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  1. @RAnDOOm Yeah... didn't see nor hear anything but the fog, then BAM - dead. Nice shot, I guess Best: - Worst: - Getting smashed by axis. Lots of silent times for my squad, just sitting around at a flag waiting for attacks that never came. Funniest: - @BaskaBommi pointing out how "bored" I looked sitting with my arms crossed in his jeep Most hated player: - Most loved/liked player: - Best Battle Photo - Other: - Fell down Hill 235 about 235 times.
  2. Best: - Once again, the numbers. 100 players at some point, amazing! Worst: - FPS drops during intense situations with lots of players. Computer decided to give up ahead of last round. Funniest: -Climbing up a grappling hook, almost at the top, when it randomly disappears leading steka to an inevitable death. Most hated player: - Not really hated, but had a couple of nemesis. A few minutes of muttering when @svakidan two or three times in a row put me down with his damn FG42 - just couldn't figure out from where. @Mr.ThunderMan also contributed to that muttering - well played guys. Most loved/liked player: - You all! Best Battle Photo - Other: - Good job Axis.
  3. Best: - Playing a campaign again with different maps, instead of the ones being played over and over again in public servers. Also great numbers! Worst: - Getting jump scared by someone randomly appearing behind a rock and spilling out water on my keyboard. Funniest: - Shooting down an airplane with the BAR (!) - turning away to reload, then getting obliterated by the plane wreck 2 seconds later. Most hated player: - Whoever scared me Most loved/liked player: - Everyone! Best Battle Photo - Other: - @CptBocquier I had a delicious and fresh salad ahead of the battle
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