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  1. Best: - Nice to see again the will to play together! Worst: - server limit to 100 players, can be fixed? Funniest: - my first jump, forgot the parachute key is different from BF1 and CoD, result you can imagine Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - not an ingame screenshot, just to show you a counter coronavirus miracle, no gaming pc in this house, just a smart working laptop without external monitor, so i attached the laptop to the tv, with a brand new keyboard mouse combo of just 29€, BF2 downloaded from Origin, a cellular headphone and a good FTTH i was able to play
  2. Best: Balanced game with great numbers! Worst: really nothing Funniest: sneaky attack with Geballte Ladung from high grass, had some really funny traded kills, Pepinio i remember Most hated player: none Most loved/liked player: Italians on the Xa MAS, i have joined "my" regiment if only able to speak russian Please honor that regiment, they were really heroes! Best Battle Photo: Fellow plane almost teamkilling me Other: Really fun hearing everyone speaking italian words at the victory picture, and heard some really italians too!
  3. Best: - Attendance! Worst: - losing again but we well revert the tide! Funniest: - Traded kill with my Panzer IV and Matilda! Most hated player: - That plane! Most loved/liked player: - Everyone who was repairing my tank! Other: -
  4. Yes mate, I'll be glad to contribute to the tournament!
  5. WARNING: very long post, you can read only the final considerations I just realized last Friday afternoon that for the evening battle the Italian army was replaced with German army, totally destroying the feeling of this battle, as your picture stated Keren was Italian, Italians fought and were defeated, that’s all right but not in what we fought Friday evening. Did you really defeat ITALIANS? Did you see Italian shirts? Did you recognize Italian helmets? Do you hear Italian ammos firing? Do you attack Italian flags? Just a bunch of vehicles left and in your opinion you defeated Italians? You try to give a minimum of history advises in these final battle pictures that have nothing to do with the battle we fought the entire night. You know I left for a few years, I was supporting FHT often as officer an always with money, when they disbanded i had no clue you moved here, i realized in a casual way 2 weeks ago and i regain all enthusiasm and passion as the golden years, but what I have found? THE UPSIDE DOWN, Italians switched with Germans in the most Italian map of the whole campaign! Who knows me can remember I was asked for three times to set up Italian regiment (Bersaglieri, Xa MAS and Folgore) and was extremely fun, we designed Italian ranks and gave a really historic feeling to the whole campaign. I remember also in a part of a campaign, after the invasion of Sicily me as axis officer asked the admins to publish a post in the English forum explaining what happened due to the armistice of 8th September 1943 where the Italian army disbanded and dutch posted that this was the spirit of FHT. I don’t know what happens here and I don’t want to know, the past is the past and we should leave and go further, but just realize here this spirit is totally thrown away. You offended all the Italian soldiers who fought and died there, I have also a living cousin born 50km far from Keren, this is history, and you know what history means. You can say “hey relax, this is a game”, yes, but we are here to play this game, it is not Fortnite or GTA, it is a game played by a community of men who loved the organized feeling of battled played in REAL theaters of war and not in fictitious landscapes, continuously creating new map with huge and dedicated effort. You can say “we have not time” as someone did, but you do have time to spend switching armies totally wasting the historical feeling of a map. Of course there were motivations to do this, but things can change, people can change their minds, situations can change and maybe we could be ready for this. FINAL CONSIDERATIONS I just want to move things in way that I feel is sound, I ask, in the most kindly way, please reconsider getting rid of the Italian army. If not, I kindly ask, always in the most kindly and polite way: 1) Getting rid of the Italian army is now a rule, and like every rule it should be stated public in the general rules or in the campaign rules 2) Do not post victory pictures (to both allies or axis) stating Italians loose or wins, there is no Italian army in this tournament, don’t try to give historically feeling of battles you totally altered, let Italians rest in peace e don’t talk about them if you don’t want them in battles, please Many thanks to everyone had the patience to read this, and I want to be clear I don’t want to offend anyone. Romeo (I sign this with my real life name, this happening hurts my person more than me as player)
  6. @Hawk I didn't want to go public on the forum, this picture hurts me and you know why, we discussed on discord last Thursday
  7. I had this severe alert for a trojan from my antivirus, what is it?
  8. Hey mate, look at this short video footage from Bersaglieri, maybe you are in Mekong
  9. Hi mate, many thanks, I'm happy to see the community is in good health despite many modern battlefield games, it means here is the home for passion for history, respect and discipline!
  10. Just arrived for some relax days in Taormina and i remember the good old days playing FH2 in Etna line map, the battle for Troina. Ofc i will join this campaign, I see a lot of teammates here, I was disbanded after the quit of FH but I see you are in good health here! In the meanwhile join this pic of the Etna Vulcan taken from my hotel, Troina Is on the right ridge behind the Vulcan! Mekong
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