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FH2 Campaign #6: Battle 3 - Salerno - Best/Worst/Funniest

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Best: - Grappling Hook ❤️

Worst: - 50 .cal ahah

Funniest: - Attacking Monastery on last round, trying to climb the monastery, my guys die, i stay hung at the monastery, yankees ran around me and below and didn't see me for like 2 minutes until i jump down and killed two ahah. Someone got me while reloading though !


Most hated player: - No one ! 

Most loved/liked player: - @Temp3st02 for keeping up the french spirit, running around with bayonet and killing everyone on his first match of a campaign ahah

Best Battle Photo - A l'assaut with the 71. !


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Best: - fun battle, having 7 flags made it quite more challenging to keep everything under control. 

- Historical full campaign server in a long time!

- Fun map after last moment efforts to have it completed!

Worst: nothing

Funniest: general ranting on TS about stekasteka being invincible once the battle started. Who is my first blood this battle? stekasteka.

Most hated player: nobody

Most loved/liked player: everybody who played and everybody behind the scenes making all this possible.

Best Battle Photo - Panzerschreck vs Pitchfork duel... guess who wins. Will never see such an odd matchup again.


Other: -

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Best: - of course, the 50 vs 50 . This is amazing after so many time. Keep it up everyone and keep coming! 


Best 2: missed Salerno, nice playing it again. 

Best3: language regiments, great job by the russians , great job by the poles @Lajtus @Ronid @Motta22 @TomTom39 @Cpt.Poland keep it up ! , the spaniards @Darkpotato @L.L.HERRAIZ and of course my frenchies @CptBocquier @thunder493 @SputnikFighter @Temp3st02 @La-Hire @Druidix

Best4: the new player on both sides @vantageN430 @Bobby @Sebbelz @Motta22 @Magyar2345 @gionnymitraglia @Temp3st02 @Tugalazix

Worst: -meh 

Funniest: - bayonetting 

Funniest2: getting bagged by @Sir_Kowskoskey @WOLFXL. Bagging them back. Bagging @La-Hire

Most hated player: - no one 

Most loved/liked player: -everyone who came and makes this possible 

Best Battle Photo -

"Get ready bastard..." 


Other: - keep this up ! 

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Best: Fun map. A lot of good fights around Salerno and Fabrica. Kit variety was good. At first I didn't like the FG42, but it grew on me over the night.

Worst: Getting 8 TKs from my s-mines and having a nauseating headache throughout the whole battle that resulted in me not even finishing my first beer.  :imgay:

Funniest: @Humledrik trying to tell a story about Turkish swimsuit-zone shaving conventions and getting gradually quieter halfway through to the point where nobody could hear the punchline, only his cackling laughter after the fact.

Most hated player: @stekasteka was certainly the bane of every Axis player's existence. Only a few players get called out by name when they are near our objectives, and Steka was one of them. @Johonas also gave me a lot of trouble. You have to be very careful around these two.

Most loved/liked player:  @BaskaBommi, @Sir_Kowskoskey, @WOLFXL, @Humledrik and the rest of CoJones & 71. @Erwin's commando squad was topping the leaderboards as far as I remember.

Best Battle Photo


"World Car Race"

Other: Great turnout and a great battle. Even though we won all of the rounds, it certainly wasn't easy. I'm sure the Allies will tie us again soon enough. Until the next battle.

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Best: - Once again, the numbers. 100 players at some point, amazing!

Worst: - FPS drops during intense situations with lots of players. Computer decided to give up ahead of last round.

Funniest: -Climbing up a grappling hook, almost at the top, when it randomly disappears leading steka to an inevitable death.

Most hated player: - Not really hated, but had a couple of nemesis. A few minutes of muttering when @svakidan two or three times in a row put me down with his damn FG42 - just couldn't figure out from where. @Mr.ThunderMan also contributed to that muttering - well played guys.

Most loved/liked player: - You all!

Best Battle Photo -

Other: - Good job Axis.

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Best: Numbers, intense fighting and even a couple of very close rounds. Well done to Allied for staying around.

Worst: Getting killed by the same 2 players all night.

Funniest: The conspiracy theories about who stekasteka is - Captain Mike? Major Konig? Achtung Snow? Some regulars disappear and then a new guy appears who is just as good? Hmmmm

Most hated player: @stekasteka, whoever he really is.

Most loved/liked player:  .CoJones squad... Providing "don't like it up 'em" fun for all!

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Best: 50-50 felt amaizing

Worst: whose that knocking at my door?

Funniest: @Humledrik s  long story, silence at punch line and him falling apart laughing at the end of it 😂

the cojones spirit!

Most hated player: -steka, dont know you and already hate you

Most loved/liked player: wolfie, sorry for boobies

Best Battle Photo -

Other: -

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16 hours ago, Sir_Kowskoskey said:


Funniest: @Humledrik s  long story, silence at punch line and him falling apart laughing at the end of it 😂

the cojones spirit!


