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  1. Games Giveaway

    Company of heroes 2 free in humble bundle, sorry i didnt see the other post
  2. Best: - Great allied effort in general Worst: - Enemy Artillery/ Stuh42 Funniest: - Hitting enemies with the 76mm gun Most hated player: - Anybody Most loved/liked player: - All Allies and Axis players Other: -
  3. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @Wualy and @Smashmachine!!!
  4. MANDATORY AAR BATTLE #6 (op. Greif)

    Personal perfomance: I should be more attentive if the flag falls since I forgot of that the bar does not fall when we are under attack Regimental perfomance: we did the best we could in the field, but on the other hand there must be more cohesion among the companions of the patrol and we must alert when he drops the flag the more fast as possible Divisional perfomance: I heard to a comrade who said one thing and I agree with his opinion, he said that we had to be more aggressive when it comes to capturing flags Other notes: We need to be more in training even though only be for one hour
  5. Leave of absence

    Name: GGarrido Date: 18-05 ~ 26-05 Reason: Final exams and proyects
  6. Sign In

    Name: GGarrido Location and/or Timezone: Spain Experience: Playing shooter since 2008, and 2 campaigns of fh2 Proficiency/Preferred roles: Recon Additional Information: This campaign is ours!!!