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  1. We played 3 or 4 weeks ago I think
  2. So @Pr0z4c will we play tomorrow?
  3. I prefer the Saturday, my squad we are only 2 for tomorrow.
  4. What day is better for you squad? In my squad can play 4 for the Saturday at campaign time.
  5. Can your team @Pr0z4c play the next Sunday o Saturday? (not this week).
  6. Sorry, I forgot about the teamcup, I ll talk with my squad.
  7. GGarrido


    Bienvenidos a todos!!!
  8. Yes at campaign battle time or 18:00~19:00 utc
  9. Can you play the next sunday or saturday?
  10. What about playing this weekend, can you play on Sunday?
  11. My team played the first two rounds on Saturday 19:00 UTC, but we were only 5 players (6 with Quicksilver) and Sunday 20:00 UTC with 6 players.
  12. Ok, my team will be ready to play.
  13. Sorry but one of my guys told me this morning that today he can't play how i couldn't find someone else to play, we'll play the next week.
  14. @GeoPat can your team play this saturday or want to play the next week?

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