyone just for this picture ahah


Worst: - The crashes, but admins really managed them well. People didn't leave, it was a great evening.

Funniest: - @Ombustman making the masturbation day a thing and causing crashes by doing so. Stop it Ombust !

Most hated player: - No one 

Most loved/liked player: - @Sir_Kowskoskey for his mood and for trying some landings on ships or planes. @SputnikFighter for being my passenger in the storch and trusting me @Druidix firing on planes with mg34 and killing one spitfire ! @La-Hire trying to guide my shots from the ship, making me able to fire directly on the head of our HQ @RayderPSG

Best Battle Photo - When you discover that @RayderPSG pilots the Ju52, you become a bit... edgy


Other: - GG everyone & thanks

Edited by CptBocquier
Landing the storch was against the rules in the campaign, i take the blame for that. Admins are already aware of that and now the case is solved. Sorry for that, i didn't wanted to break the rules..
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Best: - Having to fight with 2 hours of sleep, with a head standing on my body like it's belong to somewhere else. Still playing very good and accomplishing important stuff.

Best: - 155 guys. With new guys and old ones, we were pretty good. New people fit right in and they're playing very well.

Best: - Last round, capping Viglia at the last second and avoiding a round loss.

Best: - Holding Hill flag at the last round. It was an intense battle, I was throwing away guns after I emptied their clips. :minigun:

Worst: - None.

Funniest: - Trolling @AdmiralBG with his AA truck at Airfield. It was nice to hear his rant on CC. :sexualbutt:

Funniest: - Teasing @Sir_Kowskoskey on CC. :romance:

Funniest: - Killing Airshark over and over again at some point.

Funniest: - @Pr0z4c placing the rally on the opposite direction even after telling him where with a goddamn marker. :smokingsombrero:

Most loved/liked player: - @Beyers for being the gentlemen and keeping it up with my extra grumpiness. @AL-SAHAD for saving my ass during attacks. 155 recruits for keeping up with us. @Pr0z4c for joining us. @Sir_Kowskoskey for disappearing 5 seconds after the battle ended. :blah:

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Best: nice battle all around. Funny moments and the 288 ending up in the heat of the fight.

Worst: thoooose crashes

Funniest:  "this request might sound gay but.. " -im still picking up the chips spilled around my laptop

Funniest2: discovering that @Erwin actually gets nervous when im following him. So far no destroyed tanks btw. ;)

Most hated player:  airfiels defenders

Most loved/liked player: discovered @WOLFXL's atitude  problems. Always so positive. Stop it

Best Battle Photo -

Other:  i still want to land the storch on the junkers

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1 minute ago, OsinOsinOsin said:

Hm...Is this a rule violation?.
   - Landing planes to capture a flag is NOT allowed.
   - Landing planes to place a Rally Point is NOT allowed.

Yes, it is, measurements were taken and everything is sorted now.
Keep walking, nothing to see here!

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Yup @OsinOsinOsin i broke the rules here. To be honest i didn't intend to do so, since we were landing Ju52 all around and i didn't take a combat plane to land. But since the storch is not a transport plane it is a violation of the rule. As soon as i was aware of this problem I presented myself to the admins and i take all the blame since i was the one who choose and piloted the spotting plane. So i apologize to all of you, as i did before to the admins, and i take the punishment without any condition or complain.


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Best: -Fh2 night. Nice different map

Best2: Admins and especially Kummi avoiding  the disaster

Worst: - the crashes ofc.

Funniest: - my squad @Wualy @kirbyris-cafe @Anguita36 multiplying everywhere and doing damage even if we were 4 and Wualy counts as -1.  hahaha Not true! look what this cheeky dude does! 

At the same time wualy kills matsku ombust is able to kill someone with the civilian truck which is slower than a granny with a baby walker. Caption this


Most hated player: - no one

Most loved/liked player: - @kirbyris-cafe and ofc my officer dudes. 

Best Battle Photo -

"Come on @GGarrido wanking is healthy but we re going to the war, save your testosterone! 


Other: -let's continue!

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On 6/2/2019 at 1:19 AM, HaLoAL said:

Best: Nice battle

Worst: Boring map (for me) and whahappen like this image.png.76a4fe2c88fa29386e5bb4b95adce9f3.png

Most loved/liked player: Positive ppl, but unfortunately, their positive mood didn't apply to me. Especially when I don't understand them 

Best Battle Photo - Any final words, @knokworst?20190531221202_1.thumb.jpg.f136f9a355ca45278c98661f7ce6bd66.jpg


its quite rude to sneak up on people :) I have an arty shell with your name on it ;) 

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9 minutes ago, knokworst said:

its quite rude to sneak up on people :) I have an arty shell with your name on it ;) 

It's nice to hear that, but... I dont care and, well, pretty bold to put arty next to enemy inf, you know? So... I just killed for your impertinence ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Btw, I'm the only one who heard your shots 

Edited by HaLoAL
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Best: Good numbers on both sides, but will be even better next battles!

Worst: A mistake made me took a wrong action... 😢. Won´t happen again.

Worst 2: Server crashes.

Funniest: @RayderPSG was very susprised when he saw that I killed Matsku. honestly, I was even more surprised than him!!

Most hated player: Myself, myself, and... myself

Most loved/liked player: everyone who showed to play battle and @kummitus to realize what was server issue to avoid it.

Best Battle Photo -

Other: Thanks to Axis and Allied for the warm welcome when playing with you!! (even despite someone thinks that I count as "-1" when, the fact is, that I counts as "-10" 😂)

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