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  1. My team played the first two rounds on Saturday 19:00 UTC, but we were only 5 players (6 with Quicksilver) and Sunday 20:00 UTC with 6 players.
  2. Ok, my team will be ready to play.
  3. Sorry but one of my guys told me this morning that today he can't play how i couldn't find someone else to play, we'll play the next week.
  4. @GeoPat can your team play this saturday or want to play the next week?
  5. Ok, i hope that the admins can put some information about the next map
  6. My team can play at 19:00 UTC in Saturday
  7. We played yesterday at 21:00 UTC can Old Saltz play that hour?
  8. Happy Birthday

    happy birthday @Wergolf
  9. Team Name: Poner el rally Team Logo: TeamLeader @GGarrido Members: @Smashmachine - @GeJota @luacha2000 @Pollenz @STALKER @Blackbeard-19F21@SgtAlex @Maverick
  10. ¡Bienvenidos!

    Bienvenido @Santini1973, prepárate para saber poner el rally point
  11. FH2 TeamCup

    Mi team cup para el torneo sería: Yo @GGarrido @Pollenz @Smashmachine @GeJota @STALKER @luacha2000 me quedaría por confirmar @Pollenz
  12. Best: - Great allied effort in general Worst: - Enemy Artillery/ Stuh42 Funniest: - Hitting enemies with the 76mm gun Most hated player: - Anybody Most loved/liked player: - All Allies and Axis players Other: -
  13. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday @Wualy and @Smashmachine!!!