Can't even remember how it came up, let alone what the punchline was. Will try to remember if someone can tell us what we were talking about. I hadn't even finished the bottle of wine at that point so....

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Probably the last round.
"Wolves" ("Lupo's") 14 th corps, charter from endless, bloody and intense battles, decided ambush photo shoot in Village, on the roof, that before these ranked with-fighting.
The enemy seemed to read our thoughts and began to push ahead with infantry, cars and even tanks. In the end, i had to fight, to repel all attacks, until the forced march to the north, to the mansion, from which the enemy gave a designation to his team and made trips to our position.
It was at this point, when the "wolves" in a wild broke into this place, and "cleaned" it from the enemy (including the lined tanks), for the first time in the whole battle there was a feeling of dominance over the enemy, and first of all - the predominance over the whole situation.
And this is not so much the "best" as the "amazing" moment, which will become clearer later in the text... 🙂

(Wolf rage - anti-personnel and anti-tank):



(@OsinOsinOsin tries to take a photo of his squad):




...from the very beginning and almost to the end (not counting the "wolf rush"), i and the other fighters of the squad (@GrafZeppelin1) had the feeling that i (or all of us, the whole team) was losing.
It's funny, but it's true - all the time it seemed to me that i played badly, and the statistics show it (the ratio of murders to deaths is almost 1 to 1), the situation on the battlefield, too. For example, already with first assault on of the castle us simply shot in backs (with northwestern hill), and on northern hills and forth in city of @HaLoAL with impunity mowed down the infantry, and saboteurs in district villages also not held in tensions. Even a random machine gunner under a tree, in the center of the map, could "harvest" from the team's fighters, who ran like lemmings from one captured point to another, which had to be captured.
In general, the "worst" i consider myself in this game, because still there is a feeling that we lost, and with a big score...
...it was funny to see and know that for some reason we won EVERY round of the battle. 😀


Funniest (1) : 
We were given the task of capturing the village after the castle, but i could not get to the point, as the enemy shot me all the way from the castle to the village (or from the city to the village).
In end, i simply freaked out, and with base took "Kübelwagen", on which decided to sweep on coast, despite the, that only western half of was busy our fighters, and eastern - was under full control adversary, as and the entire eastern part of maps at all.
...I don't know what was done with the "Kübelwagen" (maybe the italians have put the engine from Ferrari?), but along the promenade of Salerno i flew like a "bullet", and even without injury drove along the border road (between the western and eastern part of the city, just where the soldiers of both sides shot at each other), and generally reached the village in the "KubelFerrari" faster than running from the castle to the village on their two feet. (and drove at all) 😆
(by the way, the passage along the sunny embankment, with an open top, to the tune of bullets hitting on both sides reminded me of this: we say that the south of France can be driven by car for a couple of hours - i do not know how reliable this is, but if so, it is impressive - in Russia, from one city to another, you can go 3-4 hours... 🙂)

(Beautiful view from the promenade of Salerno):



(A hell ride through the hot south on a KubelFerrari):



Funniest (2) :
It seems to me that @HalcoR-=|RUS|=- at some point also enraged enemy shooters on the north-western slope, so he took a rifle from the base, and as a huntsman went to hunt "ducks". 😀
(Jäger auf der jagd nach grünen "enten"):




Most hated player: 
There are guys who complain about the @stekasteka
On the one hand, i don't see much reason to fear or hate him - because he hasn't killed me yet. 😀
On the other hand, i saw how he killed our players in the first battle, and the way the Steka plays, it seems to be that bad, not very correct practice, which is available on the servers of the first "Call of Duty" - when players act as if they are in "Quake 3", and not a pseudo-realistic game about real war. For example, in advance take for close blows rifle, not a pistol-machine gun, to in frenzied leaps and hare jumps kill adversary with one shot being fired, as with railgun in Quake, not act according to chosen role - "middle and long range shooter, defense and support fighter".
Nevertheless, the "Steka at least acts as an infantryman, and does not do as many on public servers - for example, the first to take away the "King Tiger" to shoot with impunity simple infantry from afar.
Again, i personally from the Steka did not have any pressure or dominance, so i treat him easily, whoever he was - or "smurf" of professional player, or just a former player in "Quake" (or as our @Waximus - a former player in "Counter - Strike", which one of the main players paid attention).
But who managed to "drink our blood", so it is our dear comrade and friend of @HaLoAL.😉 
On the northern hills he shot infantry with impunity, and effectively fought with our armored vehicles (especially when you consider that the "Puma" could not penetrate the "Stuart" in the forehead), as well as terrorized the eastern part of Salerno, which our infantry tried to defend.
If someone in the next game is also apprehensive and/or resentful on behalf of the StekaSteka, then we will most likely be focused on HaLoAL actions. 🙂 

(Now HaLoAL does not see me, and he will leave, but in the future will turn around, and still see me and shoot):




Most loved/liked player: 
Of course, thanks to everyone, including the CMP community for organizing the campaign, as well as to the authors of the mod, who do not cease to develop it, and to all those people who support these associations and their work. 👍
I am also grateful to those who supported me in the battle, and saved me from death, as well as to those Spaniards who even in the video from one of their players yell in TS " - Puma, Puma, Puma!". 😉 

(Someone from our team, maybe @Slepov92, saved me from the terrible @HaLoAL) :




Best Battle Photo:
It's not a screenshot during the battle, but it's good too - "Pirates of the Mediterranean Sea":


By the way, i would like to note one point.
The fact is that lately (as far as i can judge from the comments on this and other forums) the game server can be filled completely - up to 100 people.
It is very good that one server can be filled to the maximum, but there may be some technical disadvantage - when there can be 110-120 people willing to play, and either the CMP or the public server (one) can be fully occupied, and the second one is simply not there.
It is clear that this is a classic problem - after all, first there is no set for one server, and then there is no set for two, etc. But the bottom line is that on a public server, for example, someone can play all day, and someone can only go for 30 minutes, and then - at peak time, the server is full, and the person is "overboard" fun of all, although he may have never played multiplayer, only singleplayer several times.
I understand, that such a problem - can from an unsolvable, and that increase capacity can not tickles (as and muster people for second server), plus from can and there is no restrictions for set of in regiment, to in case, when someone from players regiment not can show up in game, his place will take the other, from "reserves".
But we had a situation where in the squad @OsinOsinOsin came a player - an Italian who spoke little english, and who does not seem to understand what was going on.
So i think - maybe it is worth sometime in between battles to review the composition of players in teams to take into account inactive players, and clarify with them - do they have any problems with entry and participation in the game, and whether it is necessary to help them solve them?
Apparently, we already have a certain permanent backbone of players, which occupies the server to the maximum, so if someone from inexperienced or busy with work or Affairs of people wants to play, but can not get to the server (or does not know how), then we can recommend him to come to the public servers when there are players.
Thanks for your attention.

Edited by Pavel_[RUS74]
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9 hours ago, Pavel_[RUS74] said:

On the other hand, i saw how he killed our players in the first battle, and the way the Steka plays, it seems to be that bad, not very correct practice, which is available on the servers of the first "Call of Duty" - when players act as if they are in "Quake 3", and not a pseudo-realistic game about real war. For example, in advance take for close blows rifle, not a pistol-machine gun, to in frenzied leaps and hare jumps kill adversary with one shot being fired, as with railgun in Quake, not act according to chosen role

Don't know if I got seriously roasted or complimented 😆

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6 hours ago, stekasteka said:

Don't know if I got seriously roasted or complimented 😆

As long as you're the only one so good as an infantryman, that's a compliment. 🙂
I do not know what is now the situation on the servers of the first "Call of Duty", but if there are still old players arrange a shootout in the style of "Quake", then their community can be considered completely dead. 😐

13 hours ago, knokworst said:

Pavel - that is one hell of a BWF !! :)

Please upgrade from your 486 - your pics are hurting my eyes ;)

Sorry, i just spilled some vodka on that bucket of potatoes that the game CD-discs fell into. :oldtimer:

Edited by Pavel_[RUS74]
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Best: -

Worst: -

Funniest: - It was last or the round or before the last, all 71 kowsky squad assigned to castel for resting a little bit after all these successful attacks and defense duties as a prize. Enemy don't even dare to step up in our stronghold. Actually they tried twice, but they eat the fist of might sujuk believers. However kowsky think that we should put S-Mines on north and south enterances. So it was a boring duty, but someone should done it. I think it was @Humledrik or @svakidan was refreshing mines. And i was supporting them if i able to grap a sniper rifle. So it was one of the boring tasks like sniping fabric area, and patroling, and swearing kowsky, I decided to put 2nd S-Mines a bit far from friendly S-mine. I crawled to the south gate and i saw kowsky was watching fabric and city attack from front door with a smurfy eagle look and charisma, then he suddenly turned to me and stare me like "should i step up and blow every friendlies near the door?" while i was trying to  put S-Mine. I sense it with telepatic unknow energy that always happens between me and kowsky. I shake my head as no while crawling, and step back smootly and slowly not to provoke kowsky. Then i get rid off his eyes, just thinking "ohh peew it was close, at least he didn't do any smurfing kowsky moment". Then after 5-6 seconds kowsky step up my mine and killed one friendly near it. I made a face palms, and said to him "what the f*** did yo do that kowsky, why, what, for what, damn you". And he replied "belive me wolfy, really it wasn't me, it wasn't me." I said "i know it wasn't real you, it was the smurfing monster inside you". Then we laugh until the boring rounds ends, while having a holiday in that castle.

Most hated player: - Traitor Kowsky and his smurfing traitor comrades who switch to allied side permanently. So who will do the smurfings in 71th. I hate you, kowsky. 

Most loved/liked player: -

"After" Battle Photo -

Peeing on traior kowsky's head! (the one who switch to yankees)


Other: -

Edited by WOLFXL
Eng. Corrections.
